expired ALDI Lumina Steam Cleaner $24.99


Normally this kind of steam cleaner are quite expensive like the Karcher SC1122 but I am not very sure how good this one is but with the ALDI return policy I think worth a try.


Of course I know we cannot compare a Karcher with a Lumina.

Please share if you have experience with it.

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    I got one a previous time. Was useless on some stains on a rug I had. Haven't been bothered to try and use it on any hard surfaces yet though. In fact I had forgotten I owned it. I might dig it out to have a go at some mould in some tight corners in the shower.

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    I have one of these from "Goddfreys" (or something - a vacuum shop). Mine is brandless, but looks exactly the same. I don't find it very useful. Was not able to remove any stains from carseats. It can help clean grout somewhat when using the brush attachment, but the attachment wore down after half an hour of use. You can not use steam for long - it has to warm up again, meaning you constantly have to wait.

    Like with most tools, if you want it to work, you have to spend.

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    I sometimes get sucked into watching one of those hour long ads, for a minute or two, while they spruik these steam mops and cleaners. They work great on tv. It sounds like a great idea.

    Then I check out reviews and opinions and they are nearly all negative. What's a poor boy to do?


    wonder if these would be any good for cleaning a lounge


      the aldi one? no. not in my experience. conceptually, yes, steam cleaners would be good. just not this one.


    Bought one and would avoid.

    Tried to remove wrinkles from clothing. Works on lightweight shirts after many passes. Any heavy threaded clothing such as jackets and you can forget it.

    Steam cleans mirror - OK

    Steam clean tiles - doesn't remove crap

    Car seats - not sure it even made a difference - better to just buy some interior cleaners and dab on and off

    This product is great at producing steam. However the steam isn't that useful for any cleaning.


    we had a different name brand , but looked exactly the same when i worked at Crazy Clarks.
    approxamately 75% of stock returned faulty