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Large Traditional Pizzas from $8.95 Pickup - Domino's


Just received this coupon in the mail.
Brings traditional pizzas down from $14.95 to $8.95 (pickup) depending on the selection.

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  • 5c too expensive.

    • you can save 5 cents by not turning on the nigh for a several minutes to make up for the pizza

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    What's considered a large these days? One of those really small lunchtime pizzas from 15 years ago?

    • +1

      also the base of the pizza seems smaller too!

  • I haven't had Dominos since the start of COVID when I started avoiding food prepared by others. Is this now considered a good price for Dominos?

    • For them yes as their regular prices are $14.95 traditional, $17.95 premium, plus any extras. Although value range are $5 & value max $8 but only has 2 or 3 toppings choices. Although $7.95 voucher codes are usually available from somewhere if not here.

      They're all tiny for a large, more like a medium size, as for quality it depends very much on your local as to how generous they are with toppings etc. I will not order from Box Hill Vic store again anytime soon as it was dry, almost burnt & scabby amount of toppings, maybe thats because they could see i was using a $7.95 scab voucher tho lol

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    The Domino's Offers app is showing a $7.95 coupon for Large Traditional Pizzas.


    • You are 100% right about why we should pay extra

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      $7.95 is gold standard price for Large Traditional Pizzas ;)

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    There are currently at least 2 other coupons for $7.95 here on Ozbargain.

    Mod: Linked page.

    • Very good!!! I just used voucher 464709 for 3 traditional pizzas and 2 "sides".

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    No deal. Regularly 7.95$

    • no only on a voucher, otherwise its $14.95 for traditional

  • Isn't it supposed to be at max $7.95 with the Nationwide voucher on Large traditionals?

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