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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch OLED White or Neon $464.07 Delivered @ BIG W eBay


Seems like a good price for the Nintendo Switch OLED.

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    Add a cheap item to bring the total over $500 and use coupon SNSAVE2 to take $50 off instead

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      $1 picture book

    • Only get $10 off with the code, cart total 503. after coupon is 493..

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        The $1 item has to be eligible for the code as well. I bought this ("5 magnets"): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/153441625966

        Brings the Switch OLED down to $450 using SNSAVE2 as FireRunner shared. :)

        • Thought so, the usb cable i selected was not eligible. thanks… now time to clean the fridge to use the magnets…

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          Thanks @the shadow. They have upped the price of the 5x magnets to $1.99, found these from the same store for $1, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/153441628313.

    • And if you have a Suncorp account (or one of the many affiliates, e.g. AAMI), you can use a 3% discounted GC for $436.50

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      The real deal is always in the comments

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    Dammit, I used the 5% off coupon today and thought I was doing well 😄

    Oh well, still a pretty good deal

  • Other than the screen, any other difference between this and the standard switch?

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      Enhanced audio and better kickstand..the screen is very nice compared to the standard.

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      Also rear LAN port instead of USB for the dock, which I don't actually care for. And everything about the OLED just seems more premium than the regular one if that matters.

    • Twice as much internal storage (64GB instead of 32GB)

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    Hold out for the pro model..couldn't resist the troll..this is a decent price for the OLED.

  • Does the original switch with boot rom exploit still sell for a good price second hand?
    Thinking of selling it and getting this OLED one…

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      It would sell for decent money, maybe not for the full OLED price (unless new and boxed)..there were millions of the unpatched produced, I still have 2 unopened that I'm thinking of selling.

      • Yeah I recently sold my Switch Oled second hand for $450…glad I did now..lol

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      Yes, I recently sold mine for $400 on Facebook Marketplace. Took a couple of days, but worked out in the end. I've seen folks selling just the tablet with a low S/N for $350+ on eBay.

  • Mine shows shipping of $7.95?

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      Free delivery only if you have ebay plus

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    Thanks OP and forerunner, paid 453 with SNSAVE2.

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    Cant use SNSAVE2… This code has expired.

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      :( waited too long hiyah

  • I grabbed one of these as an upgrade to my OG Switch. Arrived the day after ordering it!
    Thanks for the post!

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