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Tenda Nova MW6 AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System 3+1 Pack $158.95 + $1 Delivery @ Shopping Square

  • 6000 sq. ft. Coverage, Wi-Fi Connected Anywhere
  • Wave2 MU-MIMO + Beamforming Technology
  • Automatic network optimization to keep you online
  • Seamless roaming for lag-free Internet experience
This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2022

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  • Does anyone know if:
    1. You can use this without needing to have an account and the phone app? I would prefer to just login to it locally on a web browser.
    2. Can you use wired backhaul from the nodes to your router/switch? Or is this a waste of time if you've got wired backhaul?

      1. no
      2. yes

      My ones can't updated to the latest firmware and one of them is dead after 1.5 years.

      1. no.
      2. You want to connect the mesh to another router via a wired backhaul? This is certainly possible when you put these into bridge mode, then they work as access points. Alternatively, in mesh mode (MW6 is in router mode) you can connect the MW6 nodes together via the wired backhaul to improve connection stability and probably overall speed. I've been happy with the wireless nodes' performance for a 100 Mbps NBN connection. However, if you do a lot of local network transfers, using a wired backhaul would be ideal too.
      • So to do wired backhaul for the mesh in bridge mode, when you are using another router (eg ISP router with 4G fallback), you just run a cable back from each node / AP back to the router (spider) or daisy chain (router > node 1 > node 2 etc)? TIA

        • +1

          I think it'll work in either configuration, but I suspect spider mode is the more common setup as most networks are wired to a central switch/router rather than point to point. You'll need to make sure that in the Tenda app the nodes are setup to operate as one, otherwise you might end up with multiple SSIDs. However, without having a wired backhaul myself, I'm just speculating.

          I've only tried these in bridge mode with wireless backhaul, one node is wired to the main router, the other nodes connects to the first node wirelessly. The nodes act as one WIFI network (SSID).

          • @assailantsky: Awesome, thanks for sharing. Note you were happy with the wireless nodes performance on 100NBN - did you do any speedtest by any chance on the wired one connected to the router vs the wireless one?

            I thought I had read somewhere that unless you get a triband mesh, wireless backhaul will hog one of the channels and slow down mesh speed considerably vs wired backhaul.

            • +1

              @ccrap: Speedtest on my setup with Superloop 100Mbps NBN:
              - Phone on WIFI 5ghz to MW6 main node (wired to modem) - 101.0 Mbps dl. 18.8 Mbps up. 12ms ping
              - pc wired to node 2 (Satellite MW6) - 101.7 Mbps dl. 17.6 Mpbs up. 9ms ping

              In my case, I have no noticable speed difference with using a wireless backhaul.

  • Good value mesh router, upgraded to this from MW3 when we upgraded to NBN 100/20. Have the 3 units + bonus unit but only needed 2 to cover our average 3 bedder house. Pretty stable for the past 6 months.

  • Are these the same as these —-> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/668075 with just a different number of cubes in the pack?

    • Different model mw3/mw6 ?

      • Yeah but there are some other mw numbers that seem to be the same thing with a different number of nodes. I can't seem to track them down now though.

  • Can someone tell if these can be used at two different place i.e say two at one house and the other two at different address.

    I only need two of these but need at two different address so wondering if they need to be used together or they are independent units that can work in any config as required.

    • Yes, two different configurations so I believe you'd need two separate accounts - one for each location

  • +1

    Usual rant about these;
    - Good, reliable coverage
    - Great in Bridge Mode, poor performance when used as routers
    - Good Wired Backhaul (turn capacity mode off) if you have many 5g clients
    - Firmware Updates generally are not available
    - Make thousands of requests back to China (zero payload), but still concerning

  • Had this since early Oct 21. Been good in bridged mode.

  • things i've encountered/seen

    1. 2G and 5Ghz are the same ssid (5G devices end up on 2G network)
    2. can't do dhcp reservations
    3. network performance seems to slow down at around 30 devices.
    4. no web interface, only mobile app
    • pretty sure you can do DHCP reservations, I have also noticed connecting to 2.4GHz, easily fixed on Windows (don't know how to fix it for mobile easily)

      have you tried the capacity-oriented mode for 30+ devices? I have close to that and have it turned on, no major issues so far.

  • Is there anything better for around the same price by any chance?

    • TP-Link Deco M5.

      • Cheers. It seems that you can get a single module for the price of the above 4-pack, something that may be worth considering if the performance, privacy and PnP ability is much better but I already took the plunge with the Tenda deal. Thanks for the response and info anyway - could be something to look into in the future.

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