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Optus Prepaid Mobile $180 100GB 365-Day SIM Starter Kit for $150 Delivered @ Optus (Online Only)


Optus has a sale on a 12 month expiry prepay plan. It was $180, now $150.
Includes, 100GB on first recharge (then 60GB), unlimited SMS and national calls.
Free delivery

Since Boost is now $200, I think this is a pretty good deal. It also includes 5G service, if you can get it.

Product Details:

Includes $180 recharge on your chosen plan
Keep your number or get a new number
No lock-in contract

Mod note: This Prepaid SIM might not be 5G enabled. Contact Optus (133 937) to confirm coverage.

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    Another 12 month option with international calls (15 countries) - Coles Mobile $119, 120GB

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    Catch Connect has 120GB for $109 for an identical service.

    • Catch Connect doesn't include international calls, not that this bothers me personally as I use WhatsApp or Skype for these, but it's worth pointing out for those that make traditional international calls :)

  • Any reason why you wouldn't spend another $1 for a Boost 100Gb SIM? - with an extra 40Gb if you activate before 28 March…

    • It's $200?

      • Promo code BONUS brings it down to $151

    • I have call routing issues on Boost which they are struggling to resolve. So I'm jumping ship.

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    If you don't care about the international calling or 5G, then Woolworths 265 day expiry with 100GB for $150 can be a really good value considering their 10% off once a month.

    • Do you mean 365 days?
      $150 for 100GB (even with 10% off) on the Optus network is not good value nowadays, I've not paid more than $120 for 150GB + now on my last 2 365 day SIM's.
      Catch Connect (same network) is constantly on sale and offers more data.

      • Yeah, sorry, 365 days.
        It's not 10% off the price of SIM card. It's 10% off your grocery shopping once a month.
        To me that translates to about $20-$30 discount each month which basically means that not only my SIM card is free, but I also get some money back.

      • I believe the 10% off being referred to is 10% off your groceries per month

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    Avoid garbage optus

    • +6

      There's always one or two that make the same comment for Telstra & Voda posts, so obviously it depends on your location.

      • -4

        I've used them for both internet and mobile in various locations and they sucked.

    • +3

      Thanks for your insightful and valuable contribution regarding Optus

  • Can you receive SMS while overseas on Optus prepaid?

  • Can you convert it into esim?

    Epic Value have 5G?

  • +1

    Under the coverage it only says 3g/4g… Doesn't seem to have 5g with it?

    • I agree. This is not a 5G plan.

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