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Quilton 3-Ply 180-Sheet Toilet Tissue, Pack of 48 $22 ($19.80 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


For those who missed out last time, Ozbargain popular deal is back, grab one before OOS.

45 Pack

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • 48 rolls and thats 3 ply

    • Good Deal

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    Oh shit

    • +7

      Quick wipe it

  • so what's the normal price of this?

    • $36.64

    • This is it's normal price from Amazon, anything higher is from a third party seller.

  • Bigw sells it for $21

  • not a crap deal

  • +1

    Still able to do S&S to get it at $19.80.
    Thanks OP

  • Cheers got 2

  • +1

    Got 48 pack cheers that's enough shyt tickets to last me a long time!

  • 48pk seems like it's back

  • +1

    Aldi equivalent is $16 for the same quantity.

    • Aldi $9.49 per pack now 48 rolls for $18.98

  • keep making it sell out even though you don't need toilet paper until it's $30 a pack

  • Wish Auspost would hurry up and deliver the pack I ordered over two weeks ago, especially when tracking shows it's been sitting at the local distribution hub for days.

    • +1

      Keep clenching brother, keep clenching 😆

      • Luckily as a seasoned OzBargainer, I'm also somewhat of a tightarse…

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    It says 3 ply but the batch that I just recieved from amazon is very thin. I can only see two plies not three.

  • What's the price per 100 sheets?

    • Around 23 cents but multiply that by two, it is extremely thin (thinner than competitors).

      • Yeah I much prefer icare Double Length 3 ply which is regularly on special around 23c/100 sheets at the supermarket.
        Also higher rating by Choice… for all its worth!

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    Just in case any one is wondering, unless it was a one off for me, you'll receive 5 lots of 9 packs. Not the 48 value pack as shown in the listing.

    • +3

      Does that mean you got ripped off? Cause 5x9 does not equal 48 packs lol. Maybe that's for the 45 pack one instead

      • +2

        Haha, my bad lol. Yep, I got them from the 45 pack deal linked above.

  • Thanks bought!

  • Bought one pack anyway.

  • Not sure what happened, but Amazon applied promo code out of nowhere. Paid 11.37.

    Total before GST:
    Promotion Applied:
    Order total

    • may have been -$3.20 for s&s
      then -$8.43 for old gift card balance?

      idk. ngl the way amazon calculated discounts/the total for the order still confuses me

      edit: nvm. probs not gift card then. dunno. u got lucky lmao

  • so when you do SS, it says the next delivery is May 3rd. So my question will be, by the time of delivery would they still use the special price which is on now or the price on the day of the delivery?

    • The price of the item at the time Amazon processes the order for the next delivery. (So not the current discounted price)

      • This isn't a discounted price (check Camels).

        • Oh my bad, assumed it was because of the upvote ratio.

    • all depends on your SS, mines due in 10 days, so it caught that. And yes you pay now del later, so i do that, so you dont need to keep it in storage/

    • This is the normal price btw, not a special price.

  • Thanks OP. Having curry night this Friday.

    • vindaloo?

  • +1

    Bidet is way cheaper and cleaner?

    • +1

      Let's go Bidet

    • -3

      cheaper yes - but no evidence they are cleaner

    • +1

      You still need to wipe before bidet-ing, unless you want to smear crap around

  • missed?

    • On same listing, click 45 roll option.

  • Damn , gone!

    • See my comment above!

      • ohh , thanks will go for that one!

  • +3

    S&S means Sub&$av.

    Another fun fact, the 48 pack contains all rolls in a single pack, whereas the 45 pack is 5x 9 rolls, so you get 6 plastic bags from it. Use that information as best you will.

    • I won't get sleep tonight after this

    • Easier to store and seperate and pack away 5 X 9 roll packs, than a big bundle of 35 rolls after taking out 3.

  • People are just going to shit all over this deal

  • It’s back!!

  • back again

    • 48 pack is OOS for me, but 45 pack still available.

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