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Save $10 on $100-$499 Spend, $50 off $500-$999 Spend, $100 off $1000+ Spend on Eligible Items @ eBay Au


This offer entitles you to a Discount off the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

  1. Save $10 when you spend $100 - $499 in one transaction; or
  2. Save $50 when you spend $500 - $999 in one transaction.
  3. Save $100 when you spend $1000 or more in one transaction;

Redemption. To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code SPSAVE into the redemption code box during checkout . This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use the redemption code 5 times during the Offer Period. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

AOC U34P2C 34inch 3K WQHD IPS Monitor
$489 after $50 discount

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    Your title says "$100 off ($500-$999)".
    Your description says "Save $50 when you spend $500 - $999 in one transaction".

    Looking at the deal, I think your title is incorrect.

    Might want to correct that.

  • +2

    oh come on ebay give us a good 15% off storewide without price jack

    • +4

      I'll take Things that'll never happen for $1,000, Jim.

      • They've had 20% off sitewide before. But I think those days have passed.

        • Key part:

          without price jack

    • That hasn't happened in years, just accept it and move on.

  • -1

    Best deal is Just go the 150dollars off for 500 spent

  • It must be limited to certain items of sellers because it didn't work with the first thing I checked on my watchlist (a manual coffee grinder).

  • +9

    I will never buy from ebay anymore.
    Lots of sellers with Australian location, but they actually buy things from overseas and resend it from Australia which takes 30 days blaming covid.
    I didnt continue with Ebay plus, enjoying my Amazon prime

    • I paid for Ebay plus and it didn't even work for 5 months. Their solution was to just provide the $5 monthly coupons I missed. No extension on the service. Nothing for all the plus promotions I lost out on. And the technical issue still doesn't seem to be solved.

      I've also had the same issue with fake Aussie location sellers. I still have an item I've been waiting for 2 months to arrive. I don't know if Amazon is any more ethical or has better deals though…

    • They also have really deceptive conduct around how they issue price beat vouchers. I've cancelled my subscription too, haven't run into a single issue with Amazon.

    • +3

      Amazon is way better, faster and customer service is amazing

  • Some new graphics cards come down between $50 to $100 instead of the previous $10 deal

    And bids on second hand cards are ridiculous going over new prices comparing with these discounts including the 20% and 22% discounts on new cards pjan20/pjan22 (of course prices listed higher), do a full search through eBay to find deals with discounts,. being lazy can cost ya

    I've been mainly been researching on 3060, 3060 ti and 3070 cards for the past 4 weeks,. looks like prices are coming down, don't know for how long if only with these deals

  • +1

    Oh ebay how I used to love you, but you no longer come through. Gone are the real sales. Replaced by Jack, who isn't really all that. Your marketing team has fallen flat.

  • Bring back the blanket 15-20% off codes.

    Lol at not giving Plus any special privilege on this one though.

  • This isn't even 10% off in most cases and it's eligible items only. I cancelled my eBay plus membership this year because I realised I was hardly buying anything off there anymore.

    It was once good for buying second hand items but I feel like everyone migrated over to FB marketplace, which isn't nearly as good.

    • +1

      Yeah harder to get second hand stuff at decent prices now that sellers no longer get the Gumtree’s 2 free ebay ads per month, and the occasional eBay’s free 5 ads, $1 FVF offers (unless you never/rarely sold before)….

      • We need the selling promotions to come back, I don't want mark up prices just to cover selling fees that eBay take. This is especially bad if you want to sell high value items betweeen $500 - 2k thats where the gumtree promo was so useful.

        • I know what you meant. I sometimes try out certain “premium” camera gear but don’t want to pay for new. The eBay promos were helpful to keep buying costs down from private sellers, as well as cheaper/quicker for me to sell them on after I finished experimenting.

  • Not sure why all the hate for ebay plus.

    Had some good deals in the last couple of days. Wine, beer, Scotch are the easiest items to buy. Way cheaper than Dan Murphy's along with free delivery.

    Considering got ebay plus for free with Commbank Rewards, saved 100s in the last few months.

    Plus members get 22% off your purchase, up to AU $300.00 off. See conditions
    Redemption code: PJAN22Expires 30/01/22

    AU $5.00 off any Plus items. See conditions
    Redemption code: MYPLUSK2WY7RZC7MExpires 12/02/22

    eBay Plus members get AU $10.00 off your purchase of AU $20.00 or more.
    Redemption code: PLNYDEAL

    • while it being 22% off, you can see most stores with "20-22% off" labels on top of the images of their product. and usually if u factor in the 22% the price comes down to slightly less than or just about the same price as buying from other sellers without the code. So yes 20-22% isnt really 20-22% because the sellers who participate in the sales will get the chance to jack up the price either for more profit or ebay is having these sales at the cost of the sellers.

      Not to mention most stuff on ebay arent even plus items

      • +1

        True but deals are out there. Was happy to get some Chivas Regal for $47 today and a slab of Asahi for $40 with the discounts. Free delivery.

        Only a 2% difference for non plus members, but free delivery is great.

    • for AU $5.00 off any Plus items. you need to spend $50 on plus items each time

    • Ebay Plus codes haven't been showing up in my account for months. I've opened multiple tickets and they just keep saying they are "escalating it". Customer service has always been a bit bad with Ebay but it has gotten worse the last 2 years.

      I did a search with the PJAN22 code and it just comes up with random car parts and low quality MIC electronics / solar items. (Same as last few times they had a similar code).

      PLNYDEAL just comes up with 5 listings (all Boost sim cards).

      I tried to order some of those alcohol deals but central QLD is excluded from those promotions. Aside from the $5 coupons, PLUS has been pretty much useless. The horrible customer service and ongoing technical issue with my account is just the cherry on top.

      • Never once been able to use the Ebay Plus codes. Have you? No idea why, just never works.

        • So the codes are supposed to appear in your Ebay Account summary. When I renewed my plus subscription last year, nothing shows up since. They admitted there is some sort of technical issue but instead of fixing it, just closed the case and manually added 2-3 months of the $5 plus coupons. The actual problem is ongoing. I can use the codes, but I am not being sent any.

          If you can never use the Plus codes it might also be some sort of technical error as well. (This will require opening a ticket with customer service, good luck…)

          • @m0b1liz3: omg customer service are like robots. wasted 15min of my life explaining the same thing over and over.

  • eBay Plus members get AU $10.00 off your purchase of AU $20.00 or more, mostly useless items and items don't quality this discount usually $1-2 more, so you mostly get <$5 real discount

  • Anyone got any tips.. I agreed to buy something off a seller, added it to my cart. But between adding to my cart and checking out, the seller cancelled the transaction.

    Now I have an item in my cart that I can’t purchase, and I can’t buy anything else because it tries to charge me for the cancelled item

    I’ve tried contacting eBay, but they said they need to contact the seller to get more details. But the seller has gone awol

    • make new account

    • is this with a browser? I can select which ones to pay for with a browser

  • Hate the way ebay won't let you search it

  • Do you need ebay plus to use it?

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