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[XSX, XB1, PC] Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 for First Month (Inactive or New Accounts) @ Microsoft Store


So, this is 94% off its RRP, this seems like a no-brainer.

For people who use Bing Rewards, the Game Pass in "redeem" is still at usual price, so just get the microsoft gift card, and spend only $1 on this.

This is a repeat of the long running $1 Xbox Game Pass subscription deal.

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  • Is this for 1 month only? Is it possible to stack?

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    Xbox game pass ultimate 1 month - $1.

    That title is confusing.

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      Buy 2: If it works give me two and I'll confirm it works. If it doesn't work there's no point letting the extra one go to waste, so just give it to me.

  • It just says "manage subscription" or "extend subscription for $15.95 per month", so I guess not. Mine renews April 1, 2023. Hopefully this deal is still on then. I would hate it if I paid for three years worth at once and Elder Scrolls 6 doesn't even come out until after then.

    • Microsoft normally runs the same deal when they have a new first party exclusive released. Until that stops happening, wouldn't concern about it yet. That said, you might need to create a new account as Microsoft doesn't always offer this deal to people with elapsed memberships. I found once Microsoft noticed you used to have a long term GamePass or XBox Live Gold membership, it tries not to offer you the $1 deal.

      • I mean the VPN deal that gives you Ultimate for $50 a year really.

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    Isn't this the usual deal of 1 month for new customers? Mine says $15.95 for GPU.

    • Must depend when you used it last.

      I last had GPU 2 months ago and I have this $1 offer.

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    Is it still hard to leave this? I had a friend bring his xbox over to my house and he couldn't change back to the regular xbox game pass since he went over his monthly limit on ultimate. The only way we figured out how to fix it was pay for another month of ultimate and then change the plan for the month after (this was about a year ago so things may have changed since).

  • This is targeted for inactive accounts. I have been inactive for a couple of months and when I log in it reverts back to the $15.95 price.

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    I'm surprised this is still getting posted. This is hardly a bargain as it's normal for NEW members to get $1 for 3 months.

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      Disagree, since this works for many people who already have accounts so it's a bargain.

      • Yes, but it's not a bargain, is it?

        It's a "chance" for some users only, not all.

        • Isn't that the definition of targeted?

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            @ShouldIBuyIt: The $1 is RRP for new and inactive accounts.

            This been normal for a long time.

            When is RRP a bargain? (Except for ps5 and xbox).

  • Any current additional perk ? Are they still giving away one month free of Disney+?

  • Waiting for extra 2 months deal

  • Just cancelled mine. Your experience may differ of course, but the last 3 games I was really keen to play via this wouldn't even launch (Guardians of the Galaxy, Weird West, and Exo One). And there have been others I can't remember, where I downloaded then almost immediately uninstalled because they just wouldn't run right (stuck in window mode, running at the wrong resolution with no option to change, or just bugging out on launch and needing to be force-quit)… Anyway, for a $1 it's worth a shot and there are some great games on the service, but I'm done paying $10 a month for Microsoft's half-assery. End rant.

    • Yep! Was a day 1 user but have caught up on nearly all games that interested me. Think I may resub in a year when there are more games on there. Everyone’s experience is different but definitely one of the better scription services I’ve been apart of

  • Stumbled onto this by accident this week when I bought a Series S as an emulation machine and it offered me $1 first month even though I'd previously claimed it a while ago (but on PC).

  • NOTE - Make sure you

    A) Check the expiry date and type of game pass applied
    B) Disable recurring billing

    ALSO - Make sure you buy and/or apply your purchase of this and anything else you want to use in Windows - with one single MS account.

    I had never used Win 10/11 before and didn't know this - and now it's causing me issues.
    My Xbox is tied to a Gmail, my Dolby is tied to hotmail. I can only log into one at a time which is a nightmare.

    Avoid my mistake ok.

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