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The Inspiration Cube Portable Bluetooth Speaker $1 Delivered @ Joel Osteen Ministries


When purchasing the Cube you need to change "I'd like to donate:" to "Other" and change the amount to $1 and complete checkout per normal.

Be inspired with the Joel Osteen Audio cube: featuring 365 daily Inspirations, 52 sermons and 31 affirmations. Or you can pull out the SD card and put whatever you want on it per the below links:
https://twitter.com/foone/status/1338645260323356672?lang=en - I used this guide as it seemed easier.

The cube is also a high quality Bluetooth speaker and it does sound pretty good.

The only down side is the charger is for US plug and it took about a month to arrive. But as it is a donation and the cube is a free gift so you can probably deduct on tax? Edit: turns out it's not Tax deductible :(

I made up a basic Excel sheet to rename the files with rather crude instructions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cSjhTuxigi_6qNZyvEG0pyAx3b_...

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  • +15

    Give my details to that guy? Big nope.

    • +1

      I've ordered the Brian Houston cube. They pay me $10 to take it.

      • That's ok. ScoMo will foot the bill for his mate

        • the brian huston cube would attempt to rape your children… allegedly

    • +3

      Ugh, i didn't even bother to read what i was signing up for. should have checked the comments, you're aboslutely right - big nope. this is my big regret for today

      • +2

        You learned for next time: You can lie about your name, give them a work address and use a throwaway email.

        • +1

          Yeah, for sure, i didn't give address, just full name and email, though the email is my main one but the one i use for unimportant things. so it's be fine - i been getting plenty of spam from companies selling enlargement pills and overseas marriages… but yeah feels bad :(

      • +1

        You may be regretting it a lot longer than that…

        • +1

          Yeah :(

      • +1

        What's the worse that can happen if they have your name and address? Email I can understand because of spam.

        • we just got to the end of email, no address or nothing - i snapped outta it aha. I was gonna gift the speaker to a relo. got rekt

      • +1

        I used a secondary email and I received one email in the last month which I unsubscribed from. So you shouldn't have any issues, I also only got the cube in the mail, so no postal spam either.

  • +4

    This seems a bit wrong

  • +1

    No way in hell you will get one of these for less than US$50.

    • +1

      Got one last time this was posted for $1, forgot I even ordered delivery took so long.

    • +2

      It's also in AUD. I tested if they will send you 10 cubes if you do 10 x $1 donations. They were delivered last week :)

      • Are they any good?

        • +3

          The sound quality is actually really good. I made one into a bedtime cube which has sleep music/sounds instead of Sermons, Kids stories on Daily Inspirations and Kids songs on Affirmations. My toddler has been sleeping a lot better with his Sleep Cube.

      • Did you have to do 10 different transactions? I want to order several.

        How long the shipping?

        Did you use the same name/email address every time?

        • +1

          Yeah 10 different transactions, I used the same name/email for all. About a month for it to all show up, not sure if floods effected the delivery time.

          • @timpo: How much gap did you leave between transactions? I did 2 yesterday and only recognized 1 of them.


            • +1

              @Cherry12: I did 5 of them one after the other and i got sent 5 different transaction email.

              • @xoom: To me it didn't recognized the first one, did one after the other. I'll try again but wait until I get confirmation before doing next transfer.


  • -1

    As cj from san andreas would say.


    • +25

      Joel Osteen, purported man of God, refused to open up his huge 16,000+ capacity megachurch as a shelter for hurricane victims. I'd say underpaying for a cheapo Alibaba bluetooth speaker is fair game

      • -13

        You're trying to rationalise being unethical.

        • +18

          The man is a conman who fleeces idiots out of money they should be using to educate their dumbass kids with. Cry me a river.

          The only ethics you should consider is how much of a tax deduction he will be claiming for this. If it's significant, then we could be helping him make it easy to defraud the US government.

          • -11

            @outlander: Even if you allegations were true, why are you still trying to rationalise being unethical? Makes absolutely no sense.

            • +4

              @Oofy Doofy: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/12/joel-osteen-denounced-as-gr...

              Joel Osteen's megachurch in Texas got millions of dollars in federal loans as part of the coronavirus stimulus package

              Cry me a river

            • +6

              @Oofy Doofy: How is it unethical to take advantage of something at the cost of someone who is a multi-millionaire scammer who preys on vulnerable people?

            • +6

              @Oofy Doofy:

              why are you still trying to rationalise being unethical?

              They're rejecting your premise altogether.

            • -2

              @Oofy Doofy: I've noticed that the unethical people on OzB will go through all kinds of convolutions to rationalise their behaviour. Some of them have no grasp of ethics or integrity whatsoever.

        • +7

          Trying? I’d say quite successfully rationalising.

          Manipulating this offer is about as unethical as wasting a telemarketer’s valuable time, or manipulating a financial scammer into sending you money, or one of those shitty tech support scammers into downloading malware. I feel completely rational in taking advantage of predators like Olsteen.

          Olsteen’s entire business model is predicated around manipulating the vulnerable, claiming tax exempt status for running his scam, and giving NOTHING back to the people he preys on. I’d argue that it’s more unethical to not do your part in disrupting his attempts to victimise even more people with his garbage.

          • -7

            @SierraBMel: Well I have to say I disagree. Nothing good will come of doing this. A more effective strategy if you don't support the organisation behind this 'deal', is to simply move along. A much better way to go about things.

            • +8

              @Oofy Doofy: Nothing good?

              A $1 bluetooth speaker to bleed the coffers of an objectively manipulative televangelist* sounds pretty good to me.

              • -8

                @Wasted1: How so? Even everyday advertising from all the companies you see everywhere are a form of manipulation.

                • +4

                  @Oofy Doofy: Would you have the same concerns if I took advantage of other manipulative advertisers? Because that's basically what this whole site is, in case you didnt notice.

                  If he didnt want to give out $1 bt speakers, he shouldn't have made the offer. Simple.

                  • -4

                    @Wasted1: He didn't make them $1. That is only if you make a custom donation amount below $50

                    • +3

                      @Oofy Doofy: He absolutely did, we are not manipulating anything. He set the terms of this offer.

                      You cant give $0.99, for example.

                      • -3

                        @Wasted1: You're manipulating the donation minimum. I just don't think that's ethical, despite anyone's assertions about alleged whatever.

                        • +5

                          @Oofy Doofy: Alleged, lol. Maybe look up the guy before you go to bat defending him.

                          We aren't manipulating anything we are using the website exactly as it was set up.

                          • -1

                            @Wasted1: Do you believe donating $1 and receiving an item like this is ethical?

                            • +3

                              @Oofy Doofy: Yes it is entirely ethical. He is using this as a means of spreading his message. I paid my $1, as his site allows, and he gets to send me his dumb message.

                              You've failed to articulate in any way how we aren't playing fair. This isnt even an accidental discount either, as are often posted here.

                              Just because we probably wont be convinced by his messages, doesn't mean we cant take advantage of the offer. Maybe we'll become converts!


                              • -1

                                @Wasted1: Just because you can do it, as the site allows, doesn't make it ethical. You are still manipulating the minimum. I don't believe donating $1 and accepting an item (very much below cost) and associating myself with an organisation I would never normally support otherwise, as ethical.

                                • +4

                                  @Oofy Doofy: You do you buddy. You still haven't explained how it's unethical.

                                  We are using the site exactly as intended.

                                  • @Wasted1: Why have you been a member since 2021 and your most active comment streak is on this post?

                                    • +6

                                      @Oofy Doofy: Because you keep replying with illogical comments, and it was temporarily fun trying to understand why you think this is unethical.

                                      Since you arent able to give me any answers more than hand waving, im done.

                                      Edit: also kinda weird of you to stalk my comment history.

                                      • @Wasted1: I gave you examples, your response is 'yeah but but but but'

                                        I don't think your responses justified anything.

                                        • +2

                                          @Oofy Doofy: You have a whole reply chain of people agreeing with me and precisely one person in this thread saying the same thing as you.

                                          I dont think you understand how marketing works.

                                          • @Wasted1: Marketing? or the ethics of manipulating this deal?

                                            I'm not woried about people I don't necessarily agree with.

                                            • +1

                                              @Oofy Doofy: You're not worried that 95% of people think you're wrong? The problem must be us.

                                • +6

                                  @Oofy Doofy: From the site:

                                  Receive this encouraging resource with a gift of any size!

                                  • -4

                                    @GG57: Sure, but there would be a low expectation for people to donate $1.

                                    • +5

                                      @Oofy Doofy: Again:

                                      …a gift of any size!

                                      • +5

                                        @GG57: PS this shows how Joel is actually the unethical one, because you cant get the gift for less than $1.

                                        $0.01 is a gift of any size.

                                        • +2

                                          @Wasted1: Bamboozle is textbook Seymour Skinner:

                                          "am i out of touch"

                                          "no its the children who are wrong"

                                          ie. if I was given the opportunity to go back in time and kill Hitler for $1 would I?

                                          no that sounds unethical

                                          lol this guy

                                          • @tonyjzx: You're not funny, unfortunately.

                                            • +1

                                              @Oofy Doofy: neither are you

                                              there's an old saying

                                              the only people who defend assholes are defence lawyers and other assholes

                                              and this aint a court of law

                                              • @tonyjzx: Check the guy out on Wikipedia. Read the 'controversies' section.

                                    • +5

                                      @Oofy Doofy: You've convinced me to spend $1 on this. Thanks for the input Bamboozle; rest assured your efforts were well worth while.

                                      Thank You! Your Order Is Complete!

                                      Please review the order details below. If you have questions or concerns about this order, please contact the Joel Osteen Ministries service department toll free at 800-278-0520 (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time).

                                      Once again, thank you for your support of God’s ministry through Joel Osteen Ministries. It is our desire to provide you with relevant information and valuable resources that will help you in your daily walk with the Lord.

                                      Inspiration Cube
                                      by Joel Osteen
                                      Inspiration Cube

                                      Quantity: 1

                                      Regular Donation
                                      Regular Donation
                                      Quantity: 1

                                      Currency:Australian Dollar $

                                      Total: $1.00

    • +13

      Seems pretty naive to think that you have some kind of ethical duty in a commercial transaction with a televangelist.

      • You are not forced or coerced into donating anything. That is of personal choice.

        • +2

          It’s a business transaction. Olsteen is running a business even if he markets selling hope to the vulnerable at crippling expense as something less contemptible.

          This offer is a simple loss leader. A gamble that the bargain option of a thing for a dollar will generate greater long term profits. Coles only sell hot chickens so cheaply because they want you to buy other shit while you’re in store. Buying one and (profanity) off without buying anything else is exactly the same as buying one of Olsteen’s speakers and remapping the affirmations to the cringiest porn dialogue you can find. Just, not nearly as funny.

          • @SierraBMel: his parishioners tithe him money

            he uses some of this money for advertising, like this BT speaker

            and the rest goes into mansions, private jets and cadillac suvs… such is the hard life of a religious leader… ask brian huston

            if a little bit of this money goes to someone here then i guess i'm ok with the ethics of that situation, some might not be….

            • @tonyjzx: Them preachers truly slumming it.

            • +1

              @tonyjzx: Calling them parishioners feels incredibly generous. Customers might be more polite but his marks would be much more accurate. Even the legitimate churches that ask parishioners to tithe usually have some common decency about how much they push for relative to what the parishioner earns. And they don’t push the prosperity gospel nonsense that Olsteen does.

              Olsteen sells people hope and tells them that by giving him far more then they can afford, god will give them back a return on their investment in earthly riches. I’m not religious and I have issues with the Christian churches in general, but a 10% tithe, and clergy living in modest poverty, and not lying to poor people and promising them earthly riches has a lot more internal consistency than Olsteen’s scam.

              It feels VERY confusing to debate the ethics issues f taking advantage of Olsteen’s offers. He’s a scammer a fraud and a predator. I hope offers like this financially ruin him.

              • +1

                @SierraBMel: i dont disagree with anything here

                however prosperity gospel is a real common thing here obviously… our PM and LNP policy is based on this, even our NSW Politics and Police… cornerstone of Hillsong and Pentecostals…

                • @tonyjzx: I’m interested to hear about any achievable ways to (profanity) with those people as well.

  • +4

    as it is a donation and the cube is a free gift so you can probably deduct on tax

    LOLOLOLOL (no)

    • Thanks for the info! Yeah per their ABN "Not entitled to receive tax deductible gifts"

  • +4

    The more money you pay, the less Jesus you get.

  • +10

    Sent one to my ex. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      You joke, but I'm buying a few to send to friends and family.

  • +2

    Oh Jesus Christ, that is one mf ugly thing!

  • Those are great if you want a cheap Bluetooth speaker. I got them last time it was posted.

  • +1

    ROFL! Thanks I needed a laugh but no way, these are probably supplied free of charge by some 3rd world company and I guarantee you are going to be spammed like crazy.
    I wouldn't want one is these just in case this manipulative sob managed to sneak out some mind control trickery while I attempted to convert it to something useful lol

    • I had similar thoughts, that maybe the device somehow 'listened in'…
      Maybe it does in one of those "spirit in the sky" sort of ways

      • +1

        its not IOT, no wifi etc

  • +4

    Joel Osteen claimed he never closed the door for the victims. Let's assume he is lying. He still helped them afterwards. I don't know his heart. But I'll still give him credit for helping.

    Most of us can't help so many people. I won't be surprised that some of the people complaining, never invited any victim (in Australia or outside Australia) in their house or helped in anyway.

    • +2

      It's nice and easy to throw stones despite you not knowing the first thing about people posting here or what we do for others.

      This is the "severe flooding" his church was experiencing, the excuse he gave for not opening it originally:

      • +2

        That is why I wrote some I did not write everyone.

        True I'm just having a guess. I made it clear. My gut feeling it is a good guess.

        I still give him credit even if he did not in the beginning. He still helped them. Even better if he was wrong and corrected it. It deserves more credit in my view. Some people are too proud to accept they were wrong and make a change.

        There are two sides of the story. I don't know who's right or wrong. But I do know he helped a lot of people.

        • +2

          he only helped AFTER massive public backlash because he did not "help thy neighbour" nor be "the good Samaritan".

          which is odd as he is , as a televangelist, a very devout christian and learned in the ways of Christianity and the bible

          it's baffling, really really baffling - a person who makes $40+ million a year and owns a huge "church" but was unable to help his christian brothers and sisters in their time of need……when he just had to open the doors of the church.

          it's what jesus would have wanted.

          can you see the issue?

          he only helped once the public started to criticize him for not helping….when he could have been helping when the people approached his church for help

          • +3

            @altomic: He’s in it for the money.

            It’s like the catholic priests who abuse children; if they, really, believed what Christ taught they wouldn’t be fleecing their flocks and misusing his name. I’m not sure if there is a God but I, certainly, hope that there is so he/she can go medieval on their arses.

          • +1

            @altomic: I know public figures with massive following that does not change after massive backlash. If he made up an excuse, he could keep making excuses. And not help anyone.

            The only way it's completely wrong that I can think of. Is that he is lying and did not do it to be kind but just because of the backlash. (Although some people might not care for his motive, as long as the victim got helped).

            If the accusation is true, and he made a genuine change. I have massive respect for that.

            At the end of the day, someone can be a bad "Christian". Show you the finger and tell you to piss off. And there is nothing you can do about it.

            I see where is the problem. But I don't know which version of the story is true. I don't trust everything on media or social media. I don't know Joel Osteen enough to trust him or not. I don't know his heart.

            Another problem, people make changes and still get criticised and no credit is given. Whereas I don't see a problem giving someone credit when they accept correction.

            • +1

              @gto21: so by your logic - if Hitler had made a genuine changed then you'd have massive respect for that?

              Joel Osteen only "changed" after massive public criticism of his unchristian behaviour because he wants people to give him money - so he has to appear nice.

              that is all.

              he is a parasite preying off the those who believe in god.

              he is after money, and money alone.

              a person spreading the word of god does not need a net worth of $100,000,000

              • +1

                @altomic: If Hitler changed to be a better person. What do you want me to do condemn him for the change? lol

                If it was real in the case of Hilter, we can condemn him for his past actions before the change. Massive respect for him might require a massive change. A small change might not do it.

                For Joel Osteen, I'll give him the benefit of doubt. From listening to both sides. I don't know who's telling the truth.

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