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Kayo Basic $15/Month for 12 Months for Telstra Customers (Was $25/Month) @ Telstra


Reposting this original.

Pretty self explanatory. Also could work with boost mobile, as I have had the $5 Kayo basic Telstra deal through boost for nearly 12 months

Roll onto standard fees (currently $25/mth for Kayo Basic) after 12 months. Redeem by 31 May 2022. Must sign up via Telstra.

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    What does basic Kayo have

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      Everything. kayo basic has 2 streams at once, kayo premium has 3 at once.

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    Boo my 12 month $20 off per month is due to run out next billing cycle, just before Bahrain!

    Seems I already have this offer queued to take over, but $5 a month for F1 access was ok, $15 a month for F1 access not so sure.

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      agree on this, i'm in a similar boat. Will look to share my account with someone else when the $5 offer is over.

    • Get into more sports :). I started getting into nba and nfl a bit to keep my sport intake up. Still shits all over buying Foxtel sports even though it’s the exact same thing. Split the bill with 2 mates and you only pay $100 each a year. I read their agreement…. It seems like it’s allowable. They don’t seem to say anything against it. I may have missed that but couldn’t see them explicitly saying it’s not allowed and heard plenty do it without issue.

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        Deals should suit you, dont change the way you live to suit the deals!

        • Of course. Just an idea to get more value out of the sub if you aren't sure whether to keep it. I was in a similar boat as I mainly watch NRL which is seasonal and MMA/UFC which I watch a bit less these days. Adding NBA/NFL to the mix made the sub something worthwhile for me all year round.

      • Everyone shares streaming services, that's normal, isn't it? I'd never bother with most of them if I had to pay full price.

        • I mean outside of the same premises. My services get pillaged by my family at home so I don't need to share mine with mates. But I assume if they start seeing 3 different IP's coming from different regions streaming at the same time, they may flag that… or maybe companies don't care anymore? I remember a few years ago I got a warning from some streaming service because I shared it with a friend. They just warned me to stop it or they would cancel.

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            @snagseb: I meant outside the premises also, I share all my streaming services with different friends and family, mostly in other states (other homes), it's not an issue, none of them stop you, even though they could.

            • @SimAus007: I guess they changed their stance. That's great to hear! I'll keep that in mind for future deals.

    • Mine was also due to roll off soon but then they automatically extended it for another 12 months.

      • I read it wrong. I have been automatically rolled to this plan :(

  • Title sounds like the deal is $10 off $15!

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      I thought the same, might have got it for $5, not sure it's worth $15 to me.

  • What's the $5 boost deal? Is it still available?

    • The $5 deal was for those that were subscribe to Telstra afl deal whereas you get free afl streaming if you’re a Telstra’s customer. Telstra got rid of the afl streaming and gave their customer the $5 deal for kayo for 12 months.

      I’m also on the $15/m starting this month as well. Will cancel it once the afl season is over. Never use it outside of afl.

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        Cheers, just cancelled Foxtel after 15 years. Need something to watch NRL, can't stand 9 commentary team.

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          I never understood people saying this until I got kayo, 100% agree now

        • That's what i call passion

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          Forgot about that aswell, kind of lost interest in the MotoGP but was good to see Miller get a win but this was the first season I watched every F1 race and loved it

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    My account states 12 month Telstra offer from 31/5 pending. Will it automatically transfer to above deal?

    • It should do, my subscription ending this month from that offer did.

    • I just checked mine and it's the same. Nice of it to automatically roll over without having to apply for the $15/month vs the $25/month.

      Still wish it was the $5 though but hey?

  • Existing user of this deal for $5/month.. thinking of churning over to Boost. Do you think if I wait until after the subscription renews in Mid-March, that I'll still be able to use this deal for the full 12 months?

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      Yep. Kayo is unlikely to know you have left Telstra.

      • Kayo charge via Telstra billing

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          Not for me they don't. Mine goes through Streamotion.

          • @Luo18740: Strange, I received an email when I left Telstra saying that their payment method was no longer accessible. I’m looking at Telstra bills where I’ve paid for Kayo for the past 7 months as part of the monthly bill.

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      I bought a $2 Telstra sim last time this deal was offered, and despite me never using the sim I'm still paying $15 monthly. So I reckon you'll be right.

      • How did you get the offer without being on a Telstra plan?

        • All you need for the offer is a telstra id and a valid service - prepaid sims count as a valid service even if you're buying the sim without a recharge credit.

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            @XabiFernando: So if you activate a sim, don't you need to select a plan in the process?

            • @jv: I am interested to know this as well before popping out for a SIM.

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                before popping out for a SIM.


                • @jv: Nope. Just interested on method of activating SIM without buying a plan and in turn for an account to be created on Telstra and Kayo deal to show.

                • @jv: "Popping a SIM in" would be a euphemism.

            • @jv: Nope. Don't remember exactly what I did, but definitely didn't pay more than $2

  • Can I get this if I’m not a Telstra customer (eg. is there a way they can give me access to the deal).

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      Buy a $2 sim card, set it up, deal unlocked

      • -1

        Any discounts currently on $2 sim cards ?

      • I feel stupid for having asked, thanks mate.

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          Np. Thats what i did when the deal popped up a year ago. They even extended it another year even tho my sim expired

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          You can't change numbers on the account though, will have to create a new one

      • This works, instantly unlocked for me.
        Thanks for the suggestion!

        Did someone say it has F1?

    • use code TLSNLPY2

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        Thanks for the effort, but it asks you to sign into a valid Telstra account. I've since bought a $2 sim.

        • Were you able to sign up with the $2 sim?

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            @Rodo: It's being sent to me. You need your account or phone number to attain a Telstra account. I can let you know when I get it working if you want?

            • @kiriakoz: That would be great thanks. Just tried getting the Kayo deal using a month to month Boost plan that I signed up to recently but that did not work.

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                @Rodo: This worked. Took a few days to get sim, took a few hours to register the sim etc. didn’t need to sign up to the service.

                • @kiriakoz: Thanks for letting me know. So did you activate it as a pre-paid service and select without recharging? I am just trying to activate it now.

                    • @Borg: Thanks. It's all working now and I've just signed up to Kayo. Had to wait about 50 minutes after I had activated the sim until the service appeared in my Telstra account and then after that I could sign up to the Kayo deal.

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                        @Rodo: Good to know and also that you noted the delay before code showing up (as a reminder)

            • @kiriakoz: Interested to see if getting a $2 sim card without any additional telstra services will work on this deal.

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                @Lynchy09: It works. Just did this over the weekend.

              • @Lynchy09: Can you register a $2 sim without paying for a plan?

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                  @jv: Don’t need to sign up to the service, just registered the sim and it worked. Only need to grapple with the fact that I’m financing the Murdoch empire.

                  • +1


                    Only need to grapple with the fact that I’m financing the Murdoch empire.

                    But less than you might have otherwise…

                  • @kiriakoz: Does it ask for ID like driver license, passport, etc to activate sim? Was just going to put BS details on the $2 sim from Telstra order

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    Another option for non-telstra users is to subscribe to herald sun or a news limited newspaper for initial period at $1 per week and get 12 months Kayo for $200 ($30 more) but you don't need a Telstra service.

    note: you have to talk to a person to stop subscription

    • +2

      subscribe to herald sun or a(nother) news limited newspaper.

      That is not a real option. Rupert's not getting even $1 from me.

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    Not with telstra - sign up with kayo code TLSNLPY2

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      Didn't work, said code is exclusive to telstra and asks you to sign into your telstra account

    • +1

      Worked for me after I couldn't get it to redeem via Telstra, thanks!

    • The voucher works when I enter it, but when checking out, a popup appears stating:

      Welcome back JV!
      This offer is only available to eligible Telstra customers with an active Telstra account. Sign in to your Telstra account to claim your offer.

      • Proud of your reading ability there JV. Adding a copy and paste to your game, is next level. A+ young fella.

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    Thanks for this!! Bring on MotoGP!

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    I got this offer just as they lost a chuck of motorsports to Stan Sports (Indycar, FormulaE & WRC)

    • Kayo doesn't have WRC anymore? Any deals going for Stan sport?

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      Wow really? What a bum deal having those split. This is getting ridiculous

  • Thanks op

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