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8bitdo Arcade Stick $129 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I am looking for a arcade stick for my Switch and found this deal. Don't forget Cash Rewards.

It is out of stock now, but catch has it at same price.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks, I miss it last time

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    Good stick, I like it, but does not have a 4way joystick mode which plays major havoc with some games. I did find an adapter on a maker site that can supposedly be inserted on the back of the joystick to limit it to 4way mode but this requires opening it up and fixing it so not very useful for quick adaptability.

  • You would have been much better off paying a little bit more and getting the Hori RAP V that was posted yesterday. It's since expired though.

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        Compatible with Nintendo Switch and PC through Xinput

        It's a USB controller, of course it's compatible with PC. I don't know where you got the idea that it's not.

  • Very well built for the price and one of the few wireless ones on the market. Grabbed 2 last year at a similar price

  • I bought the older model for $68 years ago. Good enough for casual players like myself and feels much better than using a regular controller.

    • This one is much better than the original, can really feel a difference between them

  • Sanwa parts?

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      No. You can swap them in though.

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    Grabbed the last one

  • How does it compare with the Hori one?

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      I have a Hori RAP SA V3 so I can't compare to this one. I've had no issues with it. Although I have swapped the stick out from SA to SE type LS-32 with square gate for now.

      One thing I like on the Hori is the ability to change the hz rate on each of the buttons(dip switches). Basically lets you control how fast turbo runs at or the ability to control the auto fire rate. The space between shots.

      Many arcade type games limit how many of your shots can be on screen at once. Lets say 3 or 4, so if your using turbo/auto-fire you end up with 3 or 4 shots clumped tightly together then a large gap, which leaves you vulnerable. By lowering the hz rate you can space out your shots evenly across the screen to have better coverage without having to manually space out button presses.

      This makes many arcade games easier to play by using a lower firing rate. Some examples, Darius and Kyukyoku Tiger. For fighting games its likely less of an issue.

  • i saw this at JB hifi today at $119 or $129 i don’t remember exactly

  • Anyone know if you can get one of these to work with xbox? Or if 8bitdo make one?

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