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[VIC] Free Tickets to The Big Bash League Final - Perth Scorchers vs. Sydney Sixers - Fri Jan 28 - Marvel Stadium @ Ticketmaster


The Melbourne Stars are offering people 4 free tickets to the BBL Final on Friday Jan 28 at 7:40pm. Enter the code "St4rs22" to unlock tickets and select the "Club Members" checkbox under the "All Ticket Types" button. All the tickets seem to be on the West side of the ground on Level 1. You also need to leave a 2 seat buffer between your selected seats and sold seats so you may need to split your seats into different locations to order.

Scorchers also have a code for 4 free seats in L13/L14 - Scorch3rs22

Thanks to missminion.

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  • +6

    Sixers FTW

  • +3

    Thanks secured 4 tickets.. look forward to the rugby match!

  • +1

    Do I have to sign up for the club membership?
    Not sure how this works .

    • +1

      No need to be a club member. Just enter the code on the Ticketmaster website to unlock the free Club Member tickets.

    • +2

      This code is supposed to be for members only. Sydney Sixers offers a different code but still free. Non-members should be paying for tickets (special of $15/adult and $5/kid). All round though I think they just want to fill the ground as much as possible so no checks in place for membership.

      • +5

        If they wanted to make it a members only offer, they could have made it linked to membership barcodes. They chose a generic code because I think they just want bums on seats and aren’t caring about costs or checks as you suggested.

        • Is it parking going to be free too or we need to pay for it.

        • and sell some expensive food and drinks..

    • +14

      Ok, I've got the tickets. I'll go tomorrow and report back. Aww btw, you're too generous, I ain't no superhero :p ;)

    • +11

      Why give the team that lost the first final the home advantage though?..

      • +3

        At least they are giving out free tickets in an attempt to create an atmosphere

        • Around 2017 I thought BBL was like the hottest ticket in town. Now they can't even give them away?!?

    • +6

      You don’t watch a lot of sport do you?

    • +8

      Perth is hosting but still have hard border, and you can't give Sydney a home game since its supposed to be Perth's. So neutral venue it is.

      • +3

        So it's better to play at an empty stadium? This is entertainment, not much of a final to an empty stadium. T20 is about about fun and partying.
        In a pure sporting sense, surely Perth can win in any venue, they have a far better team SS, so what's the worry?
        The BBL needs crowds, it will really fall downhill without them.
        I don't blame Perth for wanting the game in a dead venue, but the organisers of competition need more of a marketing eye.

        • +1

          Marvel stadium has been the nominated home ground for the Perth Scorchers since they have not been able to get back into W.A

          Not the scorchers fault that their opponents are a Sydney based side

        • +2

          The uproar over giving the Sixers a home ground advantage when the Scorchers earned it would be far greater than any complaints over a small crowd. They've done the right thing.

  • +4

    Wish this was posted 2 hrs ago. Already have paid tickets

    • Rip

  • +3

    Isn't it already game over with the Sixers B squad ?

    • Could be a C squad by the time the game starts.

  • Its gonna be raining tomorrow. Can anyone please post any info if they would close the roof in case of rain ? thanks

    • +1

      Yes they are closing it

    • Yes

  • Awesome.

    • +8

      I mean, it is the complete wrong season for footy.

      • This bbl final better not delay the AFLX season. AFLX is taking AFL to the world after all.

    • +2

      With Big Bash League Final and Perth Scorchers v Sydney Sixers in the description, you're obviously not much of a footy or or rugby follower either.

  • +1

    Unfortunately, we are unable to reserve your tickets just now
    Please wait a moment then try again.

    Not sure what went wrong, getting this dialog box from last 30 mins, anyone?

    • it is still working , just select some other block.

      • Not working for me either

        • Try with 2 tickets. It worked for me

    • Try with 2 tickets. It's working.

  • +1

    I am looking for 4 tickets if anyone have spare tickets let me know please

  • -2


  • +1

    Thanks OP ordered 4. Is there a possibility they would check for the club membership at the entrance and if we aren't a member, would they send us back to purchase at full price tickets?

    • No there's nothing in the email saying that it's access to the members area so there wouldn't be members checks.
      Have fun!!!

      (Go Scorchers!)

  • +3

    Scorchers also have a code for 4 free seats in L13/L14 - Scorch3rs22

    • Thank you i got 4 tickets now, do we need to pay for parking?

      • see my comment below. parking is crazy for events.

  • -3

    Shows how far this hit and giggle rubbish has fallen in the last couple of years.

    Despite coronavirus, crowds are woeful. Even in the so called "sporting capital of Australia" no one could give a monkey's about this.

    Mind you, I'm not surprised … the product is just getting worse every year, the game's in a "neutral venue" competing directly with the point end of the AO, and people are finally conceding that the emperor actually has no clothes.

    • You seem like an angry kind of person

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Save yourself $30 and use this deal for $5 parking at south wharf or 542 little bourke: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/677642

    • Good tip! 542 Little Bourke is usually my go to car park for Marvel events. Only about a 10-15min walk, although it's pretty stormy today!

      • Yep, wondering whether I made the right choice now, haha!

  • +1

    I got some tix but can't make it anymore so if anyone wants to take them off me, send me a message :)

    • Hi are these still available?

      • nah sorry mate all gone

  • +5

    This event now looks like this is more likely a OZB Meet-up.. Perhaps @Scotty can fund some drinks?

  • +3

    I cannot use the code now is its stop working ?

  • I have 2 spare tickets if anyone's still interested and can make it.

  • @thelifevultures can I take your tickets ?

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