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Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO SE Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black $109 (Was $198) + $9.90 Delivery ($0 SYD, ADL, BNE C&C) @ PCByte


Was browsing for a mouse and came across this. Price matched at JBhifi who have it for $169 as of time of posting this. Link here:


Free click and collect or additional cost for postage.

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  • These are a great mouse. They fit big hands well

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      To add to this, the mouse is compatible with Qi-Wireless charging. So if you have a Qi-wireless charging pad you can slap the mouse on top of it to charge.

  • I have this and the battery life is absolutely rubbish - I don't use the wireless charging though.
    Anybody who has one does too or do I just have a dud?
    I have to charge mine 4 or 5 times a week

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      You are not alone, I have this Dark Core RGB Pro, drains 70% battery in a normal 9-5pm

      the battery endurance is not working out for me neither,
      if someone really fancy this mouse, probably need a Qi wireless charging mat across the entire glide surface (if there's one), I can only say it gets parked for charging more than I expected

      • Bummer, I probably should have researched before I bought it haha

        Guess I'll just use it wired haha

  • I prefer the Corsair IronClaw over this mouse. The Dark Core has 1 less button on the side than the Ironclaw (which has 3)
    I would happily use this mouse if I hadn't done the Ironclaw mouse wheel fix. It is also slightly smaller than the Ironclaw which was weird to use after using the Ironclaw for so long.

    Horses for Courses though. The Dark Core is certainly a very high end performance gaming mouse and a steal at this price.

    • I am with you, I liked the Ironclaw more and bought it first, but the sinking middle wheel problem was never fixed despite 3 RMAs with Corsair, I escalated my case to finally receive my Dark Core RGB Pro replacement

      I liked the IronClaw when the middle wheel was working/wasn't sunken

      • There is a really easy fix for this issue and it takes about 10 mins. It replaces the teflon axle tip (which would have broken off if you are having the mouse wheel issue) with a metal axle and makes the mouse fully functional again. Mines been going great for the last seven months after doing the fix. Well worth it.

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