Any Scalable Business Ideas with less or minimal education?

Looking for a scalable business that can lead me to be financially well off

Not a troll post, long time watcher just made an account now as I'm 27 and I'm sick of working under someone for 78k plus super in a steady job what has no chance of moving up the ladder unfortunately, basically a dead end job. I want to buy investments, travel the world and be financially set for life (I know it is a lot to ask for, but I want to hear from you guys the wise old Ozbargainers hehe

  • Thinking of going into study postgrad in Conveyancing at MacQ uni (2 year course)
  • GongCha business
  • Study 3 week real-estate course, work under someone for a year as a sales associate and sell houses, gradually over the years study and apply to open own independent real-estate business or buy in a franchise
  • Any other ideas that will be good to look into?
Thank you all for your input, hopefully it will be some insight on what I can focus on. I'm looking for something that would earn decent coin.


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    Study 3 week real-estate course, work under someone for a year as a sales associate and sell houses, then open own independent real-estate business or buy in a franchise

    In most states, you need a specific real estate degree to be a standalone/operating real estate agent (as distint from the 3 week "agents representative" license you're taking about - where by definition, you're only legally allowed to work under and represent a fully licensed real estate agent).

    I think you might be getting ahead of yourself here tbh - take some time to investigate your interests and work from there… There's never a silver bullet job that will just magically pay you lots of money.

    …And maybe research the detail a little more. It might help you progress your career in the meantime

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      I worked as a real estate salesman for a year - loved it, seeing around and showing people's homes, talking to all kinds, delightful

      but to make the real money you need 'fire in the belly' to outcompete the other agents who do have fire in the belly

      it's also tiring 6 days a week - I used to crash and basically stay home and sleep Sundays

      it tends to be bad news for relationships as you have no energy or time for them

      at the time I had a girlfriend who used to knock on the door to wake me up, I'd let her in and go back to bed and zonk out, she'd climb on top and satisfy herself while I was half-asleep, then let herself out while I slept. That's how much time we 'spent' together.

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        The girlfriend story made me chuckle. Sounds like a married couple…

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          Except for the bit about them having sex.

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        so where's the bad news about the relationship in the post

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      The total real estate employment between 19/20 was 402,000 with a wage and salary total of 17,493mn.

      That is an average of 43,514 per employed person. Of course this doesn't breakdown by hours so there could be some casual part timers in there - but comparing the numbers is also indicative of how likely you are to get full time work/full time equivalent salary in such industries.

      • That sounds roughly consistent with sales jobs yeah? There's a bunch of guys who make not much, and a couple who do great and drag the average up.

        That said, sales stuff is too hard for me. I'd prefer a job (like mine) where I can just disappear sometimes.

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          Essentially yes and me too.

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    GongCha business

    Sounds like a low stress huge gain opportunity to me

    • Sarcasm?

    • I can't stand the amount of plastic waste bubble tea businesses generate.

      I cringe evetime I see the plastic cups, with plastic straws and the unnecessary plastic carry bag.

      • Reminds me of a meme I saw the other day

        Maccas: check it out our straws are biodegradable now!

        Guy: I know! It’s biodegrading in my drink right now as we speak…

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    If you find something, let us all know…

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      The oldest profession in the world?

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        Hmm… Not sure about "scaling" part… May be group discounts?

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          Its scalable when its called pimpin'.

        • in most states group activities are illegal

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    My input, go study a degree which offers a solid job progression I.e health, law, criminal anything really

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      Vocational degrees.

      • Agree any education at this point. But OP wants to make a lot of money with no education in a certain field, which is ridiculous because if your are trained in anything, that does not automatically make you good at everything…

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      • software engineer. Salaries for them have gone through the roof the past 18 months.
      • Not all of them, most of them.

        And it is transitional I guess, as once the immigration opens up, many lowball offer would be made.

        SW field is mid profile job where starting is good but saturation cones far too easy with age.

        Good for overseas/immigration/visa opportunities though.

        P.S. - I am not unhappy or complaining abt IT. Just trying to be rational.

        • Are you a SE? Just curious.

          • @rssluca: Used to be .. moved up in food chain luckily

            • @Ash SA: Why luckily? Didn't enjoy it?

              • @rssluca: I loved that but stagnation and saturation kills mojo mate.

                Age plays against you as new devs know glittery new tech and buzzwords.

                You end up running a rat race to be "employable" in the eye of people who don't essentially understand management or have less compassion (not their fault).

                • @Ash SA: I am doing dev work for my own product as side hustle. It keeps me attached to new industry trends and also keeps me motivated to teach stuff to my kids.

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      no. don't go and study a degree that you have no interest in

    • I don't think I like the prospects of studying to become a criminal, I've heard it has an awful retirement plan.

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    What if the property bubble bursts, will there be a need for green conveyancers?

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      The property bubble has not and will never burst. It has not for the past 30 years, and will not for the next 3000 years.

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        I'm not one of those doomsday predictors, but have you seen the 2007-8 financial crisis in the US?

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          I don't want to pull up a chart but I suspect that the dip is no bigger than a pothole on the way up to the right.

        • shelter is one of the most essential human needs.

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            @baldur: Followed closely by the ability to pay for it. That's a gap that's getting unsustainably larger as time goes on. It can't last forever.

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          doomsayers predicted 11 of the last 3 recessions …

        • check the graph for yourself, not really an issue

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            @tablewhale: The risk of price falls isn't great, but it most definitely is an issue that they're continuing to rise at the rate they have done for decades. Huge chunks of the population now entering the workforce will struggle to buy, or even rent, somewhere to live.

            • @banana365:

              it most definitely is an issue that they're continuing to rise at the rate they have done for decades

              Any reason why or is that just you speculating

              Huge chunks of the population now entering the workforce will struggle to buy, or even rent, somewhere to live.

              Don't agree with this statement at all

              • @tablewhale: You don't have to agree, reality doesn't seem to be worrying about your opinion at all.

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                  @banana365: My opinion at least has the historical data to back it up.

                  Pulling things out your ass has significantly has less credibility. And smells like your colon.

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                    @tablewhale: Yes, and your historical data shows house prices rising at a greater rate than wages. Basic arithmetic should get you to the point where you see the problem with that. We've been seeing the problem worsening for years.

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                      @banana365: Only if you are of the opinion that everyone must own their house. Which is a political opinion, not an economic one.

                      "basic arithmetic will get you to my political view" Good for you, 1+1=2, how about that. Totally irrelevant.

                      • @tablewhale: Owning or renting. Prices of both are climbing consistently.

                        OK, not everyone needs to own, so what do you suggest renters do?

                        • @banana365: Just… rent? Rent is still extremely affordable, as is housing. Noone is forcing you to live in Sydney. Just as you wouldn't expect to rent in the middle of New York for cheap.

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      What if the bubble tea bubble bursts?

  • Read the millionare next door.

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      Rob the millionaire next door.

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      I just PM'd you, check you message.
      And thanks for the opportunity, pleasure doing business!

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      if only our cars ran on snake oil..

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      I can vouch for this course. Thanks to this course I am now a millionaire on Ozbargain!

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        Son, I've instructed my people to give you a full refund. You should receive your course fee back in your account sometimes before 2050. If you haven't received your refund by then, please get in touch immediately.

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        And please, keep this to yourself, my exclusive program isn't advertised anywhere, and we try very hard to keep its existence on the DL.

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          Need a TL;DR. Too busy enjoying in Bahamas with all the money I earned after attending your course. For the record, I'm just a few $ short of being a billionaire.

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      'God Wants You to Get RICH !!!

      Let Me Show You How !!

      Send money to this address …'

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      Thanks! Bought 5.

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      Can I pay in NFTs?

      • Soon. When they start selling gift cards as NFT.

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    Drug dealer. infinitely scalable. education optional

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      Education is usually discouraged in this field of work…

      • What about drug manufacturer?

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          Depends if you partner with walter white

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      Stringer would disagree…

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        Ah an ozbargainer of culture I see

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      There's a famous study by an economist who spent years living among dealers for his PhD thesis. See

      Turns out that the hourly rate for retail drug dealers is considerably less than the minimum wage; it's another profession where you have to be truly dedicated to the job to succeed. That, and you have to put a lot of unpaid hours into just staying alive (Venkatesh's study took so long because some of his subjects kept dying before he could work out their long-run income …).

  • Open a boba drink place.

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    !remindme in 3 years

  • be a buy low sell high guy?

    basic maths needed

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    deadend job or not, for some of us disabled pensioners on around 25k a year, 78k and super is a dream, stay where you are and cop it

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      deadend job or not, for some of us disabled pensioners on around 25k a year, 78k and super is a dream, stay where you are and cop it

      This is like saying there are starving children so you should be happy for the stale bread and water you have available.

      That's unfortunate that you're in that situation, but it doesn't mean people should limit themselves and their possibilities because of other peoples situations..

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      That's just silly, you're saying that people should never aim for more than they currently have? Or because someone else is worse off, they should be happy that they are slightly better?

      I'll quit my job tomorrow, and take my family to live in squalor under a bridge somewhere, I'm still better off than lots of others in the world, so that seems like a reasonable choice.

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    Take a billionaire hostage for ransom.

    Success may vary.

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      Better yet, just publicise Elon Musk's flights.

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    Become a bikie, they are often called upon here :P

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    I'm sick of working under someone


    GongCha business


    isn't the initial investment for these sorts of franchises several hundred thousand dollars. Do you have that sort of money laying around?

    Also the dream people have of "not working for someone" is swiftly killed when you buy a franchise business and find yourself not only working 70+ hour weeks but paying franchise fees that are essentially still "working for someone"

    There's no get rich quick scheme here. Starting a business (especially a franchise) is a hard slog and most barely make ends meet.

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      So many languages in the world and this man decided to speak facts.

    • +1

      Also most start up businesses fail

    • Plus people don't want to work under someone until they find out that being the boss means you the buck stops with you. I know some bosses/workplaces are shitty and push the problems down to the lower levels, but a good boss is there to manage and let the workers to do their work.

  • I don’t think people realise how much money you can make by creating blogs.

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      You don't make money from the creation of the blogs, you make money when people read them.

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        Create a blog people will read lol?

        • +1

          It's not as easy as you think.

          • -5

            @baldur: It really is, this is what I do.

            • @dylanando: Can I ask what your blog is?

              • -4

                @zoombie: I won’t share what I do. But example here

                Minecraft blog, $25k-$35k USD month

                People will believe whatever they want to believe but serious money can be made from blogs.

                • @dylanando: I know there's serious money behind it. There's a guy who sold a blog/news website that talks about day time tv i.e. Days of our lives, he sold it for like $5m usd a few yrs back.

                  • @zoombie: Caradvice sold for like $60mil.

                    Insane money in it if you put the effort in.

                    • +2

                      @dylanando: This is something my wife has been looking to do so we investigated a lot in this area. the stats are intimidating with something north of 90% of blogs not even make their hosting fees back in income. You can make a motza but you have to get it right, ideally in a niche area that isn't already saturated.

                  • @zoombie: I bet he did no work at all and it was basically a blank WordPress template.

                • @dylanando: Well, going by the link in your profile, you provide pricing comparison for mowing services. Your blog section has had three posts in just over a year. Your website might be bringing in money for the comparison service, but it doesn't present your blogging activities in a particularly favourable light.

                  • @banana365: Correct me if I’m wrong but that websites main purpose isn’t a blog.

                    • +1

                      @dylanando: True, but the presence of a blog implies that there will be updates on at least a semi-regular basis. Having only 3 posts, two of which (Privacy Policy and Terms of Service) are typically covered in an "About" or similar section, really doesn't back up your claim. If anything, it adds to the argument that a blog is typically valueless.

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