Kayo Basic $15/Month, Kayo Premium $25/Month for 12 Months (Telstra/Boost Customers Only Including Pre-Paid) @ My Telstra


10$ off your Kayo plan, if subscribing through My Telstra.

Get Kayo Basic for $15/mth for 12 months. Watch 2 Screens at once

or Get Kayo Premium for $25/mth for 12 months. Watch 3 Screens at once

For Telstra consumer customers. Redeem by 31 May 2021. Roll onto standard fees after 12 months.

Save $10/mth on Kayo Basic for 12 months. Must sign up through Telstra. It's not a contract, it's only a limited term discount after which it goes back to the standard price, you can only redeem it once per Telstra account.

All details on the link: Sign up through My Telstra.

Signed up via Telstra, paid via the Phone bill, Can also pay separately.


Things you need to know
Kayo: Offer available to Telstra consumer customers. Redeem by 31 May 2021.​ Must sign up through http://hub.Telstra.com.au/kayo or on Telstra TV. Kayo Basic or Kayo Premium monthly fees (currently $25/mth or $35/mth) apply after offer period unless you change or cancel. One redemption per customer account. If you cancel, you cannot restart the offer. Not available in conjunction with any other Kayo offers. Not compatible with third party billing platforms. Telstra billing not available for existing Kayo subscribers on another payment method.​

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    • Thanks Steptoe - didn't know about this, and I have no idea how I was eligible, but I was!
      I am on Boost - I turned off Wifi on my phone and accessed it via your link - no authentication needed.

  • Appears I can sign up using my boost mobile

  • Can confirm I extended my existing $15 month Telstra discount for another year using this. After starting this subscription I just cancelled the other discounted subscription..it now applied two subscriptions and after confirming the new one just cancelled the original.


    • How much was left from the previous one? So after doing this, your total discounted months have increased more than 12 months? Just wanted to confirm before I jump on to this. Cheers.

      • I still had six months remaining on the original but now I have todays date as the start and expiry in a year's time. I'm on Telstra mobile though.

    • You should have waited as it can be redeemed by May 31. You would have had the deal even longer.

  • Not working for me. I get a error saying I used a similar offer in the past and not eligible for this one. This is definitely not the case. On Boost.

  • I found this out the other day. Mine came to $5/month for 12 months with boost, would have taken it up too if I didn't already have access.

  • would also check if you were on that afl pass because you can get 1 year for $60

  • On boost mobile, accessed via AFL app, offer is $5/mth for 12months for Kayo basic.

    Even though AFL pass was free last year, this was a no brainer. Still got access to everything else (e.g. el clasico last week)

    • Were you signed up to anything beforehand? I'm on Telstra but through the AFL app it shows $15pm. Surely it's not $10 cheaper for Boost…

      • The $5 deal was for customers who had signed up to the free AFL or NRL passes. These passes are no longer available and the $5 kayo offer is meant to replace that.

        • haha damn. Yeh I signed up via AFLPass (Kayo is the new AFL pass) a few weeks ago when the season started.

          Yes Boost Mobile users get access to it. I did all of last year (free) and still do this year (via Kayo $5/mth this year).

  • I have a Telstra phone from work, and so won't be able to access this (or the other $5 offer) for Kayo; since I don't pay the bill, and nor do I have any Telstra login access.
    Given that, can I just buy the cheapest prepaid SIM card from Boost or Telstra, to activate this offer? If so, would I need to have this SIM active for the 12 months that I will use this discounted Kayo offer for?

    • I also have a work phone with Telstra and used the work phone number to access the AFL Live Pass offer. You can choose not to have the monthly charge added to your phone bill, but have it taken from a credit card instead…

      • @ozzieozzieozzie I downloaded AFL Live app after turning off wifi, and clicked on the above Kayo link. It took me to the Kayo page, but said that I didn't have any offers available. Damn!

    • I have other Telstra services but can confirm a $2 sim activate but never recharged under prepaid mobile broadband shows this offer ($15).

    • Try using this method (credit to JV):

      Delete the Kayo app from your phone.
      Turn off wifi.
      Click on the link in this post.
      Select the option to take up the offer using your phone instead of your Telstra ID.

      The dude below had a business Telstra sim - was able to put his own credit card details in (so his work isn't charged for Kayo)
      Credit : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/601846#comment-10111245

      • @Shoe Junkie I read that other post, and tried those steps; unfortunately, it didn't work for me.
        Thanks though!

  • I am going to get a Pre-paid Telstra card just for this deal.

    • Can confirm this works. Just bought a $2 Telstra SIM starter kit, activated (selected 'Another Device' instead of 'Mobile' - not sure that makes any difference) and skipped the recharge when prompted. After creating TelstraID login details, was able to activate Kayo deal (even using an old account that I had probably used previous deals on). Thanks OP, been waiting ages for a decent deal!

      Only thing that concerns me is how long will my Telstra SIM remain active if i don't recharge it?

  • So what's stopping anyone buying $2 sim cards for new phone numbers and constantly using the free month? Would you need new debit/credit cards aswell?

  • I used TLSLP20 and got it for $5 a month

  • I have a 12mth boost mobile prepaid sim but when go into Telstrahub it says that "Sorry There is no offers associated with your Telstra id". Any ideas how can fix this to make me eligible, as it appears others from post have been able to sign up?