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SAMSUNG 870 EVO 2TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD $297.30 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


Cheapest ever Amazon price according to the Camels.

A good drive if you don't have an M2 slot or it's already in use.

I went with the Crucial MX500 instead but maybe the Samsung is a little faster or more reliable? I doubt there would be a noticeable difference in day to day use. The Crucial seems to be usually about $250 and sometimes cheaper but if you're a Samsung fan now is your chance!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    Damn, still waiting on the 4TB to go under $600.

    • +1

      Same here. Been waiting for like 6 months.
      Whenever there’s a good eBay sale, the night before, sellers just bump the price back to RRP again (an RRP these drives haven’t been sold at for several years mine you).
      That shit should be illegal.

      Alas, I wait for the day I’ll be able to pick one of these 4TB bad boys up for a reasonable price.

  • +4

    700TBW on the MX500 vs 1,200TBW with the EVO. I'd probably go with the MX500 based on price, unless you're doing super heavy work loads.

    • +4

      I've gotten both, for around the same price at one point or another. I'd go with the cheaper one.

  • +3

    Why would you go 2.5 over m.2?

    • +3

      lack of M.2 slots? or cheaper?

    • +4

      While long and thin might slip right in, short and thick also does the trick? 🤷‍♂️

  • +1

    so if just for extra storage, MX500 is ok?
    have an extra 2.5 slot in my laptop thats not for OS use.

    • +6

      MX500 is more than just ok. It has power loss protection built-in to the NAND, a DRAM cache and a proven controller. It's been out since late 2017/early 2018 and reviews are consistently good.

  • +1

    if it was 4tb it would be good deal. I have seen 2tb sata ssds for cheaper in the past, so I wouldn't say this is a good price.

  • Maybe SSD's going up in price slightly???

  • +1

    Don't forget the Samsung Steam redemption offer for April :)

    • +4

      Valid from Sep 01. 2021 ~ Oct 06. 2021

    • Terms and conditions state Amazon as a participating store actually excludes this model, unfortunately.

      "*Portable SSD T7 Touch & T7 models only. Excludes SSD 980 PRO, 970 EVO Plus, 870 EVO and 870 QVO models."

      • Missed this! Just gotten shopping express m2 870 plus. Dang!

        • Actually you're not really missing out. The cheapest price for 870 EVO 2TB in participating store is $339. If we deduct the steam gift-card value of $40 for this model, it's the same price saving compared to this Amazon deal.

  • Anywhere I can find the 1TB version for a good price? I don't need 2TB (or the additional cost) but I have a SATA space in my laptop that currently has a fairly crap 1TB HDD in it. I already have the OS etc. on an m.2 NVMe SSD (there's two slots - I've got an NVMe drive in each). But I figure I might as well put something useful in this SATA slot because the HDD is so ridiculously slow.

    • +2

      Get a Crucial MX500 1TB. Those are pretty cheap, and will probably do the job.

  • Happy i got my 4tb 860 evo for around $300 last year ~$250 rebate was huge.

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