Kayo Basic $5/Month for 12 Months (AFL and NRL Live Pass Customers) @ Telstra


Get Kayo Basic for $5/mth for 12mths.
Exclusive to eligible Telstra AFL and NRL Live Pass customers. Roll onto standard fees after 12mths. Must sign up via Telstra by 31 May 2021.

Kayo Basic monthly fees (currently $25/mth) apply after offer period unless you change or cancel.
One redemption per eligible service.
If you cancel, you cannot restart the offer.
Not available in conjunction with other offers
Not compatible with third party billing platforms.
Cancelling? Make sure it’s at least 24 hours before the end of your offer period
Telstra billing not available for existing Kayo subscribers on another payment method.

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  • not a bad deal

  • Worked on my existing account and looks like I can get it twice for 2 services too..

    Great deal OP!

  • Can existing Kayo/Telstra customers use this?

    New comment above says YES!

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    My said: Add on Kayo Basic for $15/mth for 12 months :-(

    • Same here :'(

      • +1 vote

        You need to be existing AFL or NRL Live Pass customer to be eligible for the $5 deal. Telstra customers who do not have AFL/NRL Pass will be eligible for $15/mth deal.

        • I'm guessing this promo is due to the decommisioning of Live Pass. Doesn't look like there will be a chance to jump in if you are not already a customer.

          • @tradewind: When did they do this?! If I had known they were doing this, I would have signed up.. Since I just got rid of foxtel not long back since the nrl season is over.. And now it's about to start again and I won't be able to watch unless it's at a premium price or a game televised on free to air

        • Not really fair…

          • @lukethefish: it seems extremely fair. $5 rate for those who were already relying on NRL/AFL apps to watch the games and those who never used the service gets $10 off every month for 12 months.

        • I have an AFL Live Pass through my business phone. I tried to access this deal and I get the "no accounts found" message under my username. I cannot add my mobile number to my account as I am not the account owner. How do you get access to this deal when you have access to the old AFL Live but you not the owner of the account?

    • $15 for me also (existing Telstra NBN client)

    • The voucher code is TLSLP20. It says you have to sign up via Telstra billing, but I don’t know if that’s enforced - it certainly accepts the voucher and discounts the product $20 when putting it in.

      • It looks like this is still working, go to Kay Sports, click on "Got a voucher?", enter the code TLSLP20 as above, submit and you get the $5 / month offer. It may work until 31st of May by other indications I've seen (but that might be just the $15 / month offer), I believe the original offer was meant to end this month.

        I had a prepaid number that offered $5 per month, but a more recently ported number (to Telstra) only offered $15 per month. I thought perhaps swapping the newest SIM in to the other mobile might give me the $5 per month on that one, but it wouldn't do so.

        Now, I didn't go through the entire setup with the method above to get the $5 per month offer, but it does look like it would work, so if anyone does this, please reply and let us know.

        Exclusive to eligible Telstra AFL and NRL Live Pass customers. Must sign up via Telstra. Roll onto standard fees after 12mths. Redeem by 31 May 2021

        • I tried to set up a second account with the code and it looked all good until the account verification stage where it threw up a pop up that said that you need a valid Telstra account to reedeem this offer and I would need to sign in through my Telstra login.

          I haven't tried to apply the code to an existing account though. Didn't want to finish setting up the burner with CC details just to test that.

  • if I get a prepaid Sim and not recharge it for 12 months would this still work? TIA

    • Believe it's only for post-paid plans

      EDIT: a Telstra consumer mobile broadband plan with a tablet, or a pre-paid service when they maintain a +$30 recharge.

      • thank you for the information appreciate it

      • Nah pre paid works

        I only have prepaid with Telstra I did have NRL livepass activated last year.

        I also had an active kayo subscription
        Was able to log in to Telstra and click through to kayo for the $5 deal

        • Got as far as Kayo but stated this offer is not for me as I’m an existing StreamMotion customer.

    • For the last one of these I signed up for a very small data only sim , had to do a fair bit of stuffing about with applications and stuff but it eventually came good, paid about $15 for the sim I think then cancelled it as soon as I had the signup done - and they sent me a refund cheque for %12 - like a real paper cheque !

  • if i'm already on the $15 per month, what happens if i sign up to this? does it just extend 12 months?

    • I'm in this situation. Just tried a couple times and keep getting an error page.

      • EDIT: it does update your account to the new rate

        • Did you have to do anything special to get this? On the Telstra page it says I am eligible but when I click through to Kayo it has the $15/ mo.

          • @cykezero: Just keep clicking through and you'll get to the page where it says you can update your cost to be the lower fee

            • @Da dpG: I did, but it just shows me the $25/ $15 deal (I'm currently on the $25 premium deal).
              Annoying cause the Telstra page says I am eligible but Kayo does not seem to think so!
              Is the premium deal $15 under this offer or still $25?

    • As per all other previous offers (eg Beteasy or Toyota) this will replace your existing discount and start the new deal. So no stacking - just substitution.

      My $15/mth expires in July. So I will be subscribing to this new offer just before the cut-off of 31/05/2021 to get another 12 months (to May 2022).

  • anyone know if I get live pass (I'm eligible & had previously) is that enough to be eligible for this offer? I'm only seeing kayo for $15 pm offer

  • Worked on my existing $15/mth Telstra deal and thought it down to $5/mth , thanks op!

    • Did you have to cancel first to see the offer?

    • Same here
      Didn't have to actively cancel anything. Just clicked link on the post and logged in. Told me I was eligible and applied the deal
      Thanks OP

      • Yeah damn, I'm on the existing $15 month deal and the offer is $15 a month still.. Are you afl/nrl live customers.. Wondering if I should sign into those apps.. So close, yet so far..

        • I just tried. AFL Live Pass is decommisioned :(

          • @tradewind: Yeah just reading below from irishness there was a usage and cutoff period.. I'm on Boost too to complicate things, just telstra internet. Makes sense, ah well, least the 15 month thing is still there as an offer before 31st May, sign up to that again for another 10 off 12 months. Take me through NRL, AFL, F1 and MotoGP 2021 seasons for a decent price, not this great price, but decent..

  • Telstra billing or Kayo billing? I have a Kayo Giftcard to use.

    • I just applied to mine. I'm on Boost 12 mnth prepaid, no other Telstra plans. Got the $5/m deal and still had $95 worth of unused gift card.
      I'll take it!

      • How did you get it to work? I am Boost too but Telstra page says no offers even when logging into Telstra automatically from 4G connection. Did you previously have a live pass - I think that maybe it does not work because I never have had one.

      • Can confirm, i just activated the $5 offer with my boost 12 month sim.

        I did an AFL pass activated earlier.

        The offer was accessed via the AFL app.

  • Does anyone know if I can use a Telstra Business mobile service to access this deal?

    • EDIT:
      Not sure maybe try call them? I would assume so

    • Wondering the same
      Have afl pass via work mobile..but works when I use my personal phone as my account has a linked Telstra service
      Want to sign up but don’t want to add $5 to work bill per month, would prefer separate billing

    • Worked for me. Clicked the link on my mobile with wi-fi off.

      EDIT: scratch that, didn't work!

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      Started with the AFL app, had to upgrade. Opened the AFL app, go the message that it was discontinued and sent me to the Kayo deal.

      Had to turn off WiFi to login as my mobile, got texted a code to confirm it was me, but then when I try to activate the offer I get:

      "Sorry - Looks like something went wrong on our end!"

      @original15 I suspect that the billing will land on the corporate bill - the offer noted that accepting this may lead to charges on the mobile bill.

    • Didn't work for me. I was even prepared to add the $5 p/m to the employer plan and went all the way through to entering the test security code but it didnt work.

    • Try using this method (credit to JV):

      Delete the Kayo app from your phone.
      Turn off wifi.
      Click on the link in this post.
      Select the option to take up the offer using your phone instead of your Telstra ID.

      I have a business Telstra sim - was able to put my own credit card details in (so my work isnt charged for Kayo)

      • You are a god damn rockstar.

        Deleting the Kayo app was the secret sauce. All signed up with a credit card now.

        Appreciate the late reply - this has been on my to-do list to get sorted before the deal expired.

      • Didn’t work for me “Promo not available for this product” on Kayo page after getting Telstra 6-digit code 😡

  • How much is the AFL/NRL live pass?

  • hmmmm will this still work if I am on Boost? With boost it still let us access the AFL pass for free, now they are dropping that and replacing it with kayo…. wonder if I can get this deal?

    • I'm a Boost customer and it's popped up in my offers page - might work

      • Where did you find the offer in your boost account?

        • Need a Telstra ID connected to your Boost account and then it comes up on the Telstra ID website. If you previously had AFL/NRL pass you already have one set up.

          Edit: Also will pop up in the AFL app if you've already used Live Pass before.

          • @BradH13: Do you know how to link the boost account with Telstra ID?

            • @lukethefish: I did it with the AFL app when Live Pass existed last year. Not sure how else. I think it was never 'official' functionality. Just something that worked.

              I think I used my Telstra ID to use my Boost mobile number to make phone calls via my Google Nest too. Maybe that's something to look into if you have a Google Nest/Home. Might link it up.

              Before that though, I'd just try opening the AFL app and seeing if the offer pops up. It did on mine even after I signed up via Telstra Offer page first.

              • @BradH13: Thanks I'll try downloading the AFL app and see if I can get anywhere with it.

                Edit - does not seem to work - not sure why. I clicked through the app as if I was a Telstra customer, then it asked me to turn WiFi off to verify my phone number - which Telstra recognised but the page said there were no offers.

                Maybe it does not work because I never used the AFL thing before.

    • Yes, it works on Boost. I just done it. It errored the first time on the Kayo screen, but tried again and it came up as $5 a month and let me sign up and it's taken $5 out of my account.

    • I'm on boost, I opened the AFL app and got prompted to sign up to kayo for $5/month in place of my live pass.

    • I'm struggling to get it working 😑
      On the boost 12 month plan, have used live pass for the last 2 seasons. The offer shows up for me saying my number is eligible, however then says "A One-Time PIN has been sent to the Telstra account owner 61********** for approval. Please enter the pin to continue with redemption. Please note redeeming the offer may result in charges to your Telstra bill."

      Unfortunately that is not my phone number 🤔🤦‍♂️
      When I make a new Telstra account I can't link my boost as its already linked to that unknown number? Weird stuff. Don't get the option to login by mobile either

      • Mines the same. It's linked to come random number.

        • Yea 😑 Wonder if it's worth it to follow up.. I'm guessing not, as I'm not a Telstra customer. Too bad because I'd really like to use this offer!

    • Can confirm that this works for me with Boost. I always had the AFL/NRL pass that continued to work when I switched from Telstra to Boost. I am assuming that it is because Boost is owned by Telstra and when I pay for my Boost contract it actually goes through Telstra payment. I also get Telstra Plus points added to my old Telstra account when paying for the Boost contract and used them to get free junk.

  • From that page, looks like they're retiring the current Telstra AFL/NRL Live pass freebie from the past couple of years from today.

  • $5/Months makes no sense

  • What happens if you port out from Telstra? Do you just lose access to the offer?

    • I took up a the free 6 month Binge offer a couple months ago using my Telstra phone number. Ported out a week or 2 after signing up and login is still going.
      I just made sure I added a credit card for payment instead of using Telstra account.

      Edit. I gather Kayo would be the same

      • Awesome, thank you for the response

        • Add to this as well, once you activate the deal on your Kayo account you can port out of Telstra after without an issue. The discount promo code stays on your Kayo account for the 12 months.

  • when does the deal end, 31 May or 31 March? OP post

  • Good deal. I rarely used the AFL live pass and normally pay for Kayo in-season so I can watch it on TV, so this is works out better for me. (I could never seem to get the $15/month offer to work).

  • Can I get this if my work phone is through Telstra. I have been able to get Live Pass in the past.

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    after the abomination murdoch upped his war on australia after Trump was moved on I won't be paying jack shit.

    • I get it and I'm with you, but Kayo is the only newscorpse thing I will pay for. As hard as it will be, I'm not going to register for NRL Supercoach this year for the first time in forever, simply because murdoch runs it.