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Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K780 $39 (Normally $69) + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was looking for a multi-device keyboard that can connect up to 3 devices and saw this on special on JB-Hifi for $39 (Normally $69-$89 depending on stores). Not historic low (I think lowest was ~$28, but thought will be helpful for people that needs it now.

I was comparing this with MX keys ($170 keyboard) and think the build quality on 780 is quite decent for the price tag.

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    Can price beat at OW as it is still showing $99. Brings down to 37

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    Great price for an excellent keyboard I’ve been using this daily for work for 2 years now and haven’t had to replace the batteries yet

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    I've got the K380, which is still 79. Very similar except this also has the numeric keypad and the cradle. Great value. I don't need another keyboard, I don't need another keyboard, I don't need another keyboard…

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      yes you do

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        I concur. You definitely do.

    • Buy the K780 and sell the K380 on gumtree/market place. Or use the K380 to connect to something else like your phone. Or have the K380 as a back up or when connect to some other device you'll end up purchasing in future.

      I have both 780 and 380.
      For everyday use, get the 780. I use it for work. I've had mine for many years. Battery is great and build quality is much more solid and nicer than the 380. Totally worth it at $39.

    • You neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed another keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyboard.

  • I bought this last week from OW for $65 :(

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      Price match, return with old receipt.

      • -1

        Even though its open and used?

        • +7

          Idea would be to keep the used one, but return the new one with the old $65 receipt.

          • @EBC: Mind blown! Why have I never thought of this!!!

        • +1

          Return the JB one to ow.

  • Ive had this keyboard at the office for many years and it's a steal at this price. The build quality is great and it can connect to 2 different Bluetooth devices (most modern logi ones can only connect to 1). The rounded keys are actually quite comfortable to type on. I might even buy another one as a backup at this price.

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    Is there a mouse compatible with it too?

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      The MX Master 3 connects to 3 devices via bluetooth

      • Thanks, do you know if that is the cheapest mouse with that capability?

        • +1

          Triathlon Mouse m720

        • It comes with a unifying USB adapter so other Logitech mice should be compatible with this KB too yes????

          • @TilacVIP: Yes it does come with a unifying adapter, but just be aware that not all logitech mice are compatible with the unifying adapter.

            • @wombat81: correct… Logitech MK220 is an example of the ones which are not compatible…

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      I've got the triathlon m720 (currently $59 at JB hifi but pretty sure I paid less) and they work beautifully together. Can pair up to 3 devices each

      • Does selecting one of the three outputs on the keyboard choose the output for the mouse too?

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          No, but it's just a push of a button on the keyboard. For the mouse you need to circle to the right device since it's only 1 button

  • Would be perfect if Logitech made a K310 washable equivalent like K710/810 Bluetooth with 3 devices and washable!

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      Stop working in your bath

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    Great keyboard for multiple devices especially phones and tablets! Scored it from Amazon Au for $28 at Christmas time…sold out real fast!

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    Company got this for me last year before covid, excellent built laptop but i find it 2 major flaws (at least for me)
    - No "Home" and "End" button,which is hard to work with Word
    - Arrow keys are in awakard location, still can not get used to it completely after a few months
    Otherwise, great keyboard at this price

    • On my K380 fn+left arrow is home and fn+right arrow is end

    • +1
      • The home button is the "start" button.
      • End is "Fn"+"1"

      This is the biggest constraint with this keyboard. Because it is compatible Windows/apple/android and they kept the profile tiny, you have to use the "Fn" touch a lot.
      Like for screenshot, have to do "fn"+"alt"+"del"
      When you get used to it, then it's a great keyboard

      • +3

        Ewww, that sounds like a deal breaker for me

        • I am using in windows. Haven't used the Fn key at all! Except for print screen (fn del)

          Turn numlock off and home and end is 7 and 1 on the number pad.

          All of the function keys default to things like audio, home etc etc. Perfect.

  • Thank you, just bought 1 with C&C! Hoping it works well between Mac and Windows…

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    returned multiple of these - the backspace died on me in both cases - both swapped without hassle at OW. Also if you cant install drivers, i.e. a corporate laptop, the keyboard is a PITA - specifically Fn lock. i am a heavy typer.

    ended up getting a keychron k4 https://www.keychron.com/products/keychron-k4-wireless-mecha... but not 100% happy with it (zero on numpad is different size to normal numpads and hitting 1 rather that up….both are muscle memory related but thinking a TKL would make more sense for me - top row of numbers should be sufficient)

    • Can you elaborate on the fn lock? My corporate laptop has more security than Fort Knox so no third party software/drivers. Will the keyboard not work?

      • +1

        The keyboard will type but the function lock doesn't work without the software. So if you need F1 etc you will always need to press two keys (fn + 1).

        Some keyboards have function lock built into the keyboard (like sound controls built into the keys) and not part of the software, which will help with corporate security settings.

        But all the other keys work fine

      • @LiteDough has described it exactly. I use F2/F5 a lot and it was a massive PITA. The really annoying thing is that the software to enable just the FN lock can't be installed by itself and you need the whole logitech package which SecOps teams would have a hard time agreeing to because it facilitates transfer of files between computers…

  • Can i ask how silent or clicky it is to use? I want one like this but it has to be somewhat quiet too.

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      The K780 is pretty quiet. I have no qualms with using it in a quiet open plan office.

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      It is very silent.

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    I bought one of these during the boxing day sales. I was pleasantly surprised. Got used to the keys quickly and if you want a pretty much silent keyboard around the office this will do nicely.

  • I know different price point/product but is mx keys worth getting at $150? can get multiple of k780 @ this price

    • I have both. MX keys feels a bit more premium but otherwise, imo the K780 at this price is amazing. I've been using my K780 at work since 2017 and still very happy with it.

    • +1

      Partner wants the mxkeys. I've got the OP.
      Pros are:
      - full size keyboard
      - dedicated arrows section
      - no need to rely on silly "Fn" button

      I failed to convinced her to get the OP instead, so must be worth it if you can afford

  • Compare to mx keys, the price is so good

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    so you can control up to 3 devices. Does it come with 3 dongles or the devices have to have bluetooth themselves?

    • Bluetooth+ 2.4ghz unified dongle which sits in the battery compartment when not in use.

      • So do you need to buy another two of those?

        • +2

          You use 2 devices with Bluetooth and for the 3rd one which has no Bluetooth you can use the 2.4ghz dongle.
          If 2 devices don't have Bluetooth, then buy an additional Bluetooth dongle.

  • Awesome keyboard .. I prefer the feel to my previous expensive mechanical keyboards

  • +1

    Great keyboard. Works with Mac and very handy to mount your phone.

  • Thanks, picked up a couple for the office :)

  • Is there any similar multi-device keyboard that also comes with a wireless mouse

    • +1

      You're better off buying them separately so you pick exactly what you want. You won't save much with a bundle

  • +4

    Love this keyboard. I’ve connected MacBook, Dell laptop, iPad or even my iPhone on here. I’ve been using this since 2020 and full time use since 6 months ago and I’ve never had to change batteries.

    I hate the clicking sound of keyboards, so this is the perfect work/uni keyboard for me.

  • +1

    Its a bargain for $39 :)

  • I’ve been rocking one of these for 3+ years and is great, multi device between Mac, pc and iOS at the touch of a button.

    Was a bit sceptical on the round keys at first but wasn’t an issue. Picked up another now for the wife

  • well I didn't know I was buying a keyboard today! thanks I guess :)

  • Love this keyboard, managed to get one during an amazon sale… you’ll get used to the round keys in no time, and its v quiet… very sturdy/solid, and i love the mounting/dock area for your phone, or tablet…

  • +1

    Wonderful.. been waiting for this…
    Just had price beat at OW.. and will pick up at local store tomorrow.. cheers

    • +2

      How do u price match for collect?

  • Gaming isn’t my primary use case, but would it still be comfortable to use for some fps?

  • Hope Amazon price matches, don't have to get off my back side.

    Note it doesn't say on JB website but it is unifying receiver device.

    • It has Unifying receiver as well as BT

  • +1

    Love this keyboard. Getting another for the office.

  • Great deal op my local Jb don’t have any stock so tried calling the officeworks and they beat it by another 5% and the total price came to $37.05 well worth the price

    • Phone number to ring???

      • 1300 633 423 it’s basically 1300office

        • I should have known this :(.. I called store and just requested them to reserve but now I have no price match to show.

  • +6


  • +3

    was ordering and went out of stock during checkout

  • Are the arrows any good for someone who uses excel a lot? They look a bit small.

    • You can get used to it, like when you use your laptop keyboard.
      In a way it's slightly faster cause you don't have to reach as far

  • Went delivered in the end….couldn't be bothered arguing with Officeworks when none in stock in Qld.

    And looks like I just made it in time.

  • I have a keyboard tray and this was the only keyboard that wasn't too wide yet also had a numpad so I bought it at full price. Absolutely love it, grabbed a second one in the recent Amazon sale (where it was $28, that was a steal) to take to work.

    Rounded keys take a little getting used to, but now I dislike square keys.

    • +3

      Rounded keys take a little getting used to, but now I dislike square keys.

      You like cutting corners now huh?

      (… I'll show myself out lol…)

  • I'm still rocking a K810, and would have picked this up as a spare given the 810 is no longer in production, but I missed the boat today!

    • +1

      Still using a K810 and bought a spare off ebay last year, don't think too many keyboards match it.
      I got one of these for $28 last month for rough gaming so the K810 doesn't suffer.

    • +3

      Well you can try your luck at Officeworks

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Ordered yesterday for delivery, got it this morning! Very impressed

    • Solid as keyboard.

  • Order cancelled!!!

    Thank you for choosing to order LOGITECH - K780 MULTI DEVICE WLESS KEYBO through JB Hi-Fi Online.

    We regret to inform you that our suppliers have contacted us regarding this item and unfortunately, they have advised that it is no longer available. As a result, we have been forced to cancel this item from your online order and our product team will be deleting this item from our database.

    A refund will be processed back to your original payment method in the next 3 – 5 business days. If you paid with a JB Hi-Fi Gift Card, we’ll email you a replacement gift card within the next 1 – 3 business days.

    We understand that this sort of thing is extremely frustrating, and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    • Just grabbed one from Officeworks….only one store near me had one.

  • Picked 1, and trinity gardens stores Adelaide has 4 more in stock

  • Merged from Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K780 $39 (Normally $69) + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi

    Can price beat at OW(if you can find the stock). deal is back again.
    special on JB-Hifi for $39

    • +5

      Bought one recently for around $28, ignore the rrp this is definitely a budget model compared to other Logitech keyboards.

      • +1

        where did you get this for $28? link please

        • Amazon. Lookup history on ozbargain.

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