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[eBay Plus, PS4, XB1] Cyberpunk 2077 $26.97, Far Cry 6 $36.27 (PS5, XSX), Red Dead Redemption II $23.25 Delivered @ Big W eBay


Some Big W game discounts, plus a further 7% off (code PLSMAR7) & free shipping with eBay Plus.

eBay Plus $4.99 Month or Free Trial if eligible

[PS4, XB1 + Next Gen (PS5/XSX) Update] Cyberpunk 2077 - Day 1 Edition $26.97 Delivered

XB1 - Back in stock

$2.03 cheaper than the previous deal and not far of the previous $26 deals. It now comes with free next gen update to PS5 & XSX as per this deal.

[PS5, XSX, XB1, PS4] Far Cry 6 $36.27 Delivered

$2.73 cheaper than the previous Amazon deal.

[PS4, XB1] Red Dead Redemption II $23.25 Delivered

Slightly cheaper than the previous $24 JB deal.

[PS5] FIFA 22 $36.27 Delivered

Also $2.73 cheaper than the previous PS5 Amazon deal.

[PS4] Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Gran Turismo Sport, The Last of Us Remastered, Little Big Planet 3, Ratchet & Clink $9.30 Delivered
[PS4] The Last of Us Part II $18.60 Delivered
eBay Plus $4.99 Month or Free Trial if eligible

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  • +23

    The PS5 version of Cyberpunk is pretty pretty awesome… one of the best games I've played in years… absolute bargain at $27

    • +1

      Completely agree. Such an unexpected great game

      • Also agree. I’m only about 10 hours in but it’s crazy how good this game is. The world is absolutely amazing, never been one to aimlessly wander in games but I’ve done it so much in this game. I also have never been into the cyberpunk setting but I absolutely am now.

    • Noted. I preordered it for $80 from Big W and have only clocked 2 hours in it since…happy to hear it is good.

      • +3

        Same… got it for $79 on launch… I honestly played it for about 30 minutes and thought, let's put this back in the oven till the next gen patch arrives… glad I waited.

        • I did this too, very much worth it for my 25 hours I got out of it recently

    • thanks might buy this now then on ps5, have they fixed the bugs?

      • +1

        The 1.5 patch they released seems pretty solid… I'm playing on PS5 and it's great… it's basically what the game should of been at launch.

      • +4

        I tried the free 5 hour trial on PS5 (which you should also do first if you're thinking about buying it). Didn't encounter any significant performance issues or bugs (apart from once when the subtitle text from a loading screen remained on screen once gameplay started). Nice looking game, in particular the city itself is pretty impressive just wandering / driving around. The game itself I found to be pretty average… played for 5 hours, didn't hate it but also felt no real urge to pay to keep playing beyond that.

        • Not a bad review AngusD.
          Good advice given, and personal opinion presented fairly.
          Not sure the negs are fair - I must be missing something.

          • @beaudilo: Lol I don't think it's fair for difference of opinions to warrant a neg but that's ozbargain for you

          • +2

            @beaudilo: I don't really pay any mind to drive-by negs without a comment to go with them. What's the point? How do I even know what part of my comment they're disagreeing with? Do they think people shouldn't try the 5 hour trial before buying the game? Or that I should have encountered more bugs / performance issues? They don't think the city is impressive? That I should have bought the game even though I didn't like it?

            Not really much point dwelling on that kind of thing :P

    • is the PS4->PS5 upgrade free? Will i be able to upgrade it on PS5 if I buy this day-one edition?

      • +1

        Yup it's free.

      • +1


  • Worth getting Cyberpunk for PS4? Have they fixed the bugs?

    • At this price yeah.

      I only just started playing it two days ago with 1.5 update and it still has frame drops in fast scenes.

      Only an hour in and bored with the story though.

  • Oh. Looks like cyberpunk PS4 edition sold out?

    • +2

      Ah yeah sorry it's all gone, looks like they revised the listing and reduced the quantity.

    • +2

      Available again! @ahar4550

      "More than 10 available"

  • $26.97 for the X1, can't say no. Plus Series X upgrade. Decided to give my xbox love over the PS5.

    Cheers OP.

    • +1

      I was thinking about the same, then realised Series X version would force me to install it to the SSD. With PS5, at least I put in a 2TB NVMe SSD. Microsoft really needs to open up that CFastExpress interface more (don't firmware block with a SSD whitelist that basically has only 2 groups of SSDs).

      • +1

        I barely have any PS5 games and already have no space left


        SSD would only help so much being 2TB

        Guess I gotta transfer on and off what I wanna play, annoying.

        • Um, I have a 4TB external HDD for PS5 and another one for Series X. The issue here is that this is next gen enhanced games so they HAVE TO be installed on internal SSD, the m.2 NVMe PCIe gen 4 SSD or for Series X, that CFastExpress based NVMe SSD.

          I was talking about at least I have 2TB PCIe gen 4 SSD for PS5, but not willing to pay for the crazy price for that CFastExpress. Yes, on PS5, I only put required games on internal or that 2TB NVMe SSDs, PS4 games or PS4 games with only fps patch for PS5, they stay on the external HDD.

          Microsoft is even worse, some of the games simply have fps lock removed to allow 60fps, rather than a full next gen improvement, yet Microsoft wants you to install them on the internal SSD or the CFastExpress based SSD. There is a tiny whitelist for those CFastExpress SSDs (basically 2 groups of SSDs, so there is no cheap way out of it).

          2TB external is not enough for PS4 or XB1 games. Even with 4TB, it is not enough for me, but it is slightly more manageable.

          • @netsurfer: Understand now, fair enough.

            Yeah, I need to delete games I'll never play and sell others.

            Really keep it to what I'll use!

            • @Adelv: Hoping things will get cheaper later on. PS5 and Series X support USB 3.2 gen 2. Hopefully, enclosure prices will continue to drop and SSD prices as well. Close to 1TB/s transfer would make the game moving less painful, compared to hard drives. But, it is annoying PS5 only supports 1 external storage device (that's a real pain).

              For Series X, I guess if you have a spare NVMe SSD, adding an external SSD would make moving games less painful.

    • PS5 has adaptive triggers at least.

    • i cannot see xsx version on ebay link

      • +1

        Edit 1145am - XB1 sold out

  • Is FIFA worth it?

    Bought cyberpunk, $24 as I had a $5 eBay plus voucher.

  • Cyberpunk Xbox looks gone.

    • +1

      All gone, will see if it comes back like the PS4 did.

    • Cyberpunk back in stock for Xbox @turtlesinmypants @coolness79

  • Does Red Dead Redemption got a ps5 update as well?

    • I dont think so…

    • It does not. Maybe in the future, but nothing is confirmed.

    • +1

      Based on what Rockstar has done in the past, they will probably just sell the enhanced edition for the ps5.

      • They didn't do that for RDR1 but for La Noire.

    • Nah it doesn't. Knowing rockstar, they'll realease an upgraded version for a price.

  • Tempted to get Cyberpunk ps4 version if it plays well on ps5 but have so many games I haven't played yet. Maybe when it's $20 or under.

  • +1

    I just finished Cyberpunk 2077 on the PC yesterday evening! Started with Update 1.5.

    The setting, art design, and storytelling are top notch. Night City has an amazing atmosphere that we don't get in many other games.

    Each Side mission is very different and expect to be intrigued by many back stories. There's also a huge number of Cyberpsycho hunts and Gigs which are like mini 'quests' - they tend to be more repetitive.

    First 15 hours into the game was a blast. Final part of the game was a big let down - clearly rushed and the devs really didn't want us to have a happy ending.

    Also, here's something I wish I knew before I started - if you play at 'Normal' difficulty - you won't get enough XP scaling to reach max Level 50. Play at 'Hard' or 'Very Hard' if you want to reach max level.

    All-in-all worth it for $27.

  • Far Cry 6 down to $28 for PS4, XB1/XSX.

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