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Foxtel Now Retention Offer for Subscribers Who Try to Cancel - $10 off for 12 Months @ Foxtel


I signed up under the free trial couple months ago, forgot to cancel. Logged in and went to cancel and chose Too Expensive as the reason, a pop-up appeared offering $10 off for 12 months, billing cycle starts immediately

Edit: can't seem to be able to upload the screenshot

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    Kudos for Foxtel for still surviving

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      The only reason they are surviving is having NRL and AFL.

      • I agree but also think it's better value than Kayo if it's $29/month with this discount for the Sport and Movies package

  • My grandma asking for using foxtel but is there any other alternative?

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      Disney+, Paramount+, Netflix, Amazon prime.
      Not a singular replacement but would require whichever ones you want.

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        None of these just have shows playing.
        Always have to choose something to watch.
        I have a bunch of streaming services and foxtel
        Often foxtel is easier to just flick around and find something mildly interesting to watch. Rather that jump across half a dozen on demand services

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          I use www.justwatch.com/au, select the streaming services I have and set the filter to IMDb>6. Clicking on the program/film launches it in the relevant streaming service.

      • …and Binge.

        • We don’t talk about Stan…

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        This is why torrenting makes a comeback, they made going legit an attractive option with Netflix, then split them all out with too many subscription services.

        You beat piracy by offering a better service at a reasonable price, you lose when you undo all that again.

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          Their greed is their undoing - studios and streaming co’s signing exclusives etc

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            @WhyAmICommenting: Yup, I was 5 years 'clean' when Netflix came out and was ~$11 a month and loaded with content. Now about ~$22 a month for about a third of old content, back to the Bay I went

        • So true, I did not use Torrent for years until they decided to give Dexter to Paramount

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      Kodi with Seren add on

      • How does this work, can it be used with Plex.

        • I think it’s different from Plex. I learnt about it on Reddit. For Seren to work, you need to pay for Real Debrid. Then you connect your Real Debrid account to Seren Kodi add on.

          When using Seren you just search for whatever you want to watch. It then scrapes for cached torrents. There’s lots of information on Reddit about Kodi.


          Just from googling, I think Plex might be better ? Now I want to try Plex but I think it’s more expensive.

          • @Savas: Plex is defs better if you’ve got it all on a home computer ready to go. I wouldn’t be giving Real Debrid any money for obvious reasons

            • @DemocracyManifest: Have what on a home computer? Can’t you setup Plex share directly on TV?

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                @Savas: Not sure tbh. I don’t think so? Usually you chose a folder/drive on a computer/server and Plex indexes it

    • Apple TV

  • How much is it monthly?

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    It is a minimum of $25 per month.

    1. Attempt to cancel membership, presented with the page to the "are you sure you want to cancel" screen with the drop down for reason why (too expensive), and the most used device.
    2. Clicked "Cancel my membership" button
    3. Popup appears "We're sorry to see you go. Here's a saving on your bill to keep enjoying your account. Save $10 per month for the next 12 months.
    4. Clicked orange button on popup "Yes, get offer"
    5. Account screen shows a message "your package has been updated. If you cannot see your changes on your device please refresh the page.
    6. Refresh browser on the account page, Under pack summary it now shows "$10 off per month for 12 months" with a start date of today and an end date in 12 months from now.
    • Is that min $25/mth with $10 discount?

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        "The Essentials" is $25 before discount. If you want Sport and Movies, it's currently $39/month.

    • hmm me not getting reason to cancel drop down? and my sub is @ $44 (pop @$15 and sport @$29)

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    The amount of ads on Pay TV Foxtel is unbelievable. Feel like you're paying to watch more ads.

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      Such an old outdated model. This alone is why streaming services are winning. No one wants to sit and watch 5 minutes of straight ads anymore.

      • Yeah crazy, I had hulu for $us2/mth i ditched it after a month, as ads are intrusive. Foxtel is just as bad. Sure the ads on Ch7/9/10 are worse, but they're free.

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          I don’t mind Hulu, but they have plans with no ads. At $1 or $2 a month for the plans with ads I don’t feel especially like I’m being charged twice and can overlook it. Foxtels price being much higher is a different matter.

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      I try to record everything on the Foxtel IQ4 and then speed through the ads in playback.

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    After a couple of trials of this i'd be keener on them giving me $10 to subscribe for 12 months.

  • Commbank rewards got 50% off for a single payment deal. But this is targeted to each user acc

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    Foxtel actually offering existing loyal customers something for once after 25 years of neglecting them and trying to just win over 'new' customers. Too late, most loyal customers have gone.
    Banks finally realising the same thing with home loans.

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      As usual though only if you threaten to leave.

  • So does that mean you can get the $39pm deal that included fillums and sport for $29pm, and share it over 2 screens?
    Two screens of Kayo + Binge = $39pm. Could be a good deal

    • Can register up to 5 devices and watch on 2 at any time. Seems like decent value really.
      Is the quality better than Kayo?

  • Essentials is 25? I've paid 15 for it forever?

    Unless my package has less in it or something. Can't see a 15 dollar package anymore

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    Cheers for this. Foxtel with sport is just less annoying than half a dozen other streaming services and I get whatever else I want off the high seas

  • Even then its still too expensive for what you get

  • Thanks it worked for me on mobile. Had essential and something else for $25. Now $15

  • Thanks OP, done.

  • Op, did u end up canceling?

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    How on earth do you get Essentials plus Sport and Movies for $29 per month? I went through the disconnections process, added movies and sport and it came to $64 per month? What am I doing wrong?

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    Foxtel, I was delighted to cancel their service & pay 50% less to have multiple streaming services without watching 20mins of adverts an hour. Hell will freeze over before I resubscribed.

  • Worked for me, thanks for sharing

  • I just cancelled and then offered the Ultimate Bundle for $49 per month for 12 months.

  • I cant even find the cancel button , been all over site , perhaps I am on a 12months subscription…

  • Does not work

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    Thank you! Worked for me.

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    Oooops! Looks like you have stumbled upon a part of the site you are not meant to have access to!


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    Should have clicked on "absolute ripoff" then you get a $20 discount!

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    Worked for me - Thanks :-)

  • I guess this is just for foxtel now? Foxtel now does not allow recording …?

    I just canceled foxtel after 15 years. No rugby union now and their golf recordings always seem to cut out before the end.. I use stan and kayo now. Stan for the rugby, cancel stan when rugby season ends. Just laziness staying with fox for so long, crap outdated shows… Tubi free is better content and a lot less ads

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    Just to update, after taking up the $10 off for the next 12 months, my credit card was still charged today the same $25.
    I just checked and it looks like my "bill date" is before the date I was given the discount, so there may be some who will still pay the original amount until the next bill is issued.

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