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[Afterpay] Synology DiskStation DS920+ 4 Bay NAS $713.15 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


One of the lowest prices in recent times for this popular 4 bay Synology NAS that offers great performance and everything else for the price. If you're after some cheap HDDs I can recommend the 4TB IronWolf for $114.66.

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  • +1

    Great handy devices

  • +5

    Good price if you need one now. I'm personally waiting for DS922+ (hopefully soon).

    • If you have the network for 2.5Gbe it might be a worthy investment as I don't think the CPU bump will offer much more performance. All just speculation at this point.

      • -1

        Ok, I always miss out on these deals cause I don't understand them.

        I am planning to buy an 8TB ssd so I can store my files and edit videos of them.
        Will that be possible with this Synology?
        What exact other components do I need to buy for that?

        Please help. Thanks.

        • If you mean an 8TB NVMe/M.2 SSD? Yes, there are two M.2 slots on this Synology.

          • @Zorlin: My understanding is that those slots are for read/write caches and cannot be used for general storage.

            • @Jai: Ah, my mistake, sorry. Pity that can't be changed by the sounds of it.

        • Yes, that's essentially what Synology devices are designed for, as long as the drives are SATA you shouldn't have any problems.

          Be careful though, consumer SSD's degrade pretty linearly and relatively quickly compared to HDD's so if that's what you're using make sure to keep backups.

      • For 1621+ they put 4x1gbe port. I don't u gonna get 2.5gbe on 922+ is there is even gonna be one. U can always use a 2.5gbe USB dongle with 920+ tho

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    Can someone please sell me on why I would need one of these? Like, it seems really, really expensive to do what is essentially data storage.

    I basically just have two 4TB hard drives which contain everything I want to save, and I maybe update them once every 3 months and I've been doing this for like a decade without issue (whilst periodically updating the hard drives). Am I basically paying for convenience?

    • +1

      Automatic sync to any number of devices, media server capabilities, ease of use, etc

      Paying for convenience definitely in part, but I have one and it's a great home Nas

      • +2

        Gotcha, maybe I'm just not the use-case for this. I use plex as my media server from my computer, and I use Google Drive to sync files from my phone and computer to the cloud. I guess the purpose of this device is to be able to do this all locally, but it's not like I need to share this data to anyone else other than myself.

        • +4

          I guess if you are justifying why you don't need it, then you don't need it.

          • +1

            @haz: True. Although it's not so much that I don't need it, so much that I don't need it at this price.

        • +2

          NAS are relatively low powered than PCs so if you have your PC running 24/7 for only Plex it can potentially save electricity cost of running the PC.

        • +1

          Yeah, all-in-one NAS boxes like Synology and QNAP are for people that don't have the technical knowledge to setup a homelab or value their time for other things in life and just want something that works out of the box. As buckster said, you are paying for convenience. Almost every single thing these NAS boxes do, you could setup Linux, TrueNAS, OpenMediaVault, etc on a spare computer and get the same effect but it requires a lot more knowledge and tinkering. If you have a local plex / cloud solution that already works for you, sounds like you wouldn't get much out of one of these devices.

          • +6

            @DATApush3r: Not true at all. Not every techie wants a rack with noisy servers in their home, or build their own which would likely be bigger, noisier and consume more power, to do the same job, especially if they live in an apartment.

            • +2


              Not every techie wants a rack with noisy servers in their home, or build their own which would likely be bigger, noisier and consume more power, to do the same job, especially if they live in an apartment.

              Absolutely, and I never said they did.

              The internet is an interesting place. It's no wonder people fight all the time and have misunderstandings. It's extremely exhausting having to detail every single situation so that you don't get brigaded by one camp or another.

              I'm an IT professional of 20+ years, I know all types. Over the years, I've had servers that sounds like a jet plane next to my bed at night and I've had a power sipping mini-pc as my homelab.

              We all know what I said is true, just seems that some people are getting offended as if I said everyone that owns a Synology is somehow a non-techie (which I don't think and never said). Very odd indeed.

              • +3

                @DATApush3r: "all-in-one NAS boxes like Synology and QNAP are for people that don't have the technical knowledge"

                • -5

                  @itsme56: Someones cognitive bias is showing.

                  • +3

                    @DATApush3r: You literally said NAS boxes are for non technical people or people who don't have time. I have a NAS and still have time to tinker with other PCs, etc. You put yourself in that camp. You are the one who generalized.

                    • @itsme56: I'm in this thread trying to buy one of these… why would I hate on people that have one?! Seriously, you are making something from absolutely nothing. Sure, maybe I could have add the word "typically" and that would have cleared a lot of things up but it was a passing comment on a deals website. I seriously don't understand why you are trying to paint me as a bad guy when I've already cleared up the situation for you.

                    • +7


                      "I have a NAS and still have time to tinker with other PCs, etc."

                      Then you would fall into the category of the following:

                      "or value their time for other things in life and just want something that works out of the box."

                      That doesn't mean I called you a non-techie. Get over yourself.

                      • -2

                        @DATApush3r: If you have time for these things then no you would ING fall into this category “value their time for other things in life” as it insinuates you don’t have time to play with technology.

                        • +1

                          @itsme56: You can still want to play with other technology but save time and effort with a pre-built NAS. "value their time for other things in life" doesn't exclude other tech stuff. Again, you are making something from nothing and around in circles we go. I've explained to you several times already that it was a misunderstanding. Are you just wanting to argue semantics at this point?

            • +1

              @itsme56: Very true. Also, price wise, it’s very hard to build something brand new for under $800 with full support and similar power/noise requirements.

          • +1

            @DATApush3r: This is rubbish. I run multiple esxi hosts, multiple virtualized pfsense FWs in a cluster, vWLC with 5 Cisco APs, I even run a virtualized Unraid instance. But I still run a Synology NAS.

            • -1

              @Oxxy: Read the thread.

              • +2

                @DATApush3r: You probably should of said people value their time first. :) That would be most. Like many i've done the DIY in various forms over the past 20 years and frankly i've never been happier since buying a Synology. For many i suspect, and certainly myself, with experience and age priorities just change and i dont mind paying a bit of a premium for something that is less fluffing about both upfront and over its lifetime.

                • +1

                  @Xizor: Well said! And that's exactly why I bought one from this thread!

                  • +1

                    @DATApush3r: Enjoy your new NAS… don't make the same mistake i originally did, put in the biggest drives you can day 1! :D

                    • @Xizor: Thanks! Yeah, I'm trying to work out what I should do. My current system has 3x10TB and I'm trying to decide if I should get a 4th 10TB or get 2 new 16TB to add to 2x10TB existing and do something else with the 3rd 10TB… or I could just go wild and get 4x16TB and start fresh. Then I have a bunch of 10TB laying around that I need to find a use for or sell. $$$

                      And that's not even considering the 18T of data I have to migrate over…

                      • +1

                        @DATApush3r: If you think you may start running out within the next year or so then definitely get at least 2 new 16-18TB now if you can. I ran 4 x 8TB (in SHR) and in hindsight it was not the wisest of decisions. I've just now swapped out 2 of them for 18TB drives. I'll use the excess 8TB drives for cold backups.

          • -2

            @DATApush3r: Your fos.
            I work professionally with NAS, SAN, was a Unix Guru in large companies for the last 20 years.
            I have bought 2 x Synology NAS for home use, and find them perfect for my needs.

            • +3

              @kzrocky: Sorry mate, we've already been arguing semantics for the last hour now. Your a little late to the party but if you read the thread, a lot of people misinterpreted my original point as NAS being for non-techies. Which is not at all my point. The furthest thing from it.

              I've also been in the IT industry for over 20 years myself currently a Site Reliability Engineer for a fortune 100 software company and I literally just ordered a DS920+ from this post.

              Misunderstandings, what are you gonna do? shrug

    • I bought a 220+ recently to consolidate all the data we have on multiple harddrives, also alot of precious photos, backing up photos from phones, cameras etc also is convenient in one place. The error checking also gives peace of mind. Noting I still have multiple backups in multiple locations but eases the management of the data. I definitly paid the extra for convenience but that was on purpose.

    • I was thinking the same thing, but I just had a 4TB My Cloud fall over which I use as a backup to my 3TB of photos and videos.

      Combine that with the three other external drives I have, I bit the bullet and invested in this unit.

      Bought a couple of 8TB drives to start off, and will add the other two as the other external drives fail.

      Also use it as a media server to our TV, and set up our mobile phones to back up photos, videos etc. when we are home through wi-fi.

      So far it has cost me $1300 for the NAS and 16TB, but to replace my 4TB My Cloud was going to be $300, so long term, I will be better off.

    • I was in the same position as you for many years and bought a NAS (DS220+) about a year ago. Would never go back. Running plex and associated apps, auto backups, file hosting/media server, remote access, ease of adding new drives… it's great. I haven't turned my second PC on since I've owned it, there is just no need.

    • Dependable NAS for pretty much do-everything storage use. Nice management software, hybrid RAID (very handy when changing 2 of 4 array drives out for larger sizes) etc

    • The biggest factors for me were not having to deal with windows file sharing which has always been a random problem nightmare. And also using a format method to prevent bitrot, which ive personally experience and lost files to.

    • Automation and easy access is one. Another is being able to use a VM without remoting into a PC. I can imagine wanting to show someone something a little complex on my android tv in the living room which would require a proper os.

      Also, I don't want to run racks and sht. So this would be more convenient.

  • Sadly, I didn't know about the $600 limit on Afterpay if your account is new or you don't use it much.

    • +5

      You can get past that by applying eBay gift cards for the remainder of the balance above your limit :)

      E.G If you add gift cards >$114 to the transaction and then pay with Afterpay, it will go through because the Afterpay portion is <$600 now.

      • +1

        With discounted gift card, I have saved even more. Thanks for this.

      • Is it correct to assume that afterpay will deduct the payment from my card on the scheduled dates ie. I don’t need to manually login and pay?

        • Correct - every 14 days from the order date (when the first payment is deducted)

      • Thank you so much for that advice! I was able to pick one up after all using your method!

  • +1

    Can part of this also be used as home assistant?

    • +2

      Yes, you can run Home Assistant in Docker or a Virtual Machine on Synology.

      Docker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__d5atnaRFY

      VM: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/installation-on-synolo...

      • +2

        If you're not experienced at using Docker or rolling your own HA, then I would suggest running the VM version as it includes HA Supervisor which makes management (updates etc) easier and requires less manual setup of integrations. The downside is that the VM uses more resources so would advise you upgrade the RAM (+4GB officially supported, +16GB not officially supported but works - suggest you look carefully before doing this as you need dual rank etc).

      • Thanks for confirming that

    • +1

      Word of caution; although you can run HA with this, adding external hardware such as a conbee ii for zigbee connectivity may not work, or suddenly stop working after an update because from version 7 of DSM Synology are officially dropping support of USB devices other than for external storage devices.

      • Yes - agree to be cautions as there is no official support.
        If you want to take the risk, here are instructions on how to get it to work: https://mariushosting.com/synology-how-to-add-usb-support-on...

        Genuinely asking a question here as I don't know the answer - although USB support may not be there in DSM, does this then also affect how a USB device works with VM's and/or Docker containers? I have DSM7 and run HA on VM and have had no problems to date.

        • +1

          Yes it does - tl;dr: similar to a hypervisor abstracting physical resources such as RAM/CPU allowing multiple OS installs sharing the same hardware, docker technology abstracts the OS kernel allowing multiple shells to be run sharing the same OS software/drivers. This means if the underlying OS kernel does not support something, the docker containers on top of it will not be able to either.

          Can't comment on why your DSM7 still works with your setup - it could just be they are yet to remove everything.

  • This or QNAP ?

    • +3


    • +2


  • +1

    People who dont own will never know how much they miss this. Full stop.

    • Explain what m I missing ? 😒😒

  • -1

    After using NAS for years, I eventually moved back to a proper PC with NASOS like TrueNAS
    It's more flexible in terms of disk configurations as well as upgrade (ram, NIC etc)

  • +1

    Anyone needing some high capacity drives for one of these should look through this thread to get a good group buy discount.

    I am just waiting on a comment back to confirm the 920 will support 18TB capacity.

    • Please let us know when you hear back.

  • +3

    I've just bought one. I use it to:

    1. Automatically back up my wife's phone photos. We've got kids and she's always taking pics/vids and running out of memory.

    2. Automatically backup up my PC and my MacBook Air.

    3. Plex server for both Movies and music.

    4. Cloud storage for all my important documents.

    Some people use DS Get to download torrents.

    It's set and forget.

    • I literally got mine yesterday for the exact same reasons.

    • Is it your first NAS ? I got little bit idea about NAS but not knowing much detail. Is it noisy ?

  • I'm after the DS1821+ but it's jacked up to $1,699 or $1,444 after the code. Guess I'll keep waiting.

    • Wish there were more sales on the 8 bay units. Would like to replace my old DS1812+ but can't justify full price for the new units seeing as my current one is still going along fine. Only thing is it can't be upgraded to DSM7. But maybe that's a good thing…

  • I recently finished setting up my DS1821+. It's a fantastic bit of kit that just works out of the box. Configuration is dead easy and it can do just about anything you need it to - file sharing, remote access, cloud functions, media servers (Emby/Plex), media management, and storage management. It takes 8 disks without having to mess about with expansion cards.

    This is replacing an HP iLO server that I have which is great and powerful but just requires too much time and effort to maintain.

  • you can buy this, and setup qbittorrent, jackett,sonarr,radarr, and plex all under docker to setup like a home theather cinema. plus you can setup this as raid 5 for putting your important data. plus when you bored, you can have a look selection of app from synology package center, you can install vpn, database, cloud sync.

  • Come on Amazon, you can do better!

  • +4

    I have tried QNAP, Terramaster, TrueNAS, Etc. and honestly the Synology OS is worth the extra $. Everything just 'works' and I have never encountered any kind of error/bug, never had to deal with the terminal in any way if i didn't want to.

    Be forewarned, the 4GB of ram the DS920+ comes with is soldered to the motherboard.
    If anyone wants to upgrade the ram in this guy to 20gb these sticks work (tested), nothing else will seemly work:

    • Yeah, but you don't necessarily need a heap extra - and just in case anyone doesn't realise - the 4gb is soldered and there's one extra sodimm slot.

      8gb seems to work fine for me but YMMV

  • Bought one, but thinking it might be overkill. Should I have just considered the DS420j since I only plan to use it for personal cloud storage? It's would only be $368 from HT

    • +2

      Yeah, this model is mainly for if you are planning on using it as pseudo server due to its high specs.
      Plex streaming, application hosting, etc. Way overkill for just storage, better off spending less $ and get even more bays for that.

      • +1

        Thanks! Might cancel my order and just go the DS420j.

        That or keep it and consider migrating away from my old 8-bay 4RU server that's basically capable of the same job. I do like the idea this is literally 1/8th the size of my current file server, and will consume less power too.

  • Any ideas what this costs to power per month?

  • +1

    This or My Cloud Pro PR4100?

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