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[NSW] Free Travel on Sydney Public Transport (4am 14 April to 4am 26 April) - Opal or Contactless Credit/Debit Card Required


Commuters will travel for free across Sydney’s entire public transport network for 12 consecutive days during the Easter holidays as the government seeks to spur a return to city centres and make amends for widespread disruption.

When will free fares start and end?
Free fares will apply from 4am on Thursday 14 April 2022 to 3.59am on Tuesday 26 April 2022, immediately following Anzac Day.

Which services will be free?
Fare free period covers all Opal network services in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, the Hunter and the Illawarra, and includes metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services.

Note: Sydney Ferries services (F1-F9), Newcastle Ferries, Manly Fast Ferry and the NRMA electric ferry between King Street Wharf and Pyrmont Bay Wharf will be free during the fare free period. Other ferry services (including the F10) will continue to charge as usual.

Terms and conditions: To take advantage of free public transport travel for 12 days offer you must tap on and tap off with a valid Opal card with a positive balance or an American Express, Mastercard or Visa card. Offer excludes On Demand, Single Trip Tickets and Sydney Airport Line station access fees. A $1 pre-authorisation charge will appear on participating credit or debit cards and will be reversed at the end of the day.

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    Why were the Unions even fighting for free travel days for the public? Seems like a waste of money. I understand if they're fighting for their work conditions, fair enough; but why were they demanding for a free travel period for everyone?

  • +3

    As most other commenters have said, I would be happy for them to charge normal fares / offpeak fairs. Would rather they give the train workers a decent pay rise as I know David Elliot has no qualms about giving himself one.

  • Can someone educate me a bit please.

    Firstly it's about the train staff's welfare isn't it? but then why give us free travel instead of giving the money to the workers?

    Also shouldn't the pay-rise adjusted to inflation be applied to everyone or just those in the public sectors? I am in architecture for 10 years. the wage stay pretty much same.. I don't think the bosses in private business would give payrise every year to match inflation.

    • The trains were running at a crap service and then cancelled because the government refused to provide the working conditions demanded by the workers.

      I suggest the argument is that free travel can help undo the damage by that period of bad service which was around two weeks long I believe.

  • +1

    Does this include trains to the airport too? No airport surcharge? Because that's a fair whack. Can anyone confirm

  • Is there value in free unreliable service?

  • I wonder if this includes free exit at domestic/international airports.

    • +1

      They are private stations so doubtful

  • -2

    Did the union approve this?

  • +2

    Great time to spread new strain of covid and the bad flu virus. Then they will have an excuse to approve 4th mandatory vaxx
    Happy easter !!

    • you say that but you'll be milking this for all its worth

  • +1

    Well we're ultimately still paying for it so might as well use the service!

  • @OP you put wrong date….its from 14th April….not 12
    dont know if this applies to other modes of public transport

  • +2

    This confirm that liberal losing all seats in NSW …so this is last ditch to get some vote so they can recover their nomination filing fees 😜 :) ..lol

  • +2

    I would never take public transport not during a pandemic the germ infested covid filled trains are not worth the risk.

  • +1

    Trouble with this is all the ferals come out for the free ride and scum up public transport for the normal people that behave themselves.

  • +1

    When they say free public transport does it cover the Airport line as well or they still keep collecting the ridiculously inflated fare.

    • Airport station access fee is not charged by NSW govt, but by a private company

      • +3

        @Iwantthatbargain - The government did decide to privatise that line. So they are the main cause of the cost.

  • Earlier they're planning on every friday for few months something like that, now couple of weeks condense in a school holiday break.

    Personally every friday is a better scheme for commuters as I can plan ahead for weeks to come for that and we can't really take this advantage everyday in the two weeks to travel on transport.

  • +1

    Nooooo.Now Sydney Trains will be Ozbargained too!

    • They sure will. Next people will complain when they run on a reduced schedule during the Easter break;)

  • I'm planning to travel from NSW to Victoria border, anyone can propose a free route?

    • +2

      You can only travel south on Opal as far as Goulburn on the Southern line to Melbourne, or Bomaderry on the South Coast line. You can catch a TrainLink coach from Bomaderry to Eden and then on to Mallacoota and Gippsland. Or Goulburn via Albury Wodonga to Melbourne.

      • Just book a ticket from Goulburn or Bomaderry.

  • +1

    Wonder if we still need to tap on/off?
    Or all the gates will just be wide open?

  • +3

    Was up in Sydney for the weekend. The public transport was, pretty, good but they, really, should move the “touch on” into the trams. It means you don’t miss the tram whilst you are trying to get near the touch on point.

    I love travelling on the ferries; it gives a great view of Sydney and the bay.

  • +1

    There must be an election coming up….

  • +1

    so do we just tap on/off as per normal, and nothing will be deducted?

  • -1

    Another Strike

    Reduced Sydney bus services

    • Liverpool, Fairfield, Parramatta, (Transit Systems)
    • Hills District (CDC)
    • Inner West, Some Sydney CBD, Olympic Park, Strathfield, Rockdale (Transit Systems)
    • Cronulla, Engadine, Sutherland, Menai (Transdev)
    • Hornsby, Gordon, Berowra (Transdev)
    • Lidcombe, Granville, Bankstown, Liverpool (Transdev)
    • Outer Metro

    Reduced regional NSW bus services

    • Newcastle (CDC Hunter)
    • Hunter Valley (CDC Hunter)
    • Tuggerah and Wyong (Coastal Liner)
    • Blue Mountains (Blue Mountains Transit)


  • +1

    More info posted here - https://transportnsw.info/free-travel

  • 4 years commuting in Sydney until Covid hit. Now based in Newy and working from home. I prefer my current bedroom to office commute ;-)

  • Thanks to the Transport Workers Union for making this happen!

  • -2

    Someone please confirm for my dumbass, I use a debit card coz I misplaced my adult opal card or I gave it to my lil bro cant remember lol. But if I use my debit card from the 14/4 - 26/4 I get free train trips and the $1 authorisation fee gets overturned the next business day is this correct?

  • Does this include ferries? Wouldn't mind a cruise around the harbour for shits and gigs

  • Anyone else still getting charged for transport? The money is still coming out of my account when I tap with my phone/credit card??!!

    • +1

      As in you're being charged more than $1?

  • Great Deal. Make the most out of it this long weekend !!!

  • +1

    Great initiative. I hope there's an annual, say weekly, fare free period. It would encourage people to try public transport, or get back into it, and possibly stimulate the economy a bit.

    I had only used public transport sporadically since I stopped using it regularly over 6 years ago. It was nice change to explore and revisit sights, some with the family, some by myself. It was also good to venture to far away places and see how others live. I will definitely take the kids out a couple of times when they are older so that they don't take for granted what they have.

    We were fortunate the weather held up well over this period. And the forecasted rain over the next few days is a perfect time to recharge.

  • I got charged using my debit card, $1 twice and the cost of a day, nothing refunded

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