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PlayStation 3 320GB $292 @ Fishpond Incl Shipping EXPIRED


PS3 320 Gb $292 @ Fishpond Incl Shipping.

That is the cheapest at the moment.

courtesy whirlpool

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  • Thats just crazy!
    Is this the AU model?
    "item ships from UK"

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      AU and UK are PAL/Region B if you're worried about region locking :D

      As far as I'm aware, PS3 games are region free anyway.

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      • Games are, but DVDs aren't :(
        My PS3 won't play any of the non-region 4 DVDs I've bought in other countries.

        • Ps3 games are region free, also, any blu ray movies purchased in the uk or from the uk are in the same region as Australia

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          Ps3 games are region free

          That's what I said.

          any blu ray movies purchased in the uk or from the uk are in the same region as Australia

          My comment on DVDs stands - even PS3s sold in Australia respect region coding, which is a joke. If you buy a PS3 in the UK, expect it to only play Region 2 DVDs. The Blu-ray situation is only slightly better because there are fewer regions, but it's still a stupid mechanism.

  • DO they ship to other country as well?

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    Not a fond of these guys. Last time they had a deal, didn't honour the deal due to 'pricing error'

    Inb4 negs.

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      Good price but its with FISHPOND so I personaly woundnt touch it

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      I wouldn't buy this item for two reasons:

      Local warranty is worth more to me than to have to deal with heartache dealing with Sony UK and Fishpond customer service… $292 sounds good until it becomes an expensive doorstop.

      And this is probably another pricing error, don't bother buying unless you like your money being tied up for a few days waiting for a refund… inconsistent pricing errors and never honouring them why would you bother with fishpond.

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        Well put.

        Alot of people who order from fishpond will never receive anything except a refund due to 'insufficient stock/pricing error.' Personally, i wouldn't purchase anything from them because of my past experiences.

      • agree with everything, except the "local warranty".

        stressing the importance of "local warranty" is same as stating "you get what you pay" on ozbargain.

        It is just a very mature and aging console, not any innovation that is produced by a garage-sized "workshop".

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      From all the hassle of dealing with Fishpond, it's not worth my time or my money. Even a book takes months to arrive.

    • What can one do if one pre-orders something that is released in 2 months time but is paid for in advanced and on release date, the company says it was a price error or out of stock and will not honour it? I mean to take your money for 2 months and don't notify you upon release date seems unfair.

      Just a general question that does not relate to Fishpond.

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    still too much

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    I read this on Whirlpool as well. I almost bought two but the number of negative feedbacks is troubling

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      I used fishpond a few years ago, after ordering I got the confirmation only to find 4 days later the item was on backorder…. it took 3 months to arrive in the end

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    What about the power adapter? >_>
    NVM - read you can use a standard PC power cable.

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      On my 320GB the power cable is a 2 pin figure-8 shaped connector, not an IEC PC power connector.

    • It's not a PC power cable but one which looks like a "8"

    • I have a PS3 and I am pretty sure it does not use a standard PC power cable. It uses a 2-pin power lead, such as the this one from JayCar http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=PS4115&keywords=…

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        Yeah, to clarify, the old 'phat' model uses the big [ i i ] plug that computers use aswell as many other household appliances. The slim uses the smaller 8 plug from your link that various other appliances use too.

    • wrong, the power cable is that same as the phat ps2 and most slims, or alot of other products

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    I've bought a number of things through Fishpond, and all have been good. I may have been lucky though - I have heard of others who have bought something and then been told that the order has been cancelled due to 'insufficient stock' or something similar. Annoying, but they got their money back as a credit….. and probably could have demanded a refund instead…. anyhow, as far as this deal is concerned it's good, but not fantastic - if I wanted a ps3 I'd be tempted to simply get a local 160gb job for around the same (maybe a few extra dollars - heck, JB has 'em for $348 - so 16% more and a smaller hard drive but inc a couple of games and hdmi cable) price…. local support etc…. and it's not hard to change the hard drive later if you need more space…. on the other hand, wait a few months - the ps4 is slated for release later this year so it's possible the price for the ps3 will continue to fall to remain competitive with the Xbox and Wii. Just my $0.05… ;-)

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      Wow, only giving a shop credit for 'insufficient stock' is enough for me to never shop there. That's dodgy as.

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        Absolutely agree if they didn't provide the refund to your credit card/paypal account when asked for it. Many stores will offer store credit first when returning goods simply because there are costs involved with managing refunds that are otherwise not covered.

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      "PS4 slated for release later this year", sorry mate but no, that is not true. The earliest you will see it is 2013/2014.

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        Quite possible… it could become another "Duke Nukem Forever"…. on the other hand I would suggest that with the new CEO in place doing some major restructures, one thing that they would be looking at would be getting the PS4 on the market sooner rather than later. These (http://www.ps4playstation4.com/ps4-release-date-countdown-be…) guys reckon "the generally accepted release date is pegged as late 2012, which would follow the trend of Sony's previous console generations. The PlayStation 1 was first released in late 1994 in Japan and 1995 throughout the rest of the world. The PlayStation 2 hit stores in 2000, giving the PS1 a retail shelf life of 6 years from its Japanese launch. Likewise, the PlayStation 3 came out in 2006, 6 years after the release of the PS2. Following this trend that Sony has established would give us a late 2012 release for the PS4."

        Personally it doesn't worry me either way. I would note that the rumoured non-backwards compatability and locked content of the PS4 - if true - sound like Sony going back to the bad place to me.

        • Microsoft and Sony signed an agreement last year that they would not release the next generation of consoles until 2014. So unless this has been revised, expect them in 2 years.

        • We will not have next gen consoles this year. It is already accepted that this generation is going to stretch longer than previous generations (and indeed it already has).

          @Kill Joy: Nothing has been made public about any contract to that effect. I'm not sure where you heard that rumour.

          IMO: We might hear something at E3 and we wont get next gen consoles released until Christmas 2013 or 2014. I don't think it will be as long as 2015

      • @Johnno07


        Dunno if things changed but kotaku and pcmag are generally reliable.

    • I was going to say, i had thought the PS4 is still 1-2 years away?

  • So what do you do with warranty? Where do you send it?

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      Bill's house. Or Fred's house.

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    fishpond have always been perfect for me and ive bought from them many many times

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    ive had bad experiences with these guys… they take way too long to ship… even up to a month at one stage.. just sayin..

  • I have only bought around 1/2 dozen items from Fishpond and they seem ok. Only two negs were insufficent stock for an Xbox bundle that took weeks before I was notified and refunded, also a dvd was opened and had no print i.e. looked like a nonlegit copy.

    I think I will mostly stick to ordering books through them.

  • Only ever bought from them once, cheap xbl points and was fine and quick postage.

  • I've bought two things from Fishpond.

    One was a preorder videogame that I ordered 3 months before release.

    I ended up getting a month and a half after the game was out.

    The other was a MS Points deal at 30% off. I didn't get these for long time either, but I wasn't exactly wanting the points straight away, so it was a good deal.

    I would never buy anything again from them if you wanted it timely (particularly if a deal is ozbargained to death). If you're happy to be delayed by almost 2 months to get a decent price though, then maybe.

  • Have bought two books from Fishpond in the past, delivery was a bit slow but not too bad, they were also quite responsive in dealing with my enquiry.

  • always had good experiences with fishpond, cust. service was good and delivery times were good.

    EDIT: buying books only.

  • Good Guys has a fairly decent promotion running for a while now; PS3 320GB + extra official controller + GT5 or Resistance 3 for $399. It's in their catalog.

    I haven't found that model with those things any cheaper elsewhere. Even if you buy this model, plus the cheap controller from ozgameshop, and a copy of the game, you're almost hitting the same price anyway.

  • it seem fishpond is only good at selling book.
    i bought some lego from them and it took 60 days to arrive. I found out they actually "SHIPPED" them over from the UK which can take anytime from 3week - 3 month to arrive
    Who know if there wont be a better deal locally in the next 2 months

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    I assume a uk power plug? Need to pay for fugly adapter?

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      Pinch the cord from your Mum's kettle. Don't do it on mothers day though.

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    "That is the cheapest at the moment."

    should be

    "Cheapest until another DSE sale" FTFY

    this will probably be negged to oblivion

  • Would not touch fishpond with my 10 foot fishing pole! These guys are a joke and have a huge history of bait and switch tactics, along with terrible customer service. Buyer beware! Do some research before ordering. Personally I'd pay the extra $30-$50 and buy locally, or import from a legit company.

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    6 years later and the damn thing is at $300

    • Better than $800 though

      • American had $500 ps3's at launch (and launched earlier than us)…

  • Bought DVDs, Wii Games & Books from Fishpond on a quite a few occasion and never had any issues.

  • Fishponds great :) have used it a number of times, shipping can drag on a bit though,

    Still rocking my $249 120gb ps3 from DSE though :)


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