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[Backorder, QLD] Beko Fully Automatic Coffee Machine $398.65 (Was $469) + Delivery ($0 BNE C&C) @ Save On Appliances


This machine is quick and easy to use, and can be tweaked to create your perfect espresso. It's a great price for a machine of this quality and build, definitely not going to be the same as a top of the range espresso machine, but if you want convenience at an affordable price - this is it!

  • 19 Bar Pressure
  • Integrated Coffee Grinder (5 settings)
  • Self Cleaning Functions
  • Variable cup sizes
  • 1500mL Water Tank
  • Integrated Steam Wand for milk frothing
  • Wand is easy to disassemble and clean
  • One touch espresso
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

I'm not a massive coffee snob, but the espressos out of this machine aren't bad! Plus you can definitely adjust the beans and grind to get your desired coffee. It's also great because you get an easy espresso without having any capsules to worry about - just throw in your beans and you're good to go!

If you have questions - let me know!

Delivery via AusPost, Click and Collect available

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Save On Appliances Brisbane
Save On Appliances Brisbane

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    • +1

      Hey that's awesome to hear!! :D

    • +6

      what kind of low budget cafe do you go to? Most cafes all use industrial 2000 dollar espresso machines with muiltiple steamers and boilers.

      • Its better than some good ones i used to go to in cbd.

        Price aint ecerything

        • +2

          I bet you they still charge you 3 to 4 bucks for a coffee. with a low budget machine like this they should be charging a $1

          • +2

            @kungfuman: They could be using really good beans.

            You can have a $1m machine, it's not going to make good coffee with crap beans

            • +1

              @TEER3X: you need more than good beans to make an amazing espresso. Beans are just half the battle.

              • @kungfuman: I dunno maybe that coffee is half good still and still better than a lot of cafes that serve up crap 🤷

        • If you were in Perth then I might agree with you…

          • +1

            @Tiggrrrrr: Yep - really hard to get good coffee in Perth.
            The criterium there is to make sure it is f'in hot.

    • +2

      If I walked into a cafe and saw the barista using an automatic machine, especially a budget friendly one, I would immediately walk out again.

      In saying that, if this machine can stand up to making 100+ coffees a day then it's a testament to it's reliability.

      • +3

        I dont think my local barista makes 100 coffees in a year

        • +1

          Home doesn’t count as local barista

      • I had this experience in Germany, where over more than a half of the cafes use the Jura automatic machines…

        • +1

          Automatic machines pretty much offer zero adjustment when it comes to water ratio, time and tamp pressure. Pulling a decent espresso is a nightmare task that’ll completely rely on the consistency of your beans and roast. You won’t be trying out coffee samplers with this because it’ll take you 10+ extractions before you can even dial it in.
          The most common result is that it’ll overextract with too much water, or underinfuse. Most baristas will attest to this

  • +3

    who cares what machine they use if it makes good coffee.

  • +3

    I have one and the coffee is ok, definitely not great but decent. You use whole beans which is an added bonus i guess.
    Cleaning is a bit of a pain as there are lots of nooks and crannies that are hard to get to as only so much of it is removable.
    You have to clean it frequently as mould will build up quickly inside.
    Overall, if you want a straightforward semi-automatic, it's a fine choice.

    • This is great info to know, thank you! I've yet to have to clean ours out. It all seems pretty straight forward to disassemble though!

  • All we need to know is how does it compare to a Breville bes870

    • Yep, the benchmark for prosumer coffee machines. Love mine. Missus bought it before we were even together & now we're married with a kid. They work well, and they last.

      • +5

        Kids neither work well nor last. They start demanding pocket money which quickly devolves into further demands for emancipation and boom - there goes your labour force.

        • What age does this happen?
          My kid does chores all without pay and without being asked.

  • +1

    All gone at the lower price. Back order now.
    Not surprised - seems like a great deal and could have opened my own coffee shop with this unit.

    • Heya :) you have to use the discount code which is still valid to get the discounted price.

      Expecting the back ordered stock to be available soon.

  • All stock on hand is gone. We're expecting more stock mid-late next week.

    • Will it be the same price? ($399)

      • The discount code will be valid for the rest of the week, and we're expecting the stock to arrive this week some time :-)

  • $47 shipping…

    • $35.6 to metropolitan melbourne..

  • I've been using a Beko CEG5311X since March 2020, very happy with it too.



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