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The Inspiration Cube Portable Bluetooth Speaker $1 Delivered @ Joel Osteen Ministries


When purchasing the Cube you need to change "I'd like to donate:" to "Other" and change the amount to $1 and complete checkout per normal.

Be inspired with the Joel Osteen Audio cube: featuring 365 daily Inspirations, 52 sermons and 31 affirmations. Or you can pull out the SD card and put whatever you want on it per the below links:
https://twitter.com/foone/status/1338645260323356672?lang=en - I used this guide as it seemed easier.

The cube is also a high quality Bluetooth speaker and it does sound pretty good.

The only down side is the charger is for US plug and it took about a month to arrive. But as it is a donation and the cube is a free gift so you can probably deduct on tax? Edit: turns out it's not Tax deductible :(

I made up a basic Excel sheet to rename the files with rather crude instructions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cSjhTuxigi_6qNZyvEG0pyAx3b_...

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  • +3


    No donation, no salvation!

    • That is their mantra. Got to keep the money rolling in.

  • +13


    And that’s how so many of the Televangelists get into trouble.

    • yeah we now, it came out in a royal commission

      bless you my son

      • The laying on of hands.

  • The Buddha bless ya. Goddamn I will have Slayer blasting from this thing :-)

  • South Parks view on this sort of thing.


    • send you money now… god bless you… lol

      • This was hilarious as it got increasingly difficult to explain what they were trying to do. It just became “send the money”.

  • +2

    So torn. Want to send this to a mate as a joke.
    But the it means I gave this flogsock money. Even giving him a dollar makes my skin crawl

  • +1

    Thanks OP, website accepted 1c as a donation.

    • Were you able to get the cube as well, or was it just a 1c donation?

      • Min spend would be $1 for Cube option to show up. Even for $1, this is going to end up in landfill after the novelty factor wears off so best save the environment and NOT buy!

        • The novelty factor of listening to music?

          • @Skinnerr: If the contents of the memory card was not rewritable and the thing only played this prestored music and sermons. Then sure. That novelty will wear off.

            But since you can overwrite the contents of the microsd card and you can use the speaker connected to say your phone vua bluetooth. Then i can't see how having the novelty of this as a $1 bt speaker will wear off.

            And going by the review of those who have received it last time. The sound isnt bad. Not that anyone who got it $1 can really complain.

  • Nope.

    “Osteen is estimated to have a net worth of over $50 million, with his church taking in $43 million a year in collections.”

    • +1

      yeah this is bullshit

      i know someone with a net worth of $100 mil and they aint living in a $10 mil. house… Osteen is…

  • +3

    (profanity) that guy

  • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_Osteen

    Head to the 'Controversies' section

    I think it would be wise to add this link and allow people to follow through and see how some (looks like ALL of them to me) of the allegations they are making, have been corrected/clarified/retracted etc.

    Just a thought.

    • Net worth $50m while encouraging his congregation to tithe 10% of their paltry salary to his church tells me all I need to know about the so called "Man of god"

  • Has the site been ozbargained? Doesn't appear to work anymore, can't even get past the landing screen

    • +1

      I just tested and still working.

  • Then you have the pharmacist who was diluting cancer fir profit. Part of the money went to tithes to his local church.

  • So does this have a battery? Sorry I watched the super inspirational video (dude's haristyle is sick!), and read the we site blurb - but nowhere does it say whether this thing is truly portable (battery) or I have to plug it in all the time.

    Truly aplogize if I missed it.

  • Nice the dudes donations have paid for a cube you can put on in the morning inspiring people to give him more money .
    Its a wonderful world :)

    • Or you can overwrite the mp3 in it with those of your own choosing.

      Or you can play highway to hell by AC/DC via your phone as this is a bluetooth speaker after all.

      • I think it would join my small Google and Amazon smart speakers and become a paper weight .

  • Apparently the SD card houses a virus?

    • Only harmful to windows machine. So use linux or mac and you are good.

      • So wipe on mac then safe on windows?

        • Or replace the microsd card entirely. It is 4GB only. 8 or even 16GB is cheap enough.

    • There wasn't any additional files on the SD of the ones I have modified and windows defender didn't pick anything up. So it's possible there was a bad batch or something. So if concerned just format in a camera, phone, Mac, Linux or even a nintendo switch.

      • Or raspberry pi. 😂

  • Any shipping notification provided ?

  • What I like is a) $1USD is rather less than the speaker costs b) shipping to Australia from the USA is rather exorbitant.

    • Donation is in AUD.

      And its not shipped from USA. Its ships here from one of their local cult branches.

      Likely shipped here from some factory in china. Where its made.

      • You've crushed my spirit this morning.

        Only the words of Joelo Steen can revive the spark within me now.

        • Donate and feel power of the gospel via this $1 bluetooth speaker.

          • +1

            @xoom: It hasn't arrived yet, and I'm already tingling. Though I'm not 100% sure if that's the onset of a stroke, or the toaster in the bath.

            • +1

              @fruchle: Could be an episode of epilepsy if you have family history of it.

              Or the healing power of the word.

              Can never tell these days.

      • The battery was made in 2020 and the SD files last changed in 2020. So I think they may have made millions of them and have a warehouse full, possibly in china. But I don't think they are making new ones.

        • if you of it like this in that this church has hundreds of millions of dollars

          it would not take too much money to get an ODM in china to modify and existing example of whatever the hell this is based on… an alarm clock? and custom smack out a heap of these for… I want to say a project like this can be done for $250,000 usd…. and just store them and send them out

        • I finally received them. I actually like his preaching. However, where is the SD card? I could only play other thing through Bluetooth.

  • I got the speaker today.

  • Has anyone received these yet?

    • I was wondering the same thing myself last night in bed but then this morning I couldn't remember

      So thanks for the reminder… Lol

      And no I haven't received mine yet either

      Order status:
      Order date:
      March 23, 2022

      Looks like they haven't actioned it yet :(

      • Im trolling a mate and sending it to him. So I won't know until I get and angry phone call

    • Yep arrived today in Brisbane

  • "Ordered" 2 on 23/3 with 2 different emails. Haven't received either yet.

  • Haven't received mine either.

    • Received mine in Brisbane today

      • Did you get a tracking number?

        • Nope, forgot all about it until the delivery came this morning

          • @Japius: I already forgot about mine. Though im overseas. However i had mine sent to the office

  • +1

    Thanks op, mine arrived today here in Brisbane (shipping from qld)…secret Santa sorted for this year

    • +2

      My angry phone call should be mere days away. Excellent

    • +1

      Nice to see you guys have received yours. Once mine arrives it will be kris kringle sorted.

  • Received mine yesterday, ordered on the 23rd of March. The speaker is surprisingly good, ordered it as a gag gift but using it as a Bluetooth speaker has been quite good.

  • Received mine today. Forgot all about it until today hahaha

  • +1

    Mine just arrived too. Like others above totally forgot about it and just took a punt to see what happens…

    I have to say quite impressed that this has come over from the states for just $1 and it is quite a decent unit in the scheme of things

    • It was sent from within Australia

  • +1

    Impressed with it - arrived yesterday👍
    Courier stopped while I was outside house - surprised as didn't expect anything.

    Now to open it up to mod it!

  • +1

    Opened up easily, removed memory card, put back together with just rear screw holding it together (for time being).
    Took under 2min!

    With memory card removed it is no longer inspirational. Bye Joel!
    Now top row of buttons don't function. After start up, displays "Bluetooth Device Paired". Now just a great $1 Bluetooth Speaker🔊

    Don't know if I will bother to program the memory card!

    Playing music stored on my phone via Bluetooth, sitting outside in the sun.
    Now that is inspirational🌞

    Fantastic Deal👍
    Ordering another to give away, after changing the front panel.

    • With memory card removed it is no longer inspirational. Bye Joel!

      You heathen. Thou shall smite thee with the ferocity of a thousand suns.


      Cant wait to get mine.

      • Just smiting - I've had worse!
        Heathen? - was known here as The Infidel😉

        Was aiming for eternal damnation with endless paddlin'😜

  • Front panel can easily be modified using black electrical tape over wording.
    Joel has left the Cube!

    • "After receiving my Joel Osteen Ministries "The Inspiration Cube" - I can See the Light!"

      Seems no setting to dim/disable the display.
      Too bright for use beside bed at night… Even though it is a recommended location. Found no advice online.

      With use only as a Bluetooth Speaker - there is no real use for the display.
      Battery level check is about only reason, but an audible low battery warning is given.

      So covered display with strip of black electrical tape, with end doubled over so can peel back.

      Renamed the Bluetooth device on phone to just "Cube".

      • The trick is to face it down to stop the light.

        • Easier just to apply black tape once (if not playing "sermons"), than face down every night in bedroom, then turn over to turn on/off etc😉

      • Might investigate disconnecting display backlight on PCB. Don't need the display for Bluetooth Speaker. Should extend play time - a bit.

  • +1

    Strange FAQ about The Inspiration Cube:

    Is it true that this cube speaks without being asked?
    It sometimes advises me to take 10-12 Benadryl before having fun with my spouse or by myself, but I have to trust it because Joel Osteen says so.

    Is this cube going to help me keep my jeans tight and high?
    My cube was quite helpful in keeping my jeans tight and high.

    At end of…. https://manuals.plus/joel-osteen/joel-osteen-joel-osteen-ins...

    • +1

      Just read that. 😂

  • +1

    My 5 has arrived. Time to pull these apart to hijack the microsd in them.

    • What are you going to do with your 5?

      • A work colleague ended with one. Religious fella. So his speaker was unmodified. The rest. I'm using one. Not yet modded as been busy.

        Sounds worth more than $1 bt speaker.

        • Am (now occasionally) enjoying mine.
          Got it more out of curiosity about the tech. So got straight to to the mod.
          For $1 - was worth it.

          As you know - don't need to mod to use as BT speaker. So no great advantage. But very easy to do.

          Just happier without accidentally pressing a button & hear the preachings of Joel😜

          Mine hasn't been used much after the first weeks.

    • Ordering at least 1 more to use as dedicated Bluetooth Speaker. Paired with old Android phone with music player / streaming app & plenty of music on memory card.
      That way can leave Cubes on charge where needed.

      Won't bother storing music on the Cube, as phone app provides better & easier selection of music, plus basic features like music sorted by artist etc, playlists & equaliser. Then only need to turn Cube on - everything else is controlled by phone.

      It's been over a decade since I pressed physical buttons to select music. Don't miss it.

  • Got home to this on my doorstep, time to remove a memory card & enjoy a Bluetooth speaker 😂

    • +1

      Just use as is. No need to remove the microSD card.

      • Update: done and done 🙂

        Took all of five minutes thanks to the handy guide posted earlier.

  • I ordered this and never received

    • Ordered 5. Received in 2 boxes. 1 had 3 the other package had 2.

      Which was odd as the box where the 3 was in had 6 of them originally as noted in the box. So it boggles the mind why they couldn't have sent it with that one box.

  • I placed an order and it's stuck at processing, no confirmation email yet. Does it take some time before the confirmation comes?

    • You should get a confirmation email within minutes. At least it did for my 5 orders.

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