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[Refurb] HP 800 G3 Intel i5 6500 16GB RAM 256GB SSD W10 $293.55 Delivered @ Australian Computer Trader via Amazon AU


Hi Guys

Based on the popularity of the this deal.

I've done up the same option but in the HP Version.

The HP Offers a little more in expansion as well.

HP 800 G3
Intel Core i5 6500
16Gb Ram
256Gb SSD
Win 10 Loaded

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    These would work great on Chrome Felx

    • Chrome Plex can run on my ASUS T100A

    • Would be a waste with the current state of Flex. I just recently put flex on a 1st Gen Surface Pro and love it but until it can support the developer linux install or play store I would avoid it until windows slows to a crawl. An i5 6500 is more than capable of running windows smoothly for everything ChromeOS Flex can do and more.

  • +3

    I've had a few of these over the years, seller has always been very helpful.

    Protip: They don't do well submerged under water and powered on! Keep them off the ground and away from dirty flood water. I was able to rescue parts, but mobo and power supplies did not survive. Floods from a year or two back though, not the current downpour.

    • +6

      I don't think 'any' PC does all that well submerged under water whilst powered on!

      • +3

        I can confirm all other PC's submerged in the flooding incident experienced similar failure of parts.

        • +1

          I can confirm majority of electrical devices really hate being turned on while submerged…. Loll

          • +5

            @scud70: My electric eel loves it.

            • @jonathonsunshine: Loll touché…. If they were a device!

            • +3


              My electric eel loves it.

              Does anyone know what they were called before we discovered electricity?

              • +3

                @MrPants: electricity was named after the eels.
                suprised you didnt know

              • +3

                @MrPants: I believe they used to be known as Steam Eels, that is, before Thomas Edison came along and 'enhanced' them.

                Why, back in Victorian London on a foggy evening you could step outside and watch 'em eels light a trail as they slither through the thick, damp air.

                Course, locals used to just call 'em Gas-Light Eels on account of their nightly habit to hang from the ends of street poles, dimly lighting the sidewalk, as they wait for a tasty morsel to pass by.

                • @Noob Noob: Mmmmmm… steamed eels.
                  (They love them up in Albany.)

      • Panasonic Toughbooks get close. I've seen them cop a lot of abuse.

      • Microsoft Disagrees though that's purpose built with great results.

  • +3

    The description states:

    Front: Slim optical drive (optional); 1 SD 4 card reader (optional); 1 USB Type-C; 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1; 1 USB 2.0; 1 USB 2.0 (fast charging); 1 Headphone connector Back: 1 RJ-45; 1 power connector; 2 USB 2.0; 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1; 2 DisplayPort 1.2; 1 audio-in; 1 audio-out Back (optional): 1 DisplayPort 1.2; 1 HDMI; 1 serial; 1 USB Type-C; 1 VGA2

    There are no options available on the Amazon listing so I assume that these are all one configuration? Can you confirm if they have the items marked as optional?

    • Yeah, you can safely assume that you have close to zero chance of getting the optional extras after the fact.

      These lines seem to be chock full of proprietary connectors, brackets, etc with HP being extremely unhelpful trying to source the parts.

      I bought one of their ultra small models which was advertised with all the usual rhetoric about "growing with your business" and "expand-ability"… When it arrived, I cracked it open expecting to drop in one of my spare 2.5" drives. Nope. Completely unavailable proprietary bracket with equally proprietary connector required. Thankfully I found a knockoff part on aliexpress.

      • Was about to suggest AliExpress till I got to the end. I sourced a 2.5 inch bracket for a Dell Optiplex a few years back that way.

        • Yeah. Gotta say. Even resorting to AliExpress, finding a matching drive cage wasn't easy.

          It was touch and go for a while… I was very close to going back to HP to demand a refund.

          • +1

            @bobbieb: Similar experience, and it took FOREVER to get here, but eventually it did, and it was so cheap. Worked a treat.

            • +1

              @Mitch889: double sided tape is the go for 2.5" drives 👍

              • @lyle88: Nah, wasn't going to do that with a 3.5-inch drive.

              • @lyle88: Thought about it… then I realised no SATA connection on the motherboard, just a flimsy looking proprietary ribbon connector.

                  • @lyle88: LOL… In my original reply, I was referring to one of the smaller variants.

                    If the product in the OP has actual SATAs, then I wouldn't be surprised if HP found some other way to gouge their customers who had the audacity to attempt to upgrade their own device.

                    • @bobbieb: The micro systems are usually full of proprietary stuff, I think even dells micro systems have the same sort of thing.
                      These 800 g3 sff machines are not bad in terms of expandability I think. A bit more space than the optiplex 9020 so the pcie x16 slot can use a 2 slot LP GPU.
                      Pretty weak PSU though, even for a 1650

  • +2

    Amazon item says "HP EliteDesk 800 G3 SFF Intel i5 6500 3.20Ghz 8Gb Ram 256Gb SSD Win 10 (Renewed)" - Description says "16Gb Ram" - Which is it please? Thanks

    • +1

      Units are with 16gb ram.

      I had to change it from 8gb to 16gb so a few points are still updating

  • +3

    Why do desktops like these need to be so big now a days? I'd love a cheap option without the optical drive (who needs them anymore? 1% of us?) that was smaller.

    • +5

      What you want is the new Celeron N5105. Celeron is no longer a dirty word:


      And everyone's favourite ex-pat kiwi (TechTablets): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnzUkt24diw

      About the same price as this deal, but Windows 11 compatible.

      Also comes with built-in Wifi and Bluetooth which you would have to pay extra with these refurbs.

      There are a few on Amazon a bit pricey, I'm tossing up to get one from Aliexpress or wait for them to popup on Ebay Australia with prices that settle as similar devices come out from a range of little tech companies with Jasper Lake N5105.

      • Thanks for sharing. I didn't even know these existed. Just had a look on AliExpress. Would you drop lower spec than the N5105?

      • Wow! That is small! I want one just to show people how small my PC is lol. Thanks for sharing.

      • +1

        Thanks for sharing this! Just the sort of thing I've been looking for. I'll be looking for a model with more than one USB-C port though.

  • Win 10 Home or Pro?

    • They'll have Pro if they're ex lease

      • +1

        Assumed that would be the case, but you know what they say about ass-umptions :-)

  • Showing $309 not $293.55… also same question as others about RAM and 'optional' components!

    • +1

      Never mind, saw the save 5% when buying 1 or more!

  • Can anyone confirm amount of sata ports and types of pci ?

  • +2

    Do you have any i7s in the Mini form factor?

  • the other deal (OOS) has 1 year warranty while this one has 180 days, and win10 pro vs win 10. I would also prefer DELL to HP.

    • They'll have pro on these too, well mine did anyway 😂

  • Dealt with these guys for work and they are a great outfit! Shoutout to Alex for being super helpful.

  • +4

    Do these come with Wifi and Bluetooth?

  • +2

    Good Day!
    1. "16Gb Ram" - What specs/speed and config (2x8 or 1x16)?
    2. "256Gb SSD" - Is it M2 or SATA?

    Good in details Video

    1650 LP $340.99 @ Amazon

    1650 LP $378 @ Umart (May save $30 if paid with Klarna)

  • +1

    I'm sorry, I cannot recommend this seller. I bought a Lenovo M93p Tiny from their Amazon store in a previous sale. It failed a couple of weeks after their refurbished warranty. I contacted them at [email protected] to ask if there was anything they could do (it was my pensioner parent's PC).

    I was ignored. No reply. I wouldn't have minded if they said there was nothing they can do, but to not reply at all was poor customer service.

    • failed a couple of weeks after their refurbished warranty.

      Is it from Amazon?

      • Yes it was from Australian Computer Traders’ Amazon store. I had no return options from Amazon at that point unfortunately. I guess the Amazon returns policy had passed too.

        • You can chat with Amazon sometime they will allow you to return it after one month

          • @superforever: Ok thanks. I didn’t think of asking Amazon. Do you think that would only be for items purchased from Amazon direct or 3rd parties too?

            • @dkausa: I returned my soundpeats after 10 months but this dispatch from seller directly not very sure.

    • +10

      Mate, we pride our selves on great service. We support people well beyond the stipulated warranty periods. If you emailed the generic email it most likely fell through the cracks. If you contacted us directly through Amazon it wouldn't have been missed, we have a dedicated support team and system. If you want to PM me the details I'm more than happy to look into it.

      • +1

        Thanks for replying Calmago. Appreciate it. Will do.

  • +1

    Thanks OP looks like a great deal.

    Looking to setup a media centre and will be needing to hardware decompress HEVC/h.265 2160p content (Linux distro how-to videos..) circa 60fps. Do you think this system would handle it?

  • @OP: What's the RAM config in these please i.e 4 x 4GB or 2 x 8GB?

    • 2x 8GB

      • How do you know (are you associated)?

    • Ram configurations may be mixed sorry.

      • How many RAM slots are there in this PC please? Are there 4 RAM slots? Thank you.

        • +1

          There are 4 slots

          • @Calmago: What sort of condition are the cases in? Any dents/visible damage other than light scuffs?

      • What do you mean by mixed please, Are you saying that it could ship with 4 x 4GB?
        I ask as 4 x 4Gb would be useless for me as I need 32GB hence would need two spare slots for additional 2 X 8GB.

  • +2

    FYI this is better than its Dells counterpart

    In the HP, you can fit a low profile 1650 in the 16x slot and 2 x 3.5" HDD

    OP should be SFF in the title aswell

  • -2

    Recently used a PC with a 6700K and man, does it feel slow. This one is even worse, 4 cores/4 threads all up. Perhaps as a Linux box or in some sort of kiosk mode. I suppose it might be good enough for some light web browsing and office use.

    • Really. I use a HP 800G1 SFF (two years older than this model) as a VMware ESXi 7 Server. It currently has with 6 live VMs, examples, Win10, Pi-Hole, SophosUTM9, HomeAssistant, and have no trouble at all. The Win10 VM alone, is fast. I would have to think that this G3 would have even more grunt being 2 years newer. As a stand alone PC I cannot understand how it would not run well with just Win10.

    • 6700K and man, does it feel slow.

      How much RAM you have and what SSD you have and what kind of programs you use?

      My i7 4790 32GB Ram, SSD, very smooth.

    • The 6700k is 4c 8t, not 4c 4t

      • They're referring to the i5-6500 in the posted deal.

        • ohhhh

    • +1

      Any PC with a 6700K, 16GB RAM and any reasonable SSD should feel snappy as anything.

      Really depends on your tasks.

      Massive data crunching? Yeah a 12700 is gonna kick the pants out of this thing.

      Office work and web browsing? 90% of users will not notice any difference.

  • +1

    Thanks, bought one for my parents

  • +1

    Thanks for this post rep, just wondering why the G3 have the same processor as the G2? Wanted to upgrade my G2 but no point if they have the same processor which is Intel Core i5-6500?

    • +1

      There's a cross over period for both the laptops and desktops where the can have either the 6th or 7th Gen processor. Super annoying

    • Nice spot that and glad you noted this. I assumed the G3 had the later processor which I see is the i5-7600 (released Q1'17). Like yourself, I already have a G2 with the i5 6500 from Q3'15. Would have kicked myself had I bought this G3 as a upgrade as I was considering it for a project!

      @Calmago: Thanks for explaining. Makes sense as there was a long gap between the 6500 and 7600 being released so HP no doubt forced to continue with the 6500 on release of G3. Its still a decent buy at this price and the inclusions.

  • Ordered for basic office use. Thanks!

    • My unit only came with 2x4gb ram. Messaged seller on Amazon and they are sending the missing 2x4gb ram out to me. Despite the little hiccup, the system runs pretty quiet, loads quickly and is snappy. Doesn't come with wifi, so just bought a pcie ac1200 wifi card. =)

  • Which one is better compare with Dell Optiplex 7050

  • Just received my 2x i5 6500 unit….both with 8GB of RAM…..wtf

    • +2

      Hi Guys

      Looks like we may have had an issue where the Amazon details did not sync up to our invoicing system correct for the first few orders. So if you only go 8Gb Ram, please send a message through Amazon and we will ship you the extra ram.

      • Thanks. I just replied on Amazon

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