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Philips Water All-in-One Water Station $349.99 ($80 off) Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


All other retailers are selling $469

This Philips All-In-One Water Station value pack comes with seven micro X-clean filters, giving you pure tasting, filtered water from refreshingly chilled to piping hot. Hot water comes out within seconds, at the temperature you like, bringing out the maximum aroma in your drinks. Different from other instant heating technology, this two staged instant heating module helps to achieve true boiling. The efficient cooling system provides chilled water down to 8C. The Philips Micro X-Clean filter reduces chlorine, limescale, heavy metals and emerging contaminants such as microplastics and PFOA.

It features six temperature settings for your different needs: cold (chilled) or ambient, 40C, 70C, 80C, 90C, 100C . From blanching, brewing-up, sterilising, cooking to tea, coffee, spaghetti, baby's bottles or cold drinks, you can do a million things with it. It also has six volume settings at the touch of a button (200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 350ml, 400ml, 500ml and continuous). You can always find the suitable water volume to fill your favourite cup, or even jug and pot.

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    350 for a filtered temperature control kettle

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      it's good for parents with babies or just making one cup of hot tea

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      Hmm…. also from most tests of these types of kettles (Instant hot/cold water), keep in mind that the temperatures dispensed will be 5-10c lower than the setting. E.g. 100c will be dispensed at around 93c typically.

      I've got a chinese one (joyoung) for instant hot water, it is pretty good and a good investment for if you need to take care of a baby. No need to wait for a kettle to boil. Hot water on demand. And it costed me $70.

      • $70 shipped? I saw $229 shipped on their website.

        This one makes chilled water 8C too

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          I got my Joyoung shipped from china (even has a aussie plug on it) via Taobao for $70 which is the same as the Aussie version.

          True, this one makes chilled water which is different. but is the >$200 additional cost worth it. haha.
          Most people would utilize it for instant hot water, not really instant cold water….

      • Healthy Choice one from Catch was around $20 delivered. Pretty happy with it. Stopped using the kettle now most of the time

        • Got that one too. Brilliant buy!

      • can u point me to any review that this Philips one dispenses the 100C to 93C? I do have cheapie units that doesn't claim 100C so im interested to see what results people are getting with this…

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    Looks tempting. Bigger question is how much are the replacement filters and how often you have to change them? Thats how they profit

  • +3

    What…no carbonated option or ice cube production….shame :p

    • +3

      yep… hardly an all-in-one.

    • +3

      Oh that would be sensational!

  • Anyone have experience with one of these? Or something similar? Been looking for something which can make instant hot water.

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      They are good if you know the limitation. e.g. they wont hit 100c.

    • +2

      If it’s only hot water you want the $69 Kmart one gets good reviews. My arthritic 89 year old nan uses it daily and it’s great for her individual cup of tea 10 times a day not having to lift a heavy jug of boiling water…

      • Thanks for this. Yeah will really just be using it for hot water, so will look into the Kmart one

  • -1

    Can only think of someone using this in a semi-commercial sense…

  • Note that some coffee machines with a built-in filter (e.g. Breville Barista Express) explicitly say to use tap water, not filtered water.

    Not sure of how this plays into its own calculations for water hardness/softness but I imagine it has to do only with descaler calcs. Happy to be corrected around this

    • Is it filtered water they tell you to avoid or demineralised water? The sensors detecting when the boiler is full often can't detect demineralised water so warnings not to use this are common.

      • For the Breville, it explicitly says "tap water" and I think (I need to recheck) that it says not to use filtered or demineralised.

        • +1

          This made me panic because we only use filtered water in our machine to avoid that chlorine like taste from the standard water - when switching to filtered it made a notable difference to taste. Anyway, I looked up the manual for the dual boiler and it looks like filtered is ok.. in fact, it's recommended. RO, demineralised or any other water which is stripped of minerals however isn't:

          Pumps continue to operate / Steam is very wet / Hot water outlet leaks

          � Using de-mineralised or distilled water which is affecting how the machine is designed to function.

          WHAT TO DO
          We recommend using cold, filtered water. We do not recommend using water with no/low mineral content such as demineralised or distilled water. If the problem persists, contact Breville Customer Service Centre

          • +1

            @MrKnowItAll: Sorry for the panic.

            Looks like purified waters referenced in the Barista Express:

            "Fill the tank with cold tap water.."
            " The tank should be filled with fresh, cold tap water before each use. Do not use de-mineralised or distilled water or any other liquid"

            So… no vodka then.

            • @spendybeans: Funny you should say that as I watched an interesting video the other day on how vodka boils at a much lower temperature than water, there goes my chances of dispensing espresso martinis on the fly :(

  • +4

    Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

  • +1

    Do they use a lot of power?

  • -2

    i…i… must just say it out…. "THANKS OP, JUST BOUGHT 10"

  • I'd be concerned about power usage… do they maintain a reservoir of boiling water? Anyone know power usage?

    • +2

      No. they heat the water as you use it. There is no boiling water reservoir.
      Power usage is likely going to be less than boiling a kettle. Since you boil on demand and exactly how much you need. Where as a kettle often makes you boil more than you need, then you when you need hot water again you re-boil which wastes more power.

      As for wattage, most of them are 2000W or 2400W, but obviously the shorter amount of time it uses the heating element means you will save power there compared to a kettle.

  • -2

    I am guessing the cooling is thermometric. This will mean more power usage and limited quantity of cold water in a given span of time.

  • Why don't they tell you what "chilled" means? I'm guessing it means "slightly below room temperature".

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