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Fujifilm X-T3WW Mirrorless Camera [Body Only] (Black) $1199 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi (Online Only)

  • 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS Sensor 4 with primary colour filter
  • 4K / 60p Video
  • Film simulation modes for a variety of colour tones and gradations

Online only. While stocks last.

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    Great price for a great camera! Those fuji jpegs are very nice

  • tempted. everything with TW is great ! (Taiwan FTW)

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    $1099.95 at Teds.

  • +9

    $1099 for the standard XT3 at Teds. The WW version just removes the battery charger and this is $100 more. Am I missing something?

    • Yeah I saw this and almost posted but after quick Google doesn’t seem Like a bargain if that’s true.

      Although looking on Ted’s I can’t see any mention of a charger

    • +1

      Ted's one doesn't mention a charger in the box though - so it could very well be the WW version too.

      That said though, Ted's is giving a crumpler bag and SD card so it's still an even better deal

  • +5

    People need to stop rushing to post any jbhifi "deal" they get emailed and start checking if its actually a deal.
    This is not.
    Cheaper at Teds as others have mentions, and I wouldn't pay over $1100 for the X-T3 either way.

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    Agree, $1200 isn’t particularly good for this body anymore.

  • Noob question - I have a few old micro 4/3 lenses. What would i need to mount them on this or current mirrorless cameras, can you just get XT3 to micro 3/4 adaptors i assume?

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      you are better off buying lenses designed for the APSC crop factor.

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      Like putting cheap tyres on a performance car.

      Image lens character of the m43 lens

      Manual focus (I doubt there is a lens converter with autofocus and if there is focus performance would be subpar)
      Cropped image circle
      Poor image resolution

      I have not owned a Fuji X mount in years and since then it has come a long way especially with third party lens support and makes it a competitive offering versus larger full frame alternatives. This is a fantastic camera with the only negatives (and this is a personal preference that might not matter to others) battery life is not as good as the more expensive successor X-T4 and it is missing image stabilisation and has a slightly, though still good, autofocus system.

    • +1

      don't think so as they are designed for a smaller sensor. most of the adaptors that exist and work well are designed to adapt lenses for full frame to APS-C. I'm not sure there are too many adaptors that exist out there for micro-four thirds to APS-C but there might be a couple. there are some modern micro 4/3 bodies out there from Panasonic and Olympus so if you're desperate to use your old glass that might be a go.

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      Thanks all @duke790r @BlueGlowOne @hyperfuzz , gotcha, not worth it then!

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      You can find some adaptors but will lost the lens auto function.

    • There is adaptor from m43 to Sony E mount, get Sony instead. No luck with Fuji so far.

  • agree before shopping for camera check teds. they have good clearance prices

  • How's this compared to the Sony ZVE-10?

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