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Kobo Clara HD (RRP $189) $138.40 Shipped @ Angus & Robertson


I've been looking for this one. Surprised to see it at this price today. Says $149 but at checkout, further discount is applied. Just bought one. Other Kobo eReaders are also discounted today at Angus & Robertson.

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Kudos to Spillmill

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    Can recommend - works well for me.
    Not hard to upgrade the microsd it comes with - plenty of guides - requires some linux command line futzing but the hardest part was getting the case open - my trusty rice scooper worked fine as a spud. Mine now has 64GB and about 10k books.

    For the record, it loaded/indexed that vast volume without a hiccup in < 24 hours.

    I had previously tried to load my 10k ebook collection onto a kindle after painfully converting to their stupid format with Calibre and just gave up after 10 days of indexing at about 20% done

    • 10k books?!

      • +1

        Yep. If you work in a field, having their entire catalogue of manuals, in a searchable format, is priceless.

        Its one thing computers are still junk at doing….

    • +1

      Yes. Apparently it's easy enough to expand its 8gb. It's an internal microsd… easy to hack. People have replaced it with a 128gb card with ease. But my main interest is overdrive.

    • +2

      Impressive and quite tech savvy for an old fart!

    • Do you lose the water proofing if you do this?
      Eg. when I'd repair Sony phones, it would kill the waterproofing.

  • +3

    Thanks OP! Have been waiting for a sale on the Kindle PW but wasn't so keen on the Amazon ecosystem so jumped on this.

  • It is a very small ereader, more like a mobile phone. I wish they had Libra 2 on similar discount…

  • +1

    I have a kobo aura still running strong, is it worth the upgrade?

    • Same, Aura HD here. Tempting but not needed.

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    Great reader, and a great price. Kobo readers have the edge over Kindles for me with the ability to link into the Overdrive network with not only your local library but other libraries within your state. Many current books are available for direct download to your Kobo via this method (usually with a 2 to 4 week loan limit).

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      You can send books from Overdrive using the Libby app to the Kindle if you sign up to US libraries like LA quite easily

    • My local library uses Libby, will it still work with the Kobo ereader?

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        My understanding is that Libby - and Sora, for that matter - are just skins around Overdrive. Kobo will have a different skin to access the same content.

        • just me or is the selection on Overdrive quite limited? Supposedly this is the killer feature for the kobo but I couldn't find any titles i wanted in local libraries using their search feature

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    Have reported for mods to add, but code RELAX22 (auto applied) got me another $5 off.

    Also 3.5/7% at ShopBack for old/new customers. Not sure how they figure that out.

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    I have one, really like it and this is a good price. Back/side lit, can hold and turn pages with one hand and it accepts EPUB files unlike Kindles, which gives you more options on ebook sources.

    Upgrading the sd card/memory is relatively easy and will increase it's capacity to tens of thousands of books.See youtube instructions below.

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    Option for gift wrapping (an extra $5.95) is great as this is a gift. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Anything in the 8" and above range with ePUB and perhaps PDF support?

    Edit: maybe 7" will do, even the Libra 2 is quite the step up in price.

    • +1

      What about the Kobo sage?
      No deals there sadly but the note taking ability is kind of cool

      • Seems fairly capable for an e-reader, I'll look into it. Thanks.

  • Can this load my kindle library?

    • +3

      I've only done this for a few individual books but you'd likely need to download and hunt down the individual Kindle AZWs (ebook files), convert them using an app such as Calibre, and then load them onto your new device. There's also the Amazon DRM to be aware of. A fiddly setup the first time around but do-able.

  • +2

    Having had several Kindles and a Kobo I can say the latter really seems to have significantly superior build quality - battery life etc with them just never seems to diminish. Genuinely think they've not tried to cut corners on price with components etc. I'd happily buy one of these but the Kobo Glo I have is as good as when brand new - and thats 5yrs+ on.

  • Kaleido 3 coming out any month now!

    • Would ipad or tablet is better?

      • +1

        No, harsh on the eyes, ereader tech is more comfortable

  • I have kobo touch (made 2011).. will this a huge upgrade/ improvement ?

    • +1

      Check the features to see if it's worth upgrading to you.

      Thankfuly Kobos are supported for a LONG time, just checked and the Kobo Touch still receives current firmware updates (via WiFi), so the software will be the same. Pretty damn good for an 11 year old electronic device, and far better support than Kindles get.

      • Yeah i just use it casually like once a month.. hmm ok wont upgrade for now

  • I bought the Kobo Libra 2 recently. Can generally recommend kobo over kindle if you're side-loading epub files.

    This price looks great, I paid $260 for my Libra.

    • Do you need any special software to sideload epub files onto the kobo?

  • +1

    Thanks Spillmill for the coupon. I missed it.

    It seems booktopia is price matching. Just in case you prefer them…

  • Cheers, fits the bill. Bought!

  • +1

    Micro USB! Goddammit!

  • I have a Kobo Glo at the moment, anyone have any thoughts on whether this is a worthwhile update? The Comfortlight Pro is appealing

  • +2

    $129 at JB now ?

    Should be able to bargain down to ~110-120 on the phone line and pay with 10% off Gift cards. $99 or so out of pocket is a good price for this :D

  • Or Wait for amazon to price match JB and the use StudentBeans offer

  • How does this handle pictures in documents/ebooks?
    Are they readable?

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