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The Good Guys 15% Cashback (8am-11:59pm AEDT, Capped at $75) @ Cashrewards


A nice big cashback increase at The Good Guys kicking off tomorrow morning from 8am until 11:59pm AEDT.

As always please ensure you read the terms below.

During the 16 hour promo, cashback for The Good Guys is capped at $75 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 8am to 11:59pm AEDT 24/02/2022.

Cashback is ineligible on Apple, ASKO, Miele, AEG, Neff, Bertazzoni, FFalcon, La Germania, Loewe, Playstation 5, Playstation 5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series X 1TB, gift card purchases, negotiated deals (phone/email/chat), purchases via The Good Guys Commercial website, concierge, delivery, GST.

Cashback is eligible on redemption of gift cards.

Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • It's interesting that FFAlcon are excluded - I had thought only premium brands were excluded because they had the negotiating power to have retailers sell their goods with low margins. Anyone who works in the retail industry care to clarify? FFAlcon isn't exactly the first brand that comes to mind when you think of who will be excluded from these promotions.

    • +3

      I would say the margins on the FFalcon TVs are already low given how cheap they are and TGG don't want to discount them even further by paying commission.

    • Interestingly, I bought a FFAlcon on the previous Cashrewards not realising it was excluded.. but few minutes later I got cashback email with the right amount.

      • Just wondering, how good FFAlcon is ? I read soo many bad reviews on trust pilot.

        • I've only used it for a month so fingers crossed it'll last me a few years. But quality wise it wasn't so bad for general viewing. Wouldn't buy it for main TV but will be fine for secondary TV.

          What I didn't notice was they only have 12 months warranty whereas Hisense equivalent I believe are 3 years. So in a sense you are rolling a dice and hope not to get a lemon.

          • @John: Yeah, that's what I was wondering. We can still buy on cc to extend the warranty but there should be someone to accept the warranty claims

  • +1

    Wonder if it works for Preorders, looking to get the Bespoke vacuum and it has an additional $100 gift card with purchase 🤔

    • That is a good question? Could you place a pre-order on the Samsung Galaxy S22 and still get 15% cashback?

      • Am also interested in this. Anyone have any experience with pre-orders? It doesn't specifically mention it as being excluded.

        • +2

          I pre ordered the s22 ultra with 5% cash back as this is capped at $75 and I got the cashback approved within 10 mins because the good guys take full payment when pre ordering.

  • I have got concierge $20 voucher. Can I use for this Cashrewards?

  • Looking to buy a good washing machine, hope they don;t jack the prices up.

    • +2

      Cashback increase and not a sitewide sale so you should be good :)

    • +2

      Went through that process last week, ended up with this one for 1200. Rang up and asked for a deal.
      Good guys had no stock of any model I wanted for immediate pickup. And I was pretty flexible.


      • U bought it? Do you recommend it?

        • +1

          Yeah had Miele and Bosch before but prefer this. The Bosch one lasted 8 years but we gave it a hammering. Problem is the Bosch cycles are long and get longer. Also it doesn't use enough water so doesn't always wash properly.

          Things have changed and LG is the second most reliable in the US. Whirlpool is number one but we don't get their models here.

          It does shake a bit because of the large drum size, if you are concrete it won't matter. As we were on Wood I bought some damper feet on Amazon. Pretty good now and can control cycles from the phone app.

  • +2

    A shame apple is not included I would’ve bought a iPhone here

    • +1

      You just saved yourself a fortune! Badum tssh

  • +4

    Just a reminder that you can only redeem a max 2 gift cards online per transaction

  • +5

    Does this stack with latitude pay offer?

    • +3

      Yeah it will.

  • https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/hisense-85-inches-a7g-4k-uhd-...

    Wanted to buy this TV for a while now, cheapest I have seen is $1800, if they only had this at $1800 I would go for it.

  • I notice quite a few items their advertised prices end tonight so may see some jacking

  • Speaking of Good Guys Commercial site,
    Can anyone with access tell me the price of this Fisher Paykel fridge:
    Would like to see what the wiggle room is.

    • +1


      • Thank you.
        And thanks Gazza too.

      • Can you please check the price of the Samsung bespoke vacuum? Thank you

    • JBCommercial

      $2,774.76 + $55 Delivery

      • thanks!

  • Can anyone tell whats the commercial price for the dyson pure hot and cold fan please?

    • HP00 683, Hp09 1073 - are the ones available

      • is the idea that TGG + other retailers will only negotiate down to the commercial price for retail customers?

  • Hmmm, was waitng for another eBay 20% deal to happen but this is the next best thing

    A few items in mind, have noted prices now and will check to see if they do indeed go up at 8am but thinking they more than likely won't

  • Any idea if promo code from student beans is eligible for this offer? Can’t find the ‘promo codes not listed by CR list’ that lists the ineligible promo codes.

  • +1

    TGG already jacked the price. I was looking for Google Nest Protect and it was $179 yesterday night and now $189. In OW and Bing Lee, it is always $168. No use on this cashback.

  • +1

    I was going to buy a coffee machine and it was listed at $699 yesterday. $749 today.

    • +1


    • Rigged!

  • +1

    Switch OLED (if eligible) comes to $465.50 cashbacked.

  • Hisense 75A7G $1495 before cashback. Videopro $1350. Plus delivery both cases.

  • Any suggestions on a decent vacuum cleaner using this? Been waiting on a sale but none to be found 😔

  • +4

    So $550 is the sweet spot here?

    $550 less GST = $500
    $500 x 15% = $75 cashback.

  • +4

    Thanks OP - my daughter has been wanting the Switch OLED. $539 - $20 (Latitude Pay) - $73.50 cashback = $446 :)

    • +1

      Has it tracked already? Tempted to get a second Switch and this just might push me over the edge.

      • +1

        It sure has!

  • Thanks. Was looking at the LG Neochef for a while. THis makes it ok at ~$250 after cashback

    • There's a full glass faced 42L black model on Myer I just bought last week.
      Was $245 and went down to $220ish after cashback and gift cards.
      Just had a look and the promo seems to have ended :(

      • Thanks for info

  • Ahh bugger it. I bought a dishwasher 2 days ago

  • im thinking of the Bissell Pro Heat 2 x Revolution Pet

    Do you think its worth?

    • Is what worth it specifically? The Bissell itself, or this particular deal?

      • the deal,

        • Well with the deal, is it cheaper than any other deal on the market? If yes, then buy it, if not, then don't buy it.

  • Are we expecting a 10%-15% off code later in the day like previous months in line with concierge codes being released?

  • So Nintendo Switch is eligible, and e-card (like Suncorp) are too! - des this sound too good to be true?

  • +1

    When attempting to activate the purchase through the browser, my Cashrewards extension does not show the tick to confirm the offer has been activated. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • +1

      Hi Angel80,
      The Good Guys have opted out of all cashback notifiers, so you are correct… it won't show after you click Shop Now from a browser, however the click is still recorded - just don't click away to other sites or tabs until you've completed the purchase.
      If this concerns you, please purchase via the Cashrewards mobile app.
      Enjoy your day!

      • Are Preorders / products that have bonus gift card on purchase eligible?

      • Does anyone know if cashback works after TGG price beat discount? Seems TGG has that function when I try to buy the washmachine.

      • -1

        Hey Minita, do u know if cashback would work if we use TGG gift cards?

        • -2

          Don't u know how to read bold print in OP post ?

  • Does anyone know if cashback works after TGG price beat discount? Seems TGG has that function when I try to buy the washmachine.

    • I intend to know this as well!

    • +2

      I reckon it counts as "negotiated deals (phone/email/chat)," so probably no.

  • Can anyone recommend a good dishwasher pls

  • is Nintendo Switch eligible ? it hasn't listed under exception along with other gaming console hence checking..

  • Where is the best place to get discounted giftcards for TGG?

    • -1

      Dunno about the best place but don't go using them with cashback as it would void.

      • It says in the description above "Cashback is eligible on redemption of gift cards."

        • -1

          Oh I am so blind. My brain is reading it as ineligible. Don't mind me.

    • I got mine through NIB Rewards, 5% off 2x $500 (can only use two cards per order it said), then 1% less on credit card payment so 4% off.


    • Suncorp Rewards

  • How soon after you order will Cash Rewards show the cashback amount ?

    Ordered this morning, Cash Rewards click history shows Good Guys at 8:55am but no notification yet from Cash Rewards regarding the purchase or the amount of cashback

  • This should apply to Samsung Watch4?

    After returning my Huawei due to limited phone integration I'd like to give the W4 a crack.

    • Why would you crack a new one ?

      • You crack me up.

        • :D

    • @scottb721

      Yeah that's what I purchased this morning :)

    • Seems I'll pass. Reviews show its tied a bit to Samsung apps so not much better than the Huawei.
      Seems I'll have to stick with my OG Huawei and LG W7 a while longer.

  • +1

    I was tempted by Miele and ASKO Washing machines but had my eye on a Bosch for a good price, plus the cashback works with Bosch.

    Order Summary Qty Cost
    Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer 1 $1199.00
    Premium Delivery to postcode 3030 $74.00
    Price Beat Discount −$20.00
    Gift Card: ………..3670 −$500.00
    Gift Card: ………..3530 −$500.00

    So all up saved about $40 on the GCs and $75 on CR if it tracks, plus $20 price beat so $135 off is about 10% discount so I'm happy.

    • The Good Guys may classify pricebeat as a negotiated deal, so I’d be surprised if it tracks. But pease do let us know. Tracking is fairly close to real time. Thanks.

      • Does it automatically apply a pricebeat at checkout so it's impossible to buy without the pricebeat? So if they reject cashback for that, that's pretty dodgy.

        FWIW I bought something and it took off $10 for pricebeat and then it still tracked in CR.

        Now I just need to wait 3 MONTHS to find out if it worked or not…..

        • Hi. I’m honestly not sure how the pricebeat works, and I wasn’t even aware it existed until reading the comments here. However, coz it tracked in your case, you should be fine. Cheers.

  • So weirdly GG had two orders with same order number for my purchase, one was $0 value and the other the proper price

    Wondering if this is why CR may not have tracked as technically the first order never had any items in it

    Anyone else have same thing happen yesterday during the promo period ?

    Hoping just an ordering glitch and CR will still honour the purchase

  • Does the tracking usually happen straight away or within a day? I made a purchase but does not show tracked on my Cash Rewards yet. I haven't picked up the item yet, but that should track before the item's been picked up?

    • Its the same day usually
      I got my tracking email within an hour of purchase

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