Cheapest Way to Purchase The 16" M1 Pro MacBook Pro

I need a new macbook for uni starting in less than two weeks and I am trying to grab it as cheap as possible because the price is quite steep. With the apple education store, I am effectively paying 3449-219 as you get the free airpods which I can sell, but that still doesn't make it that cheap. Where is the best place to buy apple store gift cards discounted. Note: I have listed a wanted post under classified already. I was also wondering whether there were any other retailers that when combined with a discounted gift card and price match/beat, I can get the new macbook pro for sub $3100?


  • Some of the big electronics retailers will price match Apple education pricing. You could combine that with discounted gift cards at them. I'm sure someone will have more insight than I do here, but often you can access discounted gift cards via benefits from superannuation companies, private health cover, certain employers, etc. Usually seems to be around 5% to 7%.

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      Do OzBargainers pay for a $3000 MacBook with e.g. 6 $500 discounted gift cards?

      Just curious

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        • Clearly, I need to be more up to scratch.

          Mods should consider revoking my OzB Platinum Membership

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        Once upon a time, someone once used 81 discounted TCN/Ultimate gift cards to pay for a $7,495 item at JB Hi-Fi…

    • I think if I can get a discounted apple gift card, the free airpods should make is slightly cheaper than price matching elsewhere. But I don't mind paying a ~$50 premium to buy as soon as possible as there isn't long till uni starts.

      • Do you really need a $3,500 Macbook Pro for Uni though? That doesn't seem reasonable.

        Not to mention will be outdated on 8th March with M2 chip versions starting to roll out.

        • Well, m2 didn't happen. So I personally am set on getting a 14" M1 haha

  • You'll probably get $150-$160 selling the AirPods.

    • You don't need to sell airpods, you can just return it to any apple store and get full refund as its a sperate transaction.

  • For laptops specifically, some employers may offer a salary sacrifice option. This can be a cost effective way to buy a laptop, potentially saving on GST and using 'pre-tax' dollars, and is not usually an option in relation to other classes of goods.

    It sounds like this likely won't be an option for the OP if starting Uni rather than working full-time.

  • Discounted Apple Store gift cards info can be found here

    I'm not aware of any sales on at the moment, but they happen fairly regularly (every 2 months or so recently) at Coles/Woolies.

  • Hi
    Easiest way is the following combo:
    Buy discounted apple gift cards from Macquarie Bank ie 4% off one $3000 one $311
    (ie $2,850 + 295.45)
    then Buy from the Union Store
    get the MacBook Pro for 3,311.00$ plus the AirPods if you are lucky.
    Total cost is $3145.

    Hard way:
    Get his her etc cards and buy it.

    • Macquarie is 5% off when I checked just now for Apple cards?

    • Doesn't seem like the airpod deal doesn't apply for the union store

  • You missed the deals that could be stacked on top of the free airpods and the education pricing:
    Which could take another ~$600 off the price tag, assuming you don't mind doing groceries at woolworths.

  • Match with Tim Cook on Grindr and get his CEO discount.

  • Increased cashback is on again:

    Combine with the 20x flybuys bonus point for apple gift card at Coles! (ending today)

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    Hey team, I'm looking at purchasing an M1 MBP 16" with 1 or 2TB SSD from the AOC store, combined with 5% off gift cards from Rewards Gateway. Is this the cheapest way to get it?
    I'm a bit confused how purchasing the gift cards with 20x rewards points works

    I'm currently located in NZ, but am visiting WA in May for 2 weeks.
    Can I claim GST back when I fly back to NZ? Not sure how that works either

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      Yes , GST can be claimed

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