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[QLD] $1 MOS Burger with The Purchase of A Large Chips Set on Thursdays, 7/14/21 April @ MOS Burger Australia


$1 Burger - with purchase of a large chips set on the following Thursdays in April.

14/04/2022 PRAWN KATSU
21/04/2022 KARAAGE

Store locations: Brisbane CBD, Garden City, Sunnybank, Australia Fair

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    Still waiting for them to open their Melbourne store.

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    Still waiting for them to open their Sydney store.

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      nah its a queensland only thing we don't share good things with NSW and VIC :D

      • -5

        good things like Palaszczuk who flew to Tokyo for NOTHING during the peak of a pandemic?
        No thanks. You may keep her. lol

        • +11

          like the zero cases we had in Queensland before NSW destroyed that?

  • Had no idea Mos Burger was in Australia now, looking forward to them expanding all across the country.

  • Forgive my ignorance but what exactly is a large chips "set"? It seems to have a drink and chips in the image so is that saying like a large chips and drink? Also how much is that?

    • The deal is vague, the website is neglected.

      I guess people from Qld may know what's cooking.

    • +1

      Large chip set is $6. Does say "with the purchase of a burger" in the menu. So deal is either $7 or $12.50 with a veggie croquette.

      • thank you

      • So is a "large chips set" large chips and large coke?

        It's not on the website. And then "2 People Set" in MOS' online ordering doesn't contain any people.

        • +1

          it's just the combo add-on. had the website but lost it. no longer on main website.

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    Mos Burger was great when it first opened and their menu was more similar to the Japanese menu… the triple Spicy Mos Burgers were legit and their Fish Burger was a gourmet version of the Filet o Fish.

    Unfortunately the Australian franchises have brought much dishonor to MOS Burger and have failed to maintain the lofty service and cleanliness standards associated with Japanese burger culture.

    • Only Japanese who live in Japan are real Japanese.

      • -1

        its always weird seeing a Japanese person that doesn't speak a word of japanese and only knows about Australian culture lol its like the tylight zone.

    • +1

      Dishonour = lost finger

  • +1

    First I've heard Mos Burger opened in Australia. Neat. I prefer Freshness Burger myself though. Mos ones always seemed to overdo it on the mayo.

  • Yep.. need my Japan fix. Probably cheaper to fly to QLD at this stage though.

  • Just discovered we have MOS Burger in Australia .. wth

    When will we get CoCo's?

  • Sign up for free Mos birthday burger 🍔!
    Been getting them for years. Requires photo ID to receive burger, email sent on birthday

  • I had a MOS burger from the Sunnybank store many many years ago and didn't enjoy it at all. Needless to say, I never went back. So many better burger options out there IMO in both Brisbane and Melbourne (dunno about Sydney).

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