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Toshiba Canvio Basics 4TB 2.5" USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive $104.46 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


It's a shame that I bought a 4TB for $119 two days ago.

Hopefully this is useful for someone.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • shurkable?

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      I've had a bit of a Google, and it appears no, the PCB internally has the USB connector directly on the PCB, there's no SATA connectors.

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    For those that were looking it's 7200 RPM.

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      Spinny boi

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        Yeah spinny boi is a dealbreaker for me. SSD all the way, given I don't need huge amounts of backup space.

    • Reviews of this drive suggest it’s 5400 rpm, I expect the listing page is wrong.

      • Hrm, are there any 7200rpm 4TB 2.5” drives?

        • I don’t think there are, no.

          • @Mitch889: Glad I wasn’t just going crazy then. Shame really 😕

  • got one, thanks!

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    Purchased two.
    Thanks matt wu.

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      Without further ado.

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        Dave Id… Back to you!

  • I feel like I got 10+ 2-4tb external drives and always need more!

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      Same here. I filled them full with stuffs then one day I formatted them all and sold. Now I'm back again.

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    This is the one at Officeworks for $119?

    Bought one, thanks Matt. Have read the patchy reviews about various WD external drives, so feel good about having all my precious files on a Toshiba unit.

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      Has been using Seagate Backup Plus for a while, have more than 10, super happy with them. Got one 4t from OfficeWorks a couple of days ago, so far pretty happy with it too. The only thing is that the USB port seems to be fixed on board.

      • Does that mean there are no longer any new shuckable portables?

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          Not really. Should only be Toshiba really. As far as I know, Seagate Backup Pluses are shuckable and also seem to be 7200 rpm ones.
          The Toshiba one I got was a 5400 rpm one. I did a whole disk scan and the speed(140+MB/s peak and ~70MB/s low) was slightly better than my 2TB version of Backup plus, but this one seems to be 2 disks at least.

          • @DisabledUser285624: The 2.5-inch 4TB ones won’t be 7200rpm.

            • @Mitch889: I didn't know that. I learnt that only when I was scanning the surface. Given the performance, not too bad for a backup drive to offload stuffs from NAS.

  • Thanks OP

  • Still rocking my Toshiba external drive from 2010 which is now full to the brim. Never had an issue with it. So I bought this one to back it up just in case.Thanks OP

  • Better than wd/Seagate or similar?

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    Thanks OP. Got one!
    $26 per GB is decent atm. Good reviews on Amazon is a plus.

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      $26 per GB?! So for 4TB = 4000GB = 4000 x 26 = $104,000?!?!??!?!

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        is this a portable HDD for ants from 2002?!

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        My bad. I was half asleep when I replied.
        should be $26 per TB.

    • $26 per GB seems to be the price of iPhone LOL

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        Pretty sure my iPhone didn’t cost $26000.

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          hey look

          this guy has a 1TB iPhone

          rob him

  • Is this windows specific ? Will work on Mac ?

    • Yes . Formst as exfat , will work on both

    • It’s formatted as NTFS.
      macOS does not natively support NTFS write, but you can get it work for free following this tutorial.

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        Quite sure you can format this drive to mac

        • But then you can only use it with Mac computers!

  • It's a shame that I bought a 4TB for $119 two days ago.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you were referring to the top comment on this thread:

    • To be fair the one for $119 is the Canvio Ready model, not the Canvio Basic model which this deal from Amazon UK is. Canvio Ready is a different and newer model.

  • Is this the best price/GB currently out of most drives out there?

    • Yes.

  • Thanks OP!

    • Update: Received my order today :)

  • Thanks OP, got 1

    • Got mine today also. Even smaller than I thought which was a bonus.

      • Hows the speed?

        • i don't know if it's good/bad but i ran an old version of crystal disk mark and gave read/write both around 150 MB/s. great for what I need.

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    What's the warranty situation with these drives coming from UK? If there's a problem do you have to pay a premium to ship back to England?

    • You have to claim it from Amazon not Tosh.

      • Even if it was from AU I’d still go to Amazon. Had a router die at 11 months, Amazon sent a return post label and a full refund of the purchase price.

  • Forgive me for threadjacking, but what's up with this 16TB SSD? Seems too good to be true.

    • It's a case rather than SSD. It supports up to 16TB SSD's.

    • It's fake. Not a real 16TB drive. It's hacked to report to the computer that it's 16TB in size but in reality the storage chips in it are far smaller in size.

      You find people on Youtube warning people all the time about these fake USB drives.

  • +1

    Sorry - in reply to Darron65


    Sold by Enoom
    Storefront just launched. No feedback yet.

    It's referred to as a drive, not a case, right through the page. And prices from $40 for 1tb to 109 for 16tb. No reason for price to vary for a case.

    Very suss

    • Prices can vary for higher capacity cases as the chipsets that support higher capacity cost more.

      Agree though someone unsuspecting will get caught out with the descriptions.

    • @jebdra FOMO says buy one - worst-case, Amazon refunds you under misrepresentation

    • +2

      No. It's not empty USB cases. It is fake drives. You will get ripped off blind if you buy these fake drives.

      It's usually a case with a hacked usb flash drive chipset glued into to case. Or a hacked microsd card with chipset adapter glued up and hooked up to the USB port. The cases itself are near worthless.

      This is one of the videos on Youtube warning about these fake portable SSD drive scams. They the scammers place the sales on Wish, Amazon, ebay etc claiming to be all difference sizes of terrabytes. But they are 100% fake and hacked drives.


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