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Earn 1 KitchenAid Credit for Every $20 Spent at Coles @ Flybuys


Items for collection. Free with credits or half pay as with the previous Knives promo.

  • Mini Cocotte 10cm - 26 credits
  • 15cm Bowl - 36 credits
  • Small Baker - 40 credits
  • Pie Dish 29cm - 50 credits
  • Medium Baker - 60 credits
  • Large Baker - 80 credits
  • 22cm Cast Iron Casserole Pot - 150 credits

Updated T&C's are out https://www.coles.com.au/campaign/kitchenaid/terms-and-condi...

Promotion From March 2nd for 3 months. I would guess that spend in the week prior (23/2 to 1/3) will be counted in the spent period but won't be advertised. This occurred for the previous two promos (Picnicware and Knives 2).

If you don't have Flybuys wait to join up as there will likely be bonus credits for joining during the promotion period.

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    Is this a bargain?

    • +23


    • +1

      Whether or not it is a bargain is irrelevant, it's been posted before with the last promo so naturally will get posted again 😂

    • No but its good PSA

  • +24

    Oh yay, spending $3000 at Coles for a cast iron pot that looks similar to the one Aldi had not long ago for $35

    • +5

      Kitchenaid cookware is usually on sale pretty cheap online. I've bought some stuff before and it's not anything special. just trading of their reputation
      for the mixers. Plenty of better cookware products out there. These products probably made specifically for the promotion too so could be even worse quality. Not worth spending extra to get them, but if you can claim a few things from normal spending then it's a nice freebie.

    • +56

      Oh yay, spending $3000 at Coles

      If you're already spending that much over 3 months anyway, I don't see a problem with the promo.

      I don't get why people are always so offended by these promos. No one is forcing you to spend the money.

      • +8

        I'm offended that you're not offended.

        • +1

          I'm offended that you're offended that brotherfranciz isn't offended!

      • -15

        You are sounding more offended about having to defend your shopping habits ngl.

        I have no issue with people who claim the freebie but let's be honest you can either spend $3000 at Coles or have a likely >$35 saving if you shopped elsewhere. That's also if there's enough stock, shame if you got $2500 into your $3000 spend and suddenly you can't find any stock besides a bowl.

        If you had a good 3 months of flybuys offers it'd be okay but seeing as it's linked I'd expect the value to deteriorate there too.

        • +2

          Yeah it's kind of BS that Coles won't ship these products to you. I never got to use my MasterChef credits because I only had enough for scissors and no stores had them in stock. That said, I wouldn't have paid for shipping anyway so whatever.

          Nobody should shop at Coles or buy extra just for this, but I doubt anyone on this site would anyway.

          • +1

            @faithdealer: No stores had them in stock because people like me got 6 pairs of them… !~)

          • +4

            @faithdealer: You could claim the Masterchef Knives online with your order.

            • +2

              @abc: Could you? I couldn’t see how to do that?

            • @abc: How could you get the knives online? Was there an add to cart ?

              • +4

                @chakel: If you search for ‘Masterchef’ all the knives were listed. After adding to cart at checkout You then had to login to your flybuys account and apply the credits.

            • @abc: you just blew my mind. i got one knife early on but the rest of my credits expired as i was trying to find time to get to coles and forgot about it.

          • -6


            Nobody should shop at Coles or buy extra just for this, but I doubt anyone on this site would anyway.

            Judging by the negs on my comment, sadly they do 🤣
            Let's see how many this can get by people who can't see past the word free lol

        • I spend the same or less than I would if I shopped at Aldi / Safeway

          • -3

            @Danstar: Do modern day consumers literally think that supermarkets are the only place that sell food? In that case, yeah you probably won't save much of anything.

            This is why supermarkets are able to charge what they want.

            • @DisabledUser413626: Do you buy most your food from McDonald’s ? ;)

              • @Danstar: Oh thank god you're just trolling and realise butchers and fruit shops exist 🤣

      • +2

        3 months

        They will probably be out of stock by then

    • +8

      You are forgetting you also got $3,000 worth of groceries.

      If you end up buying things you don't need because of this promo, that's on you and not the promo itself.

      I mean, I didn't end up suddenly saying "yippee" to pay full price on things just to get the credits but if you do, then….. well….

  • +1

    Do you get credits for filling up petrol?

    • +1

      If previous promotions are anything to go by, no.

      For example, in the recent Masterchef knife promotion, the only stores where you could earn credits were:

      • Coles supermarkets, and
      • Coles Online (i.e. the website where you order groceries online from Coles).

      Coles Express was explicitly listed as an excluded business.

      The article linked in the OP makes no references to purchases from Coles Express, so my expectation is that Coles Express will be excluded from this campaign too.

    • +1

      No unfortunately:(

      • Why not, it' $35 cheaper than Aldi however you want to argue.

  • Underwhelming. At least the cleaver from last time was good

    • A cheap cleaver is always good. They're designed for rough whacks. The other knives were all very basic. Gaps in the plastic on the handle and didn't hold well. Good enough for free, but I'm fortunate enough I can justify $120 for the global 3 piece set.

      • 2 quality cleavers in the kitchn nuff said

    • The scissors are actually quite good. I checked the knives out carefully and agree they were garbage, that's why I ended up with so many scissors

      • Yep got about 5 pairs of scissors at the end of the promo. They seem really sturdy.

        • +1

          The packaging says you shouldn't put the scissors in the dishwasher. I ignored that and they have really perished after a few goes in the dishwasher.

          The knives are really good though … the ones I got from the first promo are still in really good shape.

  • +1

    Never managed to use my MasterChef credits because I only had enough for the scissors and none of the Coles stores around me had those in stock.

    Better luck this time I suppose.

    • +1

      Really? I get about $2000 flybuys money for just doing my regular shopping at coles and just activating bonuses on the app when they come about…

  • +5

    These types of promotions have had stock issues in the past by the time earnt enough points.

  • +1

    Saw KitchenAid deal at Coles and thought I could get a new Mixer.
    Ended up disappointed

    • +5

      If mixers were available, you would have had to spend $100,000 to get enough credits for it.

      I barely had enough to get a pair of scissors.

  • Bring back the ooshies!

  • +4

    Better deal than other collectibles like plastic toys/crap.

    You gotta just use your credits as you're getting them as opposed to waiting til the end of the promo period, if you're after something specific. Got one of the cheap knives last time, still going pretty good but yea obviously not great long lastig quality. The glass containers that woolies had some time ago were also pretty good

  • spend 10k get a mixer would be worth it

  • I have to say that the pair of steak knives have held up well for me - sharp and the handle feels solid. I got 2 sets but will save the other set for later.

  • +1

    I don't mind these deals as I constantly get Flybuys promo points (Spend X per week, etc). So if we happen to get the points I'll grab something. Got about 10 scissors from the last promo. Sounds silly, but scissors love to disappear in my house so not complaining.

  • The 22cm casserole pot will cost u $3000
    And no where near the real kitchen aid quality for $500

    • It will cost you more than $3000 once you factor in rounding. No one is getting their shops precisely on the nearest $20 every time.

      • The rounding would be offset by the extra credit items they have weekly.

    • Your not taking into account bonus points and promos.

  • I dont think this is any different to spending on your credit card and trading in the points for anything other than airline miles. In fact this is probably better return per $ spent if you just go about it as per your normal spending habits at Coles

    • not when they keep increasing prices of groceries to cover the cost of these promo compaigns!

  • Kitchen aid only good for their mixers. Even their wooden spoon sucks.

  • +1

    we pay for these promos through increased cost of groceries…none of this crap is free
    noticing more and more products have increased in price by 10-15% at coles and a lot less 50% off sales on popular grocery items these days

    • Like what? I see the same increase in prices at Woolworths. Eg. 3L milk Was $3.30; now $3.90 at both Supermarkets

      • +2

        Pretty sure the drought's been over a for a while too - time to remove the drought relief surcharge methinks

  • Just realized the Cast Iron Casserole Pot for 150 points ie $300 of shopping is tiny!
    22 cms is never going to feed a family - more like an individual serve/couple size

    • 150 points is 3000 dollars of shopping not 300

  • Hope they are better quality than the crap MasterChef ones or the knives on the previous offer. Would prefer they went with a longer running promo where the result was not something you regret having.

  • +2

    Wohoo, just checked my receipt. Only 149 points to go.

  • +4

    you can get bonus points from these brands:

    Air Wick & Botanica
    Arnott’s Jatz (excluding VIC/TAS)
    Arnott’s Jatz Clix (National)
    Arnott's Savoy (VIC/TAS only)
    Bega Cheese
    Bega Peanut Butter
    Betty Crocker
    Coles Asia
    Continental Soups, Pasta, Potato, Rice or Risotto ranges*
    Cucina Matese
    Gillette or Gillette Venus
    La Espanola
    Natural Chip Co.
    Natures Goodness
    Nestle Baking
    Old El Paso
    Pauls Custard
    Primo Bacon
    Purina ONE
    U by Kotex
    Uncle Toby's
    Wellness Road

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