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Gone with The Wind - 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] - $24.97 + Shipping


Possibly the cheapest ever price for the 2-disc Ultimate Collector's Blu-ray edition of this classic. Shipping is $4.50 per boxset Australian wide, or free with orders over $60.

The Ultimate Collector's edition includes the 2-disc Blu-ray set, as well as these collectibles:

  • Reproduction of the original and complete 20 page 1939 Souvenir Program
  • 40-page production history perfect-bound book
  • 5 collectible & frameable costume sketches in folder
  • 5 collectible & frameable costume images in folder

Most other places have this closer to $70.

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    "Frankly my dear I don't give a damn"


    Purchased. Thanks OP, a great birthday present for Mum :-)


    Shouldn't this be out of copyright by now?


      The film itself (and the book it's based on) may be public domain in Australia (in the US though, they keep on extending copyright, and Gone with the Wind won't go public domain until 2034, that is if they don't continue to extend the copyright terms), but the extensive restoration of the film to and the subsequent transfer to digital/Blu-ray may constitute a "new work" (not 100% clear on that, but if human creative decisions were made in the restoration process, then at the very least, these "new" elements would be under copyright). And the extra features, many shot recently, would definitely still include copyright.

      Lastly, while the work may be public domain, it doesn't mean that access to the original masters is free. WB (assuming they have the masters right now) simply won't let anyone get access to the masters without asking for an exorbitant fee (and could even prevent access entirely, on the grounds of "preservation"), so if you want the best version of the movie, you'll still have to pay WB for it one way or another.


    Thanks again for ordering from EzyDVD

    Unfortunately, we have recently been informed by the distributor of "Gone With The Wind - 70th Anniversary: Ultimate Collector's Edition (2 Disc Box Set) (Blu-ray)", that this title has been discontinued and is no longer available.

    Regrettably, as we are unable to supply this item, we have been forced to delete it from your order. Please note: if applicable we will process a refund for this item shortly.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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