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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi 3H Air Purifier $223 Delivered @ xiaomi_global_direct eBay


seems to be 22% off and get a better deal when buying more than one i.e good for those with pets or allergies got mine and I like it. thought I'd share.

buy 2 AU$ 279.36 each works with the code

buy 3 AU$ 270.72 each works with the code

It's the global version with eu standard plug and the seller provide an eu to au adapter.
information found on the ebay listing which may be useful to some.
Model:Xiaomi AC-M6-SC
eBay Product ID (ePID):17035588215

Product Key Features

Control Style:App Control, Voice
Filtration Technology:HEPA-Type
Application:Whole House
Smart Home Compatibility:Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Voltage:240 V, 110 V
Filter Life:12 Months, 6 Months
Smart Home Protocol:Wi-Fi

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  • +5

    Any deals on filters ? :D

  • how much coverage does it do? before you need more than one of these? how big of a room can you put this in?

    • +1

      The 3H is on the smaller end when it comes to air purifiers. I'd say 1 per bedroom, maybe 1 for every 2 bedrooms if they're not big, and there's sufficient airflow.

      You'll definitely need several units if you want to cover your entire home.

  • +4

    ~$195 is the historical bargain price.

  • Someone bought 5 units…

  • this or the new xiaomi air purifier 4 ($299) ?

    • The pro if you have the dollars.

  • +2

    why does buying multiple cost more per unit than buying one? makes no sense.

  • -2

    What are the implications of not having an air purifier?

    • +12

      You save 225.99

  • +9
  • +4

    Quite often on sale below $200, as low as $159

    • +1

      as low as $159

      Damn good price for the Xiaomi 3H Global Edition - possibly the lowest yet. At that price, it becomes easy to look the other way when buying from Scamogan. :-P
      How can they afford such low prices compared to the more legitimate Xiaomi resellers like Gearbite?

      • +2

        as low as $159

        Before stacking with $20 Latitude Pay, so can be reduced to $139 in that deal!

        I bought a total of 3 Xiaomi Air Purifiers from Kogan over the last 2 years. Also bought a couple of filters several times. The last filter took 2 months to dispatch! Other than that instance, I don’t have anything else to complain about their Xiaomi sales.

  • Is there an Australian version that does not require the power adaptor.

    • +1

      From my experience, Kogan supplied an Australian cable with their global 3H which is better/safer than using adapter. Wait till they have sales below $200 but if you cannot wait, currently $224 delivered if you have Kogan First or get the free trial (otherwise 1 month membership is $7). Stack with the current Latitude Pay promotion for $20 discount.

      • Thanks

      • +2

        Stack with the current Latitude Pay promotion for $20 discount.

        $204 is very close to last month's lowest price of $195 for eBay Plus members.
        The major con is you have to buy from Kogan. Just pray you don't need any after sales support.

    • +2

      It's just a figure 8 cable

  • Received mine today. They provided a power socket adaptor instead of providing a replacement power cord. Additionally, my unit has a power button in the back. Where as my other 3H unit that button is the screen brightness.

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