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American Express Essential Credit Card: $200 (or $300 with Referral) Cashback with $1,500 Spend in First 3 Months, $0 Annual Fee


Just a repost of this deal as it is marked as expired.

The $300 cashback offer is targeted, so need to go through several referral links. Credit to @avendr.

$300 = 60,000 points if 60,000 points are redeemed for gift card or statement credit.

Annual Fee
$0 p.a.

Interest Rate
14.99% p.a. on purchases

Interest Free Period
Up to 55 days

1.25 POINTS on purchases excluding government bodies in Australia per $1 spent. 1 POINT on purchases at government bodies in Australia per $1 spent.

Featured Benefits
Smartphone Screen Insurance
Cover for smartphone screen repairs up to $500 when you pay for your phone outright or monthly bill with your American Express Essential Credit Card
Additional Cards at no extra cost
Share the benefits of Membership with up to 4 Additional Cards for family members or friends, at no extra fee

Have an annual income of $40,000 or more
Have no history of bad debt or payment default
Be aged 18 years or over
Agree to access statements online through American Express
Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or hold a long term visa

Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the proceeding 18 month period are ineligible for this offer.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (11)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (14)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +1

    Paid my rates to reach the spend, didn't know about the referral bonus :(

    • Oh, that's good for you. I called my local council and they said they only accept payments from Visa and Mastercard

      • +5

        PayPal is the workaround using auspost bill pay

  • +1

    My wife is on my additional card. Can she apply as a main holder and get the offer ?

    • I would also like to know this (I have a different amex card though)

    • +1


    • +2

      I asked this very question on chat with an Amex rep yesterday - I was assured that an additional card holder will be considered a New Card Member (as long as they fit the other requirements i.e. have not held another primary Amex card in their name in the past 18 months etc)

      • Cheers

  • Ahh dang it! I applied last week and got approved in a few days without using the referral code. When I tried using the referral link above, it took me to an invalid page.

    • Yes, some referrals are expired.

      For the $300, you need to go through like 10 referrals. Very few referrers have the $300 offer.

  • +3

    best credit card with 0 annual fee ever I have. The only thing I don't like is some stores. especially small stores/family owned stores decline, surcharge or be rude to you when you show them the card

    • Doesn't AmEx charge more in transaction fees compared to Visa/MasterCard? Still doesn't excuse the rudeness of course

    • +1

      some stores. especially small stores/family owned stores decline, surcharge

      Seems fair to surcharge? What wasn't fair was JB Hi-Fi surcharging 2.65% until they got rid of it last year

      • I was under the impression that the Amex surcharge imposed on stores was fairly neglible these days?

        • My local chicken shop stopped using Amex and said they wanted a dollar for every transaction. Not really a reliable source mind u, but i had used these guys for the shop local offers previously.

  • anyone has issue adding the card to Google Pay?

    • +3


  • +2

    great for the amex offers.

  • $0 Annual Fee forever or just the first year?

    • +4


  • Maybe a stupid question, will we accrue some points for the spend ?

    • +1

      yes, i accrue points on mine.

      • Cheers

  • +1

    If you're on low pay this is good.

    Else if you're on a higher salary wait for the Gold/Platinum deals, they returns are far better (given the fact that it's an 18month cool down period.)

    • i've read that those have annual fees?

      but essential has none.
      Is it easy to make back the difference?

      • They often go for $0 annual fee offers.
        Last one i had was 90,000 points and $0 for the gold one from memory.

  • Tried applying for Amex on a previous offer. Have no debt, secure long standing job with reasonable salary, and good credit score. Was knocked back which has never occurred to me before. Do not know who want as customers but no longer going to bother with Amex again and rather go through a Visa/Mastercard bank promo instead without this hassle.

    • That’s really surprising. I got accepted for a platinum card without uploading a pay slip. Very strange. Give them a call!

      • -1

        Gave them a call at time but just said I could re-apply in a few months time and evidentially is automated approval process. Not going re-apply ever again as have A1 credit history and secure well paying job with no debt. Just applied for Westpac credit card and approved no issues. First time in 30yrs been knocked back, so sharing for others.

    • That's happened to several of my friends too.

      Amex would only tell them to check their credit report, which had no bad information on it.

  • Will it affect credit score if application get rejected despite application meet requirements?

    • +2

      Yes, all credit application hit your credit history. Avoid applying for too many or for any card if you don't need, if you are planning for home loan or something.

  • anyone know what 1500 or 1875 points gets you?

  • Smartphone Screen Insurance
    Cover for smartphone screen repairs up to $500 when you pay for your phone outright or monthly bill with your American Express Essential Credit Card

    Anyone used it?

    • +1

      Have used it a couple of times.

    • Have used it, it works great

  • How do I add my referral code ? It keeps saying incorrect format.

    • There should be only 1 question mark in your code. Only enter the letters on the left of the question mark.

      • Thank you, I think I got it now

  • Hmm this or the Qantas one with no annual fee? Leaning towards Qantas as points are worth more?

  • I should can my amex, the fees are redonc.

  • Bugger. I just signed up for a Amex Card through DJ's at the beginning of this year….. Along with a $99 Annual fee. :(

  • I'm a bit confused at the offers here - when I go direct to the AmEx site to apply I get the following offer:
    "Exclusive Offer
    Receive a $300 credit
    When you apply, are approved and spend $1,500 on your card in your first 3 months of Card Membership. T&Cs apply. New Card Members only 1"

    When I click on the referral links from this OzB post I get the following offer:
    Receive a $200 Credit on your Card
    when you apply for the American Express Essential Credit Card, are approved and spend $1,500 in the first 3 months1"

    Guessing only the one is possible, not both together and therefore I should go with the $300 on the native site that came up and not worry about the referral link?

    Bit confused.


    • I think your IP address got targeted for the $300 offer.

      As for the referral, only very few people have the $300 offer. That’s why I mentioned in the post that you need to click the referral link for several times.

      If you apply through referral and get approved, the referrer will get 20000 points.

      • Great thanks so much

  • Offer is still running, had to go through about 10 referrals to find a $300 one though

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