expired $129 Palit GTX560 1GB RAM + Shipping $12 While Stocks Lasts PCCG $40 off


I saw the other GTX560 deal the other day and saw everyone was complaining about it being the SE version. This is the non-SE version, same store, just $10 extra (so no down-voting it because it looks like a dupe). Next cheapest I could find on staticice was $159 from MSY.

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    I wonder if this actually supports nvidia surround because I can't find confirmation on that other than the Ti Version

    EDIT: It supports surround

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    Good price for a good performing graphics card. If you have, say a 9800GT, I'd recommmend upgrading to this.

    Also this is probably the worst OC card ever, the core clock speed is the default 810MHz but 1GB of memory has been overclocked to 4020MHz, from 4004MHz…


    Review for those interested;


    A pair of these seems will outperform a GTX580, not bad for $260. Then again a radeon 7850 is about that price too.

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      A pair of any two mid-range cards will outdo the GTX 580 easily. Two 460's, 5850's, 6850's, 560's, etc…

      I have two, Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB OC and in 3DMark Vantage/11 benches I'm easily bumping Gainward, ASUS and Palit GTX 580's with equivalent CPUs/RAM.

      The downsides are:

      • Increased heat output (one card will always be 10C hotter than the other; unless idk you have an E-ATX mobo with a decent gap in between your PCI-E slots)

      • Not every game will scale well with multi-GPU setups (some won't make any utilisation of the second card at all, i.e. GTA IV and other horrible console ports)

      • Micro-stuttering (title-dependent; can be non-existent for some games while almost game play interrupting on others)

      Despite that, I still maintain for the budget-minded enthusiast; two mid-range cards are unbeatable dollar-to-performance value, I still have yet to come across any games that give my aging GTX 460's grief aside from Metro 2033, Crysis, Arma II and GTA IV and even then simply turning off the AA usually keeps me at a consistent 40 FPS or higher.


    Ive got a crappy computer at home with Celeron Core2Duo E6750 @ 2.66ghz + Geforce 7800GT. Is it even worth upgrading to this card with this Core2Duo CPU that I've got now?


      Mmm, depends what you want to play. For most things, your CPU will end up being a bottleneck if you end up buying this card.
      I personally wouldn't bother upgrading one without the other.


        I was thinking maybe I could run Battlefield3 or MW3? at least in mid to high detail.


          You might be able to get away with playing Battlefield 3 on mid detail if you overclock your CPU a bit, I still think you'll have problems though.

          Google Battlefield 3 + E6750 and I think you'll get a decent idea of the hurdles you're about to encounter.

          You can pick up an old Core 2 quad or a Phenom pretty cheaply these days and you'd be much better served. Might avoid having to upgrade your motherboard as well doing it that way too, rather than going to Sandy Bridge.


    Can anyone recommend a new power supply to go with this card? My current power supply doesn't have any 6-pin PCIe power cables. Preferably from pccasegear.com so I can comnine postage. Cheers


      Don't worry, I added a Antec VP550P to the cart with the GTX560 and it increased the shipping price from $12 to $26. So much for combined postage…

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    @Lionmaru-G. Are you sure your e6750 is a Celeron? I think it might be a Conroe like my e6750.

    I use mine with a ATI 6870 and there is no bottleneck when playing Dirt 3 and Shift 2 Unleashed on max settings.
    CPU usage gets to about 90% and about 63 degrees. The CPU is overclocked to 3.2 ghz, which is dead easy to do and perfectly stable at all times.
    The GTX560 and the 6870 are fairly comparable so i reckon, go for it. : )

    Btw . Don't even think about trying to fit a Phenom processor to your board, as was previously recommended to you. That is an AMD processor!

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      Ha, I probably should've been a bit clearer, but I was obviously referring to the Core 2 Quad meaning he might not have to upgrade his motherboard.


    How much better is this compared to a GTX275? CPU is a Phenom II 720 (tri-core).

    P.S. Link doesn't work anymore


      A bit more than double I'd say.

      From memory the gtx275 was an improved version of the gtx260, which a gtx460 roughly doubles. Standard 560 essentially is the same as the 460, the ti is about 10% faster. SO yeah probably a bit more than double :p


    Got a NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT, is it worth upgrading based on this deal?


    I've got a Sapphire HD Radeon 5770 and a i5 2500k
    is it worth upgrading?


    Too slow, the item no longer shows up in their store, so must be outta stock already. They only have the Palit SE left.


    I'd pick Nvidia purely because their drivers are more stable. Sure AMD make cheaper more powerful cards but what's the point when your PC can't talk to them?

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