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[PS5] Returnal $34 (in-Store Only) @ Target


Crazy price for Returnal on the PS5. Saw a guy uploading his receipt for the game from Target for $34 and I called Target Chadstone to check stock level and was informed they are currently clearing it for $35. Unfortunately no stock at Chadstone.

Edit: Price is $34 according to the updated online link.

Stock may vary so either call your local Target or just walk in and see if you got any luck. Check stock here:


No online delivery or Deliver to Store though, only C&C :(

Best of luck folks and let us know stock level at your local Target :)

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  • +19

    Get it, don't hesitate. Bargain!
    Get a controller too while you're there, you might need one from throwing it at the tv… Get ready to buy a new tv too then.
    Great game.

    • +4

      This post has the energy of “hide yo kids, hide your wife” and I approved it haha

      • +6

        Haha yes!! Highly recommend. GAME OF YEAR for me

    • Hahahaha This!

    • +1

      ReturnNow… it's a great name match the game…

  • +2

    Crazy price indeed, enjoy it!

  • +2

    Checked most stores in NSW - only rockhampton has stock.

    For those still trying to find stock, try price matching at EB Games or JB HiFi!

    • +1

      Unlikely as there is no online stock for it. But I’ve seen people showing picture of receipt before and succeeded with pricematch. So yeah go go go!

      • No stock online, indeed but can try showing Rockhampton Store's stock!

        No harm in trying!

    • +2

      Just tried… EB Games and JB HiFi both said they do not price match clearance deals.

      • +1

        unbelievable. It appears that price matching policies vary not only on a store-to-store basis but also depending on the 'helpfulness' of staff members.

        I've previously have even been able to price match an item that was on sale but had just missed it and had expired an hour late but the staff at a particular JB HiFi was able to still honour the discount whereas other staff flat out refused to honour it.

        Some EB Games won't even price match if the subject store is "outside 10 km radius" from where the EB Games is located.

        Mildly infurirating.

    • how did you check? hahah thanks for doing that though :)

    • How do you check stock for an item they don’t sell online?

  • +7

    my favourite game of last year and criminally underrated, this game scratched an itch i didn't know i had. all other third person shooters feel dull and lifeless after this game.

    • +2

      Have you tried Risk of Rain 2? May continue scratching that itch, though I've not played Returnal

  • PS+ soon?

    • +4

      Heard rumour that Sifu will be on PS+ on March. Fingers crossed!

      • +2

        Saw that also, I rekon Returnal is "when" not "if"

      • don't play with my emotions like that!!!! :)

      • That would be big if Sifu was one with it just being released. I can't see that happening but I'd hope to be wrong.

    • +1

      Don't think so, more like the usual target clearance, they got bravely default and Hyrule warriors age of calamity for $10 each a few months ago.

      Anyway, got one copy of this game alongside Ghost recon breakpoint for $5 and star Wars squadrons PS4 for $2 at Target Mt Druitt, they had about 2 returnal's left.

  • Less than a year for it to get nearly $100 cheaper.

    Patient gamers always win out.

    • +5

      Not a very accessible deal. Still $98 on Amazon and more in stores.

  • +4

    Manage to grab the last one in Merrylands Nsw

  • +1

    This game is absolutely a must get!! Even at $80-90, it's worth every cent.

  • +1

    THE best PS5 game you can buy in my opinion, I absolutely loved it.

    • +3

      Only if you like this genre. I bought it based on comments like this, and I didn't like it.

      • i'd never even played this genre and i thought it was dope. then i played Hades and thought that was even more dope.

  • Good find dude, shame it happens when I’m out of the metropolitan area lol.

  • Anyone found in Adelaide?

    • Says no stock anywhere

  • No stock anywhere near Brisbane, come on Amazon price match lol

    • Or you can get it from Rockhampton store in NSW and ask someone to do C&C for you and ship it to your address. AirTasker perhaps?

  • Nothing anywhere lol

    • Well with my updated link to the online price, perhaps you can show it to your local EB and JB (flashing it really quick haha) and hope they don’t see “Clearance” tag and will pricematch it for you? Man can try!

      • 😂 I don't stand a chance, finishing work at 6pm

  • Best PS5 game so far!

  • Only shows Target Rockhampton online

  • Only 2 stores seems to have stock
    Target Waurn Ponds
    Target Rockhampton

  • OOS all of Brisbane

  • Got one at Warrawong for those in Illawarra.

  • Adding this to limited stock games at Target

    PS5 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition

    Only Rockhampton and Mildura appears to have stock.

  • +1

    Trying to platinum Ghost of Tsushima before GT7 comes out. Don’t think I will find the time for this. Still have Nioh collection unopened in original seal too from the Boxing Day sales 😂

    • Loving Ghost of Tsushima, it managed to keep me away from Rocket League for quite a while and thats hard to do haha.

  • 5 minutes from 2:22pm 22/2/22!

    If only it was $22 as well

  • all out in melbourne..

  • I only rang 1 store in SA, honestly didn't feel like wasting an hour lol

  • Don't hate my mildly infuriating post, but I am waiting for SSDs to go down in price as mine is full and not paying $400 for a hard drive.

    Ratchet and Clank is just sitting their with 2K. I will not transfer. Hahaha

    The fact that my PS5 doesn't have capacity for any more games in the first year of ownership is ridiculous

      • Thanks but 2TB. I've already seen 1TB for $206!

    • +3

      It's not a perfect solution, but you can copy PS5 games to an external (USB) hard drive, which are relatively inexpensive and come with huge capacities. You won't be able to play them from there, but it's quicker to copy them from external storage onto the internal SSD than it is to redownload and/or install from disc. Unless you have more than ~8 games on the go at once, it's a viable strategy until SSD expansion prices come down.

      • Thanks I will do this. Cold War COD, Marvel Avenger and NBA are all between 120GB and 230GB. Ridiculous. Sell the ps5 with 600 usable. Lol

  • My copy has been returnaled

  • OOS

  • not rating this game. Very boring. but that’s just me. EB games gave me 70$ credit for this game.

    • +1

      Boring? This game made sweat like I’m playing bloodsouls or tarkov lol.

      • +1

        Like i’ve said. Its just me.

  • got mine for 50 and that was a hige bargain, fantastic game, so much fun!

  • +1

    Quick someone get Amazon to price match

  • +2

    Managed to get a copy in Frankston Bayside. Their system said they had 2 copies, but unable to find the box’s. They gave it to me for $20.01. Thanks for the heads up!

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