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The Good Guys - 12% Upsized Cashback (6-11 PM AEDT, $75 Cap per Member) @ Cashrewards


Greetings everyone, just spotted this banner on the CR site, an awesome increase which stacks with the 10% Off A Huge Range offer.


  • Cashback is ineligible on Apple, ASKO, Miele, AEG, Neff, Bertazzoni, FFalcon, La Germania, Loewe, Playstation 5, Playstation 5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series X 1TB, gift card purchases, concierge, delivery, GST.

  • Cashback is ineligible on negotiated deals (phone/email/chat), on purchases via The Good Guys Commercial website.

  • Cashback is eligible on redemption of gift cards

  • Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

As always, enjoy :)

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • +15

    BTW $625 spend before hitting cap.

    • Does this include GST?
      If GST is not included in the $625, with it will the cap be at $687.5?

      (Just double checking my calculations)

  • +5

    Gift card redemptions eligible.

    Oh mama

    • is 5% the most?

    • +2

      2 use per online order limit still apply?

  • From the term, Cashback is ineligible on concierge. Does that mean only the concierge part no cashback?
    Or the entire order not valid for cashback?

    • I believe it's only the concierge part. My recommendation to save any confusion or risk of failure would be purchase without concierge and then when you pick up the item pay for concierge separately (you have 7 days from date of purchase to add concierge) in store.

  • Does anyone know if Beats products count as Apple exclusion?

  • -2

    Price jacked

    • On some items it seems, not others.

    • I have to agree. I ordered HWF75AW2 yesterday afternoon. It was $495 + delivery ($55). This morning, my local TGG called to say they don't have stock and they "might" receive in 4-6 weeks. I asked them to cancel… The same item is now $569 + delivery (still not available from my local TGG).
      Interestingly, when I click to leave the page, I get a "PRICE BEAT" banner saying they found it cheaper, and offering for $489 + delivery if a click the "BUY NOW ONLINE" banner.

      Not sure why they transfer my order to a local store that doesn't have the item, when another store 60km away has the item available (but can't deliver to me).

  • So Nintendo Switch Oled is eligible? If so, might be one of the most heavily discounted switch Oled models since its release!

    • +1

      If eligible, I'm calculating $480.20 after cashback

      Looks like best regular price is ~$470 (with eBay plus), with a little bit off with GCs.

      Looks like best price using BNPL is ~$435

      Apparently some smart OzBargainers were using 15% GCs applicable at JB and getting prices down to ~$420.

      I have an OG Switch and see the OLED as only a marginal update. I wouldn't jump unless I saw a price at ~$400 (which I don't expect), and then could sell my hackable unit second-hand for probably a small difference. I think it's more likely I'll be waiting too long and another iterative version will be released (not sure what to expect next as I wouldn't expect a Pro version because of lasting microprocessor supply issues).

      • Noted. Do you know if the new oleds are “hackable”? What does hacking the firmware Enable you to do?

        • +1

          I don't hack consoles (and I'm a Ninty collector).

          From my reading, the earliest production runs of the OG Switch are amenable to hacking which I understand people are primarily using for emulation purposes. That vulnerability was patched sometime after release. Buyers on the second-hand market know what serial numbers of the earlier batches to look for so as to allow them to hack. You can check your serial number if you intend to sell an OG Switch, and they trade at a premium.

          Apparently you can expect newer Switch models to eventually be hacked, so you might look to upgrade to a newer iteration if you want to make the jump while there's a second-hand premium on the hackable models.

          • @muwu: Awesome. Cheers. Thought hacking was akin to pirating new games like it was to ‘chip’ the old ps2/ps3s

            • +1

              @A female dog: It is exactly that. Users hack/jailbreak it under the guise of running homebrew and custom stuff. But like previous consoles before it, it allows you play copied/pirated games that run directly off the SD card.

              • @Miyagi: @A female dog: @Miyagi: I'd agree thats the majority use case by a pretty large margin. pirating, cheats etc. I have not looked for a long time but the switch did let you set your cpu and gpu clocks. Handy to play games that struggle or to play handheld with better settings (powerbank not included).

                I know the psp and later vita scene had many gems that got partial or full fan translations when they kind of stopped bothering with localising.

                The switch has an impressive amount of localised games that we never would have seen before. Obscure, rpgs, Visual Novels and rythm. One thing I do love is mods though. Playing the ffvii mods on the go was great (whether its for high poly models or a completely different gaming experience like New Threat).

    • Still wondering if the Switch is eligible for this offer - would appreciate if rep could confirm!

  • -1

    Good deal but a shame that you can only use 2 GC's max online at TGG.

        • +1

          Oh wow, how did I misread that. I was actually thinking I needed another coffee - I guess that just settled it! Sorry and thanks for the correction!

          • +1

            @phidj003: You need to swap your HOME to TGG gift card on TCN website. 2 use per online order.

            • @ce5himm: Bloody unfortunate I bought "The ultimate gift for home" gift cards and not the TCN one. The former gift card is not able to be converted into The Good guys gift card where as the latter gift card can!

              • @A female dog: If you have the newer version of the ultimate home, you can swap at ultimategiftcards.com.au.
                same thing.
                If you are not sure, no harm just give it a try

                • @ce5himm: it unfortunately does not work - the only options i am given are Dusk, The iconic and Barbecues Galore.

  • does cashback include installation?

  • Could someone clarify this: the title of the offer here says it is valid 10 Feb 6:00pm–10 Feb 11:00pm
    However, CR site says: Expires: Feb 10, 2022, 5:59:00 PM

    So, is it running now, or it will start at 6pm? Or, it will expire at 6pm ?

    • +2

      Hi 092202,
      The date specified on the offer merely states that the 5% cashback ends at 5:59pm.
      Then at 6pm, a new offer with the capped terms will appear on site with a new end time.
      So yes, 12% cashback starts at 6pm, however 5% uncapped is valid until 6pm. Hope this helps.

      • And can you please confirm that the 12% Cashrewards offer will stack on the 10% TGG offer?

        The Cashrewards page says that the DOOR10 coupon expires: Feb 10, 2022, 5:59:00 PM.
        The conditions say that "Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards."

        So if I use the 10% offer on the TGG website after 6pm, will the 12% Cashrewards still be available?

        • +4

          Hi srao,
          Yes. The code is valid all day. : )

          • @minita: hey minita - can you clarify if Beats products are ineligible for cashback under the Apple exclusion?

          • @minita: @minita, can you confirm if Nintendo Switch Oled is eligible for this offer?

  • Anyone have any recommendations for a microwave? Not too fussed about price on purchase as I'll just use my 28 degrees card price protection insurance to bring it down later.

    Just after something that is good value and reliable.
    If anyone has access to Choice Magazine's recommendations that'd also be helpful.


  • Where can you get gift cards to get more savings??

  • -1

    Can I buy gift cards with this?

    • +2

      "Cashback is ineligible on…,gift card purchases,…"

  • I just bought an oven from The Good Guts 2 days ago….

  • Is it a $75 cap per transaction or per member?

    • +1

      Hi ozzi,
      It's capped per member. Here are the terms:
      "During the 5 hour promo, cashback for The Good Guys is capped at $75 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 6pm to 11pm AEDT 10/02/2022."
      Hope that clarifies : )

  • +2

    Is cashback eligible using concierge credits?

    • Good question

  • +1

    Can someone recommend me something to buy? I know it sounds dumb but I'm stuck with $100 of GC's for them and I don't know what to do with them.

    (I have a chromecast, I'm happy with my whitegoods, vac, coffee macine and grinder) :(

    I got no idea!

    • Omo liquid laundry detergent! Great stuff.
      Also handy for Sodastream if you have one.

    • If you have nothing on you list. Don't waste your money/gift card. Save your money instead of buying something you don't need/want.

  • Thanks OP, perfect timing

  • Best place to buy a discounted gift card?

  • Is cashback eligible on Samsung S22 Preorder?

  • Awesome. Finally got an Nvidia Shield Pro!! 12% + 10% = 22% off. Not as good as the previous deal ($249) but still ok . Thanks

    • Should I get Apple tv 4k or Nvidia Shield pro?

      • What works for you buddy. The Shield is perfect for me as I have an Asus Zephyrus Duo laptop which will stream my pc games to the TV through the shield.

        You can get kodi going on the shield or apple TV depending what you do to your apple TV.

        I feel shield TV being open to Android apps etc has more options.

        Again it's what suits you. Everyone has their own positives/negatives

        After seeing the YouTube videos and reviews I feel the shield TV 4k is far ahead

        • Thanks. But the processor in the Shield TV Pro is quite old, wonder how the performance holds up on the long run.
          Wishing Nvidia to release the Shield Pro refresh this year.

  • Withings smart scale below seems like a pretty good deal. Ends up to be around $119.


  • Thanks OP. Grabbed a Delonghi Magnifica for a total save of about $150. My first time with CR, was impressed at how quickly it tracked.

  • +1

    Don't get me wrong, I love cashback stuff from cashrewards/shopback, but I find, if you accidentally order an item from their exclusion list, you are pretty much stuffed.

    The cash back will be processed in such a long time (some 30/60 days after the transaction), thus you might lose track of what you have ordered and the affected T&C promo at the time you ordered the item.

    From my view, unless you need to order the item, don't buy for the sake of the cashback (I know, this is ozbargain, buy first, regret later hehe)

    My 2 cents

  • The chrome extension is not working for TGG website. However I checked with few other websites (e.g. Myer) it is working. Any one else facing similar issue?

    • +1

      Was the same for me, tried removing and reinstalling the extension, clearing cache, restarting browser, disabling all other extensions, all to no avail. I clicked through the website and made sure it showed in the Cashrewards Click history before finishing the purchase. Cashback tracked ok and got email confirmation already.

  • If you get cashback tracked as $75 already and put through a second transaction I know you don't get the 12% again, but do you get anything or no CB at all?

    • +1

      No, unfortunately not. However, at 11pm you'll be able to purchase again at a reduced uncapped rate with no transaction limits :)

      • Thanks.

  • Will this work for preorder items?

    Looking at the samsung tab s8

    • can confirmed it works as good guys processes it straight away

  • Bought a food processor $259 down to $204. Tracked in 5 minutes. Cheers!

  • Ordered a dishwasher, got an error while paying and ended up being double charged and no tracking, lets hope its fixed by the morning or I'll just have to cancel it all I guess.

    • Hi. A payment error/issue will almost certainly cause tracking to fail unfortunately. Sorry :)

  • Bought an FFalcon TV, only after realising its in the exclusion list. But few minutes later I got cashback email for the right amount. Is the exclusion only going to get applied after ie. show pending now but rejected later?

    • It is not uncommon that the terms is not enforced or not accurate. Sometimes it is in ones favour and one keeps shut-up. If not, you'll see whinging.

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