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[PS5] Gran Turismo 7 $89 + Shipping or $0 Store Pickup @ BIG W


Well here comes the drop… $89 at BigW. As usual, expect this game to keep dropping in price. I couldn't wait any longer and pulled the trigger. Not the best deal ever but $10 cheaper than anywhere else that I can see.

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  • +31

    Shoutouts to the devs for patching in a terrible post release update so that us patient gamers can score some cheap copies when nobody is buying it.

    • What was the update? I’ve been playing and haven’t noticed anything severe. Although I haven’t played much.

      • +3

        The payout for some events was reduced

    • +16

      Agree. They waited for the positive reviews and then dropped the microtransactions bomb. Not cool.

    • +2

      I'm actually hoping less people buy it so it gets cheaper and cheaper and I can claim my credit card price protection.

      The less people that play means they won't have time to catch up on online skill levels and will be left dead on the ladders.

  • +13

    $69 in another 2 months is my prediction

    • +2

      If i were a betting man I would place money on that prediction too.

    • +3

      I would probably say $49 PS4 and $59 PS5 in that time frame. Getting some serious hate right now.

      • Awesome - I’m hanging out for it, can’t wait to play but can’t justify paying more than $69 for a new game..

    • It'll be under $50 during Prime Day in June.

  • +34

    Textbook example of micro transactions ruining a legendary franchise

    • +18

      and DRM on a single player type game…

    • +13

      do you remember the old days on GT on ps1 ps2 and ps3 it was so good. no Internet required.

      • +11

        Suzuki escudo pike peak, Mustang SVT, Toms Supra.. ahh those were the days

        • +1

          don't for get the V8 super cars :D

        • Ahhh the nostalgia!

        • +2

          Lol that escudo pikes peak annihilated all cars in gt2
          Pretty sure in gt3 it was a formula 1 car

          • +2

            @maverickjohn: but sometimes it'd go too fast and take off lol

          • @maverickjohn: The thing with the massive spoiler?
            Pretty sure it could 'fly' in gt3 and was the fastest car on the test track, especially if you increased the gear ratio.

    • I have no idea, but can you elaborate?

      What does micro transactions do on this? make the car go faster?

      • +8

        Buys you in game currency, because getting currency in the game to buy new cars and upgrades is EXTREMELEY slow process, and a massive grind. Basically unless you are willing to spend MANY hours, you won't really be able to explore many cars or upgrades at all. Hence why micro transactions are in it. They are pushing users to purchase in game credits so that they can fast track their ability to buy more in game cars/upgrades sooner.

        • +1

          Right understood, well that is absolutely shitty and now I get why it has horrendous reviews.

          I'm totally ok if currency is for purely buying cosmetic stuff, but to actually unlock basic things its ridiculous.

          If people want to throw money away at stupid things like clothing for a character on a game like Dota, let them, but to access characters, thats a game killer.

          • +7

            @tightm8: Yeah i was interested in this game until I saw how grindy it is, and then they nerfed in game rewards in their first patch to make microtransactions more attractive. When it releases at $110 and then they want you to spend more money in-game, to unlock content you've already paid for, that's just greedy.

        • -7

          That's some ridiculous hyperbole. Are you playing the game?

          I've maybe sank 10 hours doing the usual events pretty casually and I can buy many of the exotics easily.

          • +4

            @plmko: Please share with us how you are able to do that, as I've spend 30+hrs on it so far and on the last menu task, and my experience is the same as onlinepred's description.

            At 10hr mark, I couldn't afford any exotics, at 30hr mark, I can probably afford a couple of them (but depends on what you define as "exotics" though), and then I won't have any credits left for mods or upgrades. Even now, I can't afford any of the legend cars sold at the legend dealership.

            Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the game, I just wish they weren't so stingy with the credits.

        • FIFA created the blueprint and has been doing this with Ultimate Team for over 10 years.

          First few years it was fun as there weren't many special cards and you could have a similar team to everyone without spending. Then they realised people were willing to pay to play and now has a promo every week. Now they make over a billion dollars a year on a game they barely change year to year.

          This year after the bad press and lawsuits they still do microtransactions but show odds on packs and made the game easier to grind. You can compete in the top divisions online not spending any money.

      • I want the platinum trophy for this.

        BUT - i have to grind for 10 hours or more or pay the money for the credits.

        Its a disgrace.

      • +1

        It's basically paying to win. I refuse to buy into any such system and this is reasons why I don't preorder games and then only until dust settles after release do I consider buying. This I will not be buying based on some comments. However what I really want to know is it really more grind than the previous games. Traditionally GT games are a bit of a grind to buy and unlock cars. I have spend 50-100 hours on previous GT games with unlocking most things and if it is like that, I think it is a storm in a teacup and don't mind this as why would I want to quickly complete a game I just bought without some type of challenge.

    • +6

      Has been garbage franchise for years forza is the king now

      • +2

        Forza has been the (singleplayer) king for ages now (and I say that as a GT fanboy)

      • -1

        Forza does not even compare man.

        The realism in Forza is like 1 out of 10. The GT fans prize the realism and licenses etc.

        • +2

          If you want realism it's best to look elsewhere. Gran Turismo & Forza have always been more sim-cade than simulation. Can't comment on the latest version though and considering the money gouging by Sony & PD, I doubt I'll ever play it.

        • +1

          Realism doesn't come into sim arcade racing games likes these

  • +26

    Lol I'll buy when it's $30 in next few months. They've really fk'd over gamers.

    Now 1.6 user score on metacritic https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-5/gran-turismo-7

  • +3

    Can get it for $84 delivered with eBay Plus using one of the $5 discount codes.


    If you have already redeemed both $5 eBay Plus coupons then you could add an $11 item (e.g. UNO All Wild) and use coupon SNSAVEA instead to bring the total down to $90 delivered.

  • +8

    just FYI guys this is a game that will require you to be online all the time to play it from what I found out.

    • +5

      same as GT Sport

      also 1.5 on metacritic

      this game is a dumpster fire and thats sad because its actually on ok game… not great.. maybe 5/7

      • +3

        The devs appeared to have some bad design choices and doubling down on them.

        • +1

          I wouldn't pit this against the developers; they just build the product as per the specifications. More than likely it is the higher ups that made this design decision to enable recurring revenue.

          • +6

            @milfey: I know that Sony have made some daft decisions in recent years but this one takes the cake for me, they really did everythin they could to entice microtransactions as much as possible otherwise you're grinding for peanuts to get that car you really want.

            Even when this game ends up in the bargin bin, if they aren't adding extra ways to make more cash or even add a proper career mode, it's not worth touching this game from the looks of things.

            You're better of staying with GT4, heck even Sport is more ideal then 7.

          • @milfey: Came here to say this, this is a business decision, not the dev programmers.

  • Super realistic this game. Each race involves a bunch of varying cars laid out over a KM of track ahead of you before you start a race, then you must overtake all the cars. You always start last. Super realistic. Just like all those real life races we watch. Just need to win 10 races before you can buy a very average car, or a new brake kit upgrade.

    • +2

      also they dont enforce power or tyre limits

      so you can use a 1,000hp Camaro ZL1 on race softs because… you only got 3 laps to gap 45 secs to the leader in traffic… and you will need every horse

      FMD this isnt racing… its… Gran Turismo…

  • +2

    Online just to play single player, MTX or a lifetime of grind to unlock cars and progression. Patch this crap out you scumbags.

  • +5

    This game is bombing hard, blinded by greed of micro transactions

  • +8

    Has a lower metacritic score than Battlefield 2042 cause of predatory MTX

    • +4

      Because $ony apparently joined micro-transactions money train for this game big time. Increasing the costs of getting cars (whereas micro-transctions were disabled when the reviewers reviewed the game and cars were much easier to get in the review version).

      Single player still requires online server is another frustration.

  • +9

    With all the grinding and microtransactions they implementing post review.

    No thanks.

  • +5

    I deleted GT Sport before play GT7 as no way could GT7 be less in quality. Even if they copied GT sport and added additonal stuff, surely it would be better.

    I reinstalled GT Sport a few days later and GT7 is gathering dust

    • +3

      My bet is they turn off the gt sport servers. That's what I did as well.

      • Daily races haven't updated from two weeks ago, so possibly correct.

        • +3

          they will starve the beast

          also a car that is $1 mil in GTSport is now $18.5 mil….

          god i hate sony

    • +1

      I did the exact same. Should get around to selling 7 on marketplace before the price drops further

  • +3

    Still too much IMO. 3/4ths of the way through development (taking gt sport adding ray tracing, a cafe, and increasing the price of everything) Polyphony (or Sony) thought, what if we turn this into a f2p game that people will still pay 100 (or even 89) dollars for?

  • +3

    Just wait until they make a change. Currently rated 1.6 on Metacritic and game is full of micro transactions.

    Also it’s an always online game, despite it being single player for the most part. Server was down for over 24 hours and nobody was able to play the game they paid $100 for.

  • +2

    Get rid of your copies at CEX for $66 for the inevitable.

  • +1

    Glad I resisted the temptation to buy this at launch. Sounds like a real shitshow and the price can only go down from here. I don't want to support always online for single player crap. I like to revisit old games, so this would be uselss once they turn the servers off.

    They may as well make it free to play. It's a bit of a cheek charging full price for it.

  • +5

    Do not buy this game. I got it as a pre-order and it sucks. Was a big fan of the earlier games but really disappointed. Big push for expensive micro transactions -like 8x more expensive than last game. Need full time internet connectivity to play. Servers were ‘under maintenance’ for hours on end. Continuous patches you need to download and of course game is expensive. Huge huge let down. If you have bought this game go and trade it in asap.

    • +2

      hours? 32hrs…

  • +4

    Hope Forza doesn't follow suit with this crap Sony and PD implemented.

    • Finger crossed indeed!

      But Forza's penalty system is way too harsh. Punishment often doesnt fit the crime.

    • +1

      Forza is better, but Forza had microtransactions for a long time.

      Forza Horizon series for example, you are better off buying those extra perks (VIP pack, expansion packs) early, as the quality of life improvement makes it much easier early on. Two free houses, boost of cars at the beginning really help.

      It is also disappointing that if you do want to own the games, you will have to pay eventually (due to car licensing, Forza games do reach EOL, and Microsoft will remove them from GamePass). Also, no access to expansion packs for GamePass Ultimate (so pay if you want to play those). No FPS boost for Series S|X for Forza Horizon 3 (really wish there is one, but there is virtually no chance Microsoft will do that).

      And yes, if you get caught cheating, it is a near permanent ban (I think it is 20 years or maybe 30 years). So if you got caught cheating / hacking to get all cars…

      • I had two genuine racing incidents and got a 7 day then 30 day ban. Next will be 20 years ban for third infraction.

        Infractions don't reset and infraction is an infraction isnan infraction - doesnt matter how minor or severe.

        Eg. my first was corner cutting.

        • I paid $6 for an account with all Forza Horizon 4 cars (inc. every season bonus cars), heaps of credits and wheelspins. Despite mainly playing single player type races, when Microsoft found out, 20 years ban. Back to grinding for more cars I guess.

          However, Microsoft seems to close a blind eye on those events people created to get credits easily.

        • What? You suck at a game enough to take some corners badly and you get banned?

          I'm an arcade racer and a bad one at that. So I don't get to play Forza?

          • @justtoreply: It was a new track I didnt know and simply came in too hot to an S corner. I ended up driving straight through.

            Got banned for corner cutting.

            I do see a lot of low level drivers making mistakes by missing braking points etc. And then, yeap! Get banned.

            I know a few that were slow and got banned because they missed braking points.

            • @Porker: That's unfair. It basically means amateurs don't get to play. W. T. F.

              Even decently skilful don't get to play. W. T. F.

              That should just knock you out of the race. Enter ghost mode or something. No more.

  • +2

    you can't even sell cars…..lol stuck with a hybrid Honda Fit in my garage

  • +8

    Terrible tactics by Sony on this one. Send reviewers one version of the game so it reviews well, then immediately patch in mtx and turn the game into a grindfest after reviews are out. Don't support this garbage

  • +6

    "For the Players"

    • +12

      "For the Payers"

      • +1

        Sony n Kaz say: fuc the players

  • +1

    Has anybody tried Assetto corsa competizione on PS5? Its decent on PC but I'm looking to get a racing game on console so i can vs my console mates. Trying to avoid the GT series…. cant stand the bullshit penalty system.

    • +1

      Wheel or controller?

      Assetto Corsa (and CompeTITs) are wheel games. Its hard to be competitive in these games using controller.

      • +1

        Will be dusting off my old g29 so wheel yeah

  • +1

    PD/Sony really screwed the pooch with GT7.

  • +2

    I was only a few clicks away from pre-ordering this a few months ago. Bullet dodged.

  • +1

    They could charge 89 cents for this game if they wanted to and still make money. There’s cars on there that cost 20 million credits. That’s like $280 in real cash for one freakin’ car!

  • +4

    Don't they know this kind of PR destroys franchises and goodwill? Even Battlefield, a much bigger franchise, can't stand up to gamer rage.

  • +1

    I paid $72 at launch for my physical PS5 copy from ebgames (thanks to ozbargain method using on sale jbhifi games) as I thought this would be a solid PlayStation title that'd hold its price. Even though I came out on top price wise, I feel it's too expensive for all the post review updates and changes. But I guess money comes and money goes.

  • +1

    Anyone planning to get this plz check user review score on metacritic. Disparity between the 2 review scores is mind boggling

  • +1

    For what it's worth I am really enjoying this game. It's addicting getting gold on the licenses and completing the story has given me tonnes of cars. I find the racing fun.

    Not defending the always online or the micro transactions, just saying that I am actually really enjoying it. If you don't intend to collect all the cars in the game (as this will take forever without paying money) you may like it too.

  • +7
    • microtransactions
    • need to be always online even for single player campaign mode. You basically will never actually "own" this game. Their servers were down for over 30 hours last week. Imagine not being able to play a game you bought
    • recent patch reduced CR rewards for some events
    • linear boring, even bizarre "cafe" missions
    • roulette spins most of the time land on the lowest reward
    • cars have strange physics at times especially when hitting gutters/corners
    • they removed ability to sell cars. You can win duplicates and can't sell
    • too much grinding, devs don't value your time.
    • the game does well to hinder your ability to actually race through boring missions and stories about racers. I don't need to know that Pedro moved to Japan when he was 5 and he thinks the flowers are pretty around the track

    I loved GT1 and GT2 and this was meant to be my return to this series. I even preordered the 25th Anniversary as soon as preorders opened.

    I am truly disappointed and cannot recommend this game, at least in the current form.

    • +2

      Don't forget the terrible AI which looks like it hasnt changed GT1.

    • +4
      • raytracing only being used in cutscenes and not gameplay. True next gen!
  • +1

    I understand microtransactions when it comes to w
    Warzone, as the game is free however asking people to pay $100 for a game and then spend more within the game that's absurd

    It's awesome that people are pushing back, and this will kill their sales and hopefully they learn

  • Is it that bad ??

  • +3

    Completely agree with everyone.
    Micro transactions ruined this game.

    I've been playing for a while now, grinding, putting up with 30+ hour outages where you can't even play single player.
    And I can barely afford anything, and reward roulette spins have every single time (bar one occasion) resulted in the lowest possible reward.

    They really want you to spend money on in-game cash…. Greedy.

    Regret buying this game at $84 delivered, which is incidentally the most I've spent on a game almost ever.

    Wait till it drops, it is going through a PR nightmare at the moment

  • +2

    Wow I was going to buy this game after I finish Forbidden West but this thread has put me off!

    Shame on Sony for the greed.

  • +3

    Warning. This is an online only game.

  • +3

    Corporate greed personified.

    You can’t really call it a microtransaction when it cost half the game just to buy a car. That’s a macro transaction imo.

    Boycott companies which use this strategy.

    • +1

      that's just what everyone else out the in the real worlds calls a "transaction"…

  • I will pay Motorsport 8 day one on game pass.

    • I've already finished it, it's pretty good when you get to defeat the aliens from planet Zimbot.

  • +1

    I preordered this via Amazon. Look I love the GT series. Always have, always will.

    But I am a at point now, I have to grind for 10 hours to earn enough cash to platinum this or I just pay 50 bux to get the credits.

    Neg from me.

    GT sport was only 29 dollars a few weeks after launch.

    • +2

      I kinda don't get this thought process - if you love the game series, surely you were planning on playing more than 10 hours more of it? It's not like GT8 will be coming out any time soon.

      • +3

        The main issue is that Sony nerfed the game recently and basically meant that you now have to sink in way more hours. Apparently, when Sony tried to introduce that patch/nerf, it ended up causing 32 hours server outage. Then, you add in the fact that you already have to pay for the game (and PS5 games do cost more).

        The reviewers gave the game really high score because they played a version without micro-transactions and much easier to get good cars (and they received voucher code - so no need to pay for the game). It feels like, get good review scores to trick people to buy, then make the game more time consuming to entice more $$$ from customers.

  • +3

    Yeah F this game until they start listening to the community. It's been a week and no changes or updates from Kaz

    • +4

      this is just highly disrespectful to customers

      they released a 1.08 patch didnt apologise didnt give us any indication on any compensation for the 32hrs downtime, no idea on what upcoming tracks cars….

      so they just wasted a day and half to reduce your payouts and introduce a bunch of $18 mil cars… and tanked their metacritic and made fans hate them

      what an eventful couple of days… and its not even the end of the week

      a masterclass and how to kill enthusiasm, momentum

  • +1

    What I really want to know is how long until you can unlock everything without paying for microtransactions. Traditionally you have to sink a lot of hours into GT to unlock cars or buy cars but if it is going to take 1000+ hours to do this with out micro transactions then they can go and get f****d. I don't know if this is the case or not but would love to know from someone.

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