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$50 Cracka Voucher Code Plus 5 Other Discount Codes (Worth $200)

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iSubscribe has deactivated all the free voucher !!!
Well done Iunsuscribe…..

Hi All,

I am back again, this time I Crack the code with an easier method to get $50 Cracka voucher code.

First go to this http://www.isubscribe.com.au/title_info.cfm?prodid=32179 or
http://www.isubscribe.com.au/Rail-Plus-Great-Train-Journeys-… or
http://www.isubscribe.com.au/Sundowners-Trans-Siberian-Railw… or
Buy that brochure (will cost you $0), register with isubscribe then you will get cracka voucher code on your email (plus 5 other discount code which I found useless for me).

Then you go to cracka.com.au ,
Enjoy your wine…

Please do not abuse the system!
, only 1 voucher per household.
They ought to make money and this company has been good in honouring/accepting the vouchers from us.


Keep the voucher code if they jack the price up, you could use it until June 30 2012. I found that the price is vary depending on demand.

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  • +1

    Ummm… wait, what? Colour me nervous.

  • +4

    ..I have no idea wtf is going in here

    • +17

      The OP has done a poor job at explaining what the deal is…

      1. Go to http://www.isubscribe.com.au/title_info.cfm?prodid=32179 and "buy" the booklet
      2. After you buy the booklet, you will be emailed a bunch of vouchers, one of which is to Cracka Wines.
      3. Go to http://www.crackawines.com.au/ and buy some wine
      4. Use your voucher from the email to get $50 off your order of wine.
      5. ???
      6. Profit!
      • +1

        Thanks buddy…;-)

        • +1

          You can edit your instructions in your main post to make it more clear. I don't mind if you use mine (or something similar) to explain the deal better.

        • .

        • I think using "buy" the booklet pretty clearly means it is FREE!
          It is a term for free in common use.
          The OPs instructions were far from clear as to what we were subscribing to in that free purchase. Was surprised to find QR info.

        • +2

          @brucefromaustralia :"Buy that brochure (will cost you $0)" sounds more clear to me!

          Anyway, as i said before, i appreciate Lycan's efforts so please let's not flame on this :)

  • this feels dodgy

    • +5

      it does…

      p.s. i went through the checkout and it accepted the code
      1 case of NV Henley Hill VIbes Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc (an example) = $58.80 AUD
      Delivery (postcode: xxxx) $5.00 AUD
      Happy Mother's Day! (Code: KxxxxxZ) -$50.00 AUD


      $13.80 AUD

      • +4

        Dear lord that is cheaper than goon!

    • +8

      The dodgy move is cracka doing a jacka on their prices.

    • They are monitoring it - raising prices and posting suggestions in this very thread! ;-)

  • -1

    Haven't got my first order.

    • when did you place it?

    • why?

      • +1

        Because its Sauvignon Blanc they're buying. Who in their right mind drinks that stuff? ;)

        • hehe we're getting flooded with it coz the Kiwis have stopped buying it :)

  • worked for me

      • +7


  • +1

    Where do I put in the code when I buy the wine? It's asking me to put in my credit card number but I don't want to put it in until I see the final price.

    • +2

      in the small checkout window under the zip code box you should have the option(try paypal checkout)

      • I noticed it after I registered an account, I don't know if it was there or not before, might be some weird Javascript error.

  • uugh now the website's cracking up [atleast for me]

    • It got really slow for me in the past few minutes, the Paypal transaction took over a minute to load but I managed to get the order through. They must be getting bombarded by us.

    • Yeah, it's pretty laggy. It might be worthwhile to wait a couple of days and use it. The voucher does say it expires on June 30th.

  • Ummmm arn't these just the codes that you can easily guess from this post last week?-


    • +2

      No, these codes are different - eight random letters.

  • +2

    well this is 7 letters and you've done what was actually required (get a promotion from QLD rail) …

  • +13

    Just in case anyone wanted to know what other coupons they get from signing up here are the ones I got sent from isubscribe-

    Congratulations! You are entitled to 6 FREE Group Training sessions at Contours.

    Congratulations! You are entitled to receive $50 off your favourite wine at www.crackawines.com.au with no minumum spend required.

    Congratulations! You are entitled to receive $15 off the finest flowers and Chocolates available at www.rosesonly.com.au with no minumum spend required!

    Congratulations! You are entitled to receive $15 off orchard-fresh fruit gifts at www.fruitonly.com.au with no minumum spend required!

    Congratulations! You are entitled to receive 10% off the best available rates at Chifley Hotels in Australia & New Zealand. Visit www.chifleyhotels.com.au to start planning your next holiday.

    Congratulations! You are entitled to receive $15 off unique and thoughtful gifts including Chocolate Hampers at www.hampersonly.com.au with no minimum spend required!

    Congratulations! You are entitled to receive $15 off your fabulous footwear purchases at www.styletread.com.au when you spend $69.95 or more.

    Congratulations! You are entitled to receive $25 off childrens fashion, toys and more at www.babysgotstyle.com.au when you spend $100 or more.

    Congratulations! You are entitled to receive $50 off fashion, footwear and accessories at www.mycatwalk.com.au when you spend $200 or more.

    Congratulations! You are entitled to receive $15 off any fragrance order at www.efragrance.com.au no minimum spend required!

    • Woo mycatwalk!have you got a code?

      • Congratulations! You are entitled to receive $50 off fashion, footwear and accessories at www.mycatwalk.com.au when you spend $200 or more.

        After making your selection, when prompted at the check out, enter voucher code: isubscribe

        Note: You can only apply this discount once you have over $200 worth of items in your shopping basket.

        You have until 30 June 2012 to redeem this offer. Click here for full offer terms and conditions.

  • You have until 30 June 2012 to redeem this offer

  • +4

    Bought the mixed case for $24.84 including delivery. Great value for wine that seems much better than the cheap and nasty wine I normally buy!! Thanks OP - definitely a good deal and much easier to subsribe and buy than I thought.

  • +6

    don't forget to use the starthere moneyback of up to 5.63% on the purchase of the free booklet!

  • +1

    so can you get stuff from cracka for free with coupon?

    • +1

      Nope. Many people last week got cartons of wine for less than $5 delivered, but they increased the price of all the lower cost wines after they found out how many people were using the $50 off coupons. More info in this thread- http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/68068

      • Did they also make the code harder to guess?

        • No they didn't.

  • Seems like good deal, just ordered a case. Lets hope it comes!

  • Which wines do/did you get?

    • To those who scared of buying 12 bottles - find more expensive wines, many allow for 6 bottles purchase.

      For example for bubbly - sort by price - go to minimum page 4.

      I am considering:
      2008 Katnook Estate Sparkling Shiraz - $10.45/bottle
      2008 Blue Pyrenees Vintage Brut - $12.45/bottle
      NV De Bortoli Rococo Blanc de Blancs - $9.45/bottle

      I think i'll go with Rococo…

  • Is there likely to be a problem if you got the wine through them last time? My internet is running too slow to check terms and conditions

    • Heavy traffic? I noticed now :o

  • +2

    Ordered a mixed case, I look forward to being an alcoholic!
    Also noticed this in the invoice:

    You can expect your delivery to arrive within:
    2-10 business days (excluding weekends and public holidays) though the Cracka delivery drivers are all (good looking) endurance athletes, so the delivery may be quicker.

    • how much did you pay?

        1. Said that in the invoice and on the paypal receipt. Also in my paypal account.
  • allover prices have gone up

  • Just ordered the mixed case, but error message came up when finalising payment through paypal, dont know whether its gone through or not now.

    • Just wait a minute or two. Mine did the same but came through soon after.

      • same here. wait for a while and check your paypal account and email for order confirmation.

  • +1

    :) just got mixed doz

  • site too slow, cannot checkout with paypal so far

  • edit: its in my confirmation email :P

  • just had the confirmation email, gone through no probs now..

    excellent find OP :)

  • +2

    CAREFUL - it just charged me TWICE! One with the discounted price, then another order for regular price!

    • same thing happened to my friend.

  • Well that's a Mod: Foul Language cheek.. Had a mixed case in my cart for $69.. left it for 15 mins, and its now $95..

    • the price changed???

    • Yep, same thing happened to me too…. scouring the site to see what else is going..

  • WTF the price just went UP!!!

    • its no wonder consumers hate retailers!

  • +1


    Site is dead now - or very slow

    No data received
    Unable to load the web page because the server sent no data.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this web page later.

  • +1

    It changed the price after I went through Paypal!!!!!! I ended up paying the larger price on the super value dozen!
    Feeling slightly ripped off.

  • do u need to get a minumum 12 bottles?

    • very limited range of half cartons

  • Great. Their site is so slow when it's getting pounded by ozbargs

  • To everyone who is complaining about them consider these two wines:
    91 point James Halliday, works out to less than $6.20 a bottle: https://www.crackawines.com.au/Mystery_Winery/2005_Mystery_W…
    93 point James Halliday, works out to less than $8.75 a bottle: https://www.crackawines.com.au/Mystery_Winery/2007_Mystery_W…
    Just got the 2nd one.

    • If you go for a tad more expensives, some allow you to get 6 bottles (see my previous post)

    • Now $143.40/case and $179.40 +del -coupon. Have they jacked up the prices?

      • -1

        That's about right. Your delivery however is quite expensive. Not sure for others but delivery to Melbourne Metro only $5 from my end.

      • -2

        Wow that is really dodgy. Jacking up the prices after getting heaps of orders from a promo :(

    • Wow, they have pushed up the prices for these two. i think it could be a stock based price system…the less stock they have the more the price goes up?
      93 pointer: $11.20
      90 pointer: $8.20.
      all my prices were +5 (postage) -50 (voucher) / 12.

      • What was your personal assessment of the Merops 2005 Margaret River Shiraz that you bought last time?

        • The Merops 2005 is fantastic. Worth the 90 JH points. Very smooth, full flavoured and enjoyable. An excellent find for that price. Let's hope the mystery 2007 shiraz is better!

  • Are there any dozens that come up for less than $50? If so, post the url plz :)

    • Only the mixed one, but it was $24 before the prices jacked up, its now $50 :/

      • Which 1? The cheapest mixed is showing as $95.40

        • +1

          He meant after the $50 voucher. It was going for about $69 before.

      • +1

        yes what dannyboi said!

        • It's still pretty cheap I guess. I saw it at $24 overall, but figured the site was too buggy to buy it then. Missed the chance.

    • Banrock station dozens are about the closet…

      • $95.40 a case?

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