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AMD Ryzen 7 5800x CPU $472.00 ($469.80 with eBay Plus, Expired) Delivered @ Scorptec eBay


Seems to be a good price with free shipping.

494.10 $469.80 for eBay Plus with code PLTG22 Code expired

Same price at Amazon

Original Coupon Deal

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    $494.10 with PLTG22 coupon code (ebay plus)

    • Thanks will update

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    Seems to be the standard (or at least, easily accessible) price these days: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/681060

  • Still waiting for a really good price on R9 5900X

    • Same, waiting for the 5900X to hit this price. Will be the last hurrah for my B550 board so I can wait till the end of the year if I have to (currently have the 5600x so no rush really)

      • What are you expecting to happen by the end of the year that makes it worth upgrading your CPU? Genuinely curious, I have a 5600X and haven't really felt any scenario where I'd get value out of upgrading it

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    Scorptec seem to have adjusted their pricing, it's now $522 with SPSAVE bringing price down to $472

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      Updated price.

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    That extra $2.20 you save with eBay Plus really warms the cockles.

  • There appears to be a genuine competition between Intel and AMD since the release of the Intel 12th Gen, which is said to be beating AMD in benchmarks albeit with a higher power consumption. Prices for AMD CPUs may trend lower still

    I bit the bullet and bought the 5800X to replace my 2700X

    • What are you cooling the 5800x with? I'm also on 2700x was considering either 5800x or 5800x3d

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