Telstra $300 150GB 1-Year SIM Starter Kit $225 ($75 off) or $226.50 (24.5% off) Delivered (Bonus 50GB Welcome Data) @ Simonline


Telstra $300 150GB 12-Month Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit. Bonus 50GB welcome data if activate before 4 July 2022.

Product Code Discount Final price
Telstra SIM only 75OFF $75 off $225
Telstra + Vodafone SIM 75OFF $75 off $228
Telstra SIM only BDEAL 24.5% off $226.50
Telstra + Vodafone SIM BDEAL 24.5% off $229.52

Add a Vodafone $30 SIM starter pack for $3 or $3.02 for port-out and port-in of your Telstra/Boost mobile number.

Included standard international call minutes:
6000 minutes to zone 1 destinations & 800 minutes to zone 2 destinations.

Zone 1 destinations:
Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, US Virgin Islands, Vietnam.

Zone 2 destinations:
Argentina, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Brunei, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Faroe Islands, French Guiana, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Laos, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, France, Iran, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Mexico, Mongolia, Palestinian Authority, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Peru, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Slovak Republic, Venezuela.

(Telstra changes zone countries all the time, please refer to Telstra website for the update of the zone destinations.)

75OFF code courtesy of bargainsgrabber.

Questions? Please ask the store rep in this post.

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    Can these be used with current Telstra prepaid services? If not, which would be best to use?

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      Please direct your question to the store rep in this post.

      In general, you will need to port your Telstra/Boost mobile number out of Telstra (and in doing so lose all prepaid account balance) and then activate a Starter SIM pack with mobile number port-in to Telstra. The optional Vodafone Starter SIM pack can be used for this purpose.

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      I want able to use it to replace my existing $300 prepaid service, kept same number, no port out-in necessary

  • Is global roaming available on this plan?

  • On Telstra website it says that this SIM will give you 4G access. 5G isn't mentioned.

    • These "cheaper" Telstra plans have 5G access.

      • Thanks, it seems that there is no cheap way to get Telstra 5G access.

  • any chance getting esim?

    • +1

      I was able to convert mine to an esim via the Telstra app

  • Can we have a discount on the 6 month $150 sim kit please ?

    • I am not the store rep. Please ask the store rep in this post.

      • Thanks a lot alvian. Your Post looks much professional.

        Really appreciate your help.

        • Can you also look at my post above alvian's ?

      • Showing $150 for me.
        And any of the coupon codes listed above come up as "The coupon code doesn’t apply to the items in your shopping bag." in bold red letters

  • FYI applying the coupon code 75OFF brings the cart down to:

    • $225 for the Telstra sim
    • $228 for the Telstra sim with the Vodafone bundle

    Slightly cheaper than what OP quoted

    • +1

      Thanks. I will incorporate into the post.

  • @bargainsgrabber For someone who often calls a country in Zone 2, 800 minutes per year is laughable compared to the Boost plans. So my assumption is that it's yearly not monthly, just checking.

    • +1

      Uhh what’s this reference about and why the @ for me?

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    None of the Telstra/Boost pre-paid plans have an international roaming facility or add-on. This is a deal breaker for many people who need to travel overseas. Many banking apps and web site logins send SMS texts for confirmation.

    Does anyone know if international roaming is coming back?

    • Due march 2021 but delayed til 2022 now. Imagine it may be back by June July but anyone's guess

  • Thanks ad. I am a Boost customer. How many days should I wait after porting out to Vodafone, then porting back into Telstra?

    • +1

      Immediately (ie. 1 day) is fine.

  • Will this have more coverage than boost?

    • No

    • Some coverage map for 3G and 4G. Boost doesn’t get 5G. This might not either.

  • Any deals on 12 month Boost SIMs?

  • Can this service be linked to Apple watch cellular?

  • No, it can't, you need a postpaid telstra service for that

  • You need to allow at least 2 weeks for delivery from my experience

  • FYI all that the sim includes Unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers.

  • So I might be asking some dumb q's here, but me and my fam have been postpaid since forever, and my partner in particular seems to be getting reamed on a low value plan with Optus for $30/mnth that she sometimes goes over the data cap and thus gets pinged $10.

    Is this a much better deal for her - does it include unlimited local calls and sms? I may as well purchase it for her, port her number and she will likely go 12 months without a problem for 200GB of data, being that she NEVER will ring international??

    Is that the correct understanding for these prepaid sims??

    • Please direct your question to the store rep in this post.

      In general, postpaid means Telco lets you make calls, text & data without first paying, then charge you the agreed rated + applicable excess at the end of the billing period. Prepaid means you pay for an agreed amount of calls, text & data for a fixed service duration before using the product. Nowadays calls & text are almost always unlimited, and there are usually top-ups you can buy after you have used up the data. Be careful though, some telcos automatically charge you for data top-ups without telling you.

      Please visit Telstra's product page for plan inclusions and T&Cs.

  • Sorry bit dumb I may have missed it. Is it for new customers only or can also work if I've previously been with Telstra
    and 200gb first year and if I continue to do I get 150gb? If I find another plan like this later on with 150 + 50 gb. Would I still be eligible for that extra 50gb?

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