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90 Days Free Deliveroo Plus Trial: Free Delivery on Orders over $20+ ($12.99/Month Thereafter) @ Deliveroo (New Subscribers)


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Free delivery - Enjoy free delivery at all restaurants and grocery shops on Deliveroo

Savings on every order- Save as much as $10 on delivery fees every time you order

Exclusive offers - Plus members get access to restaurant discounts and rewards.

*Free trial subscription valid for new Deliveroo Plus customers only. Sign up before 27/05/2022. Free delivery on eligible orders when you have a Deliveroo Plus subscription - Minimum order of $20 unless otherwise stated on the restaurant menu page. Min spend excludes fees and tips. A 5% service fee applies, capped at $1.99 for each order. Subscription automatically renews after the free 90 day period. Monthly subscription costs are $12.99/ month thereafter (subject to change) and will be charged to the payment method you nominated during sign-up. You can cancel at any time. Eligibility for the free trial is subject to Deliveroo's discretion. Full Plus T&C's apply.

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  • +25

    90 Days Free Deliveroo Plus Trial

    What if they are found guilty ?

    • Oh…those poor roos!

  • +4

    Well at least they cap the service fee at $1.99

    I find in my area deliveroo/doordash have the worst overall choice and typically the slowest to deliver - Doordash said 85 min wait the other day at 7pm Thursday!

    Wonder how long until Menulog joins subscription model.

    • +2

      I'm assuming it's much like Uber rides - lower numbers of drivers now they can enter/leave the country freely, and the spiralling cost of fuel is removing any incentive to do this sort of shitkicker work given how slim the margin is ordinarily.

  • +11

    service fee kills

  • Do they offer deals like $1 meals/freebies etc like Uber Pass?

    • +1

      Not sure about $1, but when I tried the previous 90 days free, there would be restaurants that offer 30-50% off.

      Edit - Speaking of $1, I just got another email from deliveroo.
      mouthwatering dishes for just $1 throughout the day tomorrow.*
      To find out which restaurants and when, you’ll need to follow us at @deliveroo_au on Insta. We’ll be posting updates on our stories from 1pm.
      To make sure you don’t miss out, follow along and keep your eyes peeled as offers will only be available while stocks last.

      • +4

        FYI, for restaurant with 50% off, almost all of them are marking up their price much higher, and after 50% off, it becomes normal price. Beware :)

        • Ah yeah. I always go to the restaurant's website to check and some I've been to before so I know the price :) overall I still save around 30-40%.

          Though I did notice some restaurants in my area purposely make their online menu pricing similar to the one in delivery services, but cheaper in-store.

        • One place near mine alone has 4+ restaurants all from the same addy, all with -50% their doubled pricing.

  • These guys still don't deliver in my area

    Uber has delivered here for like over 5 years, gotta wonder WTF is going on at Deliveroo

    • What area are you in?

      • (profanity) no-where

      • It's only 30 minutes from Perth, kind of bizarre how limited their service is

        • +1

          Noone cares about Perth let alone 30 mins from it

    • Probably very unprofitable to operate there. Cost of having riders there > revenue from orders. UE / Doordash likely operating at a loss.

  • -2

    And then you are missing out on all the specials and bargains. Even for free hardly worth it. People shouldn't be that lazy

  • +5

    I would steer clear of deliverroo their refunds are good the first 3 times but they can't fathom that maybe the 4-10 times something goes wrong it might be not your fault, I litreally had to do their job for them to figure out where my food was, they sent it to the wrong house spent 30mins on chat tallking to them and the first thing they say no refunds even though all I asked was for them to ask the driver where abouts my front was the food placed because it was 11pm and I couldn't find it after 30mins, I was told it was at my door which pretty much just verified it was at the wrong house, ended up finding it next door cold (30mins) and still they didn't offer anything for that, also the time before that they didn't refund two chips and half of both of the burgers missing, honestly never had such a worse time with them, they have great deals but what's the point if your order is messed up 30% of the time and it seems like they have hard on for no refunds, they could send me a bag of nothing and I could do nothing to convince them for a refund, there is a reason why they don't accept paypal last time I checked.

    • +2

      That's really bad. With customer service like this, people will just stay with uber eats

    • Weirdly enough Deliveroo has the quickest delivery and least problems for me here in Melb.
      Haven't had a problem with getting refunds for bung orders, tho I almost never get put in a position I need one.
      I see comments flexing on the app being cruddy too, which again hasn't been my experience.
      I get the occasional "back soon" which is hardly an app problem, but a driver problem… can't be sure if I could say it occurs more often on deliveroo than uber etc.

      Even without a subscription, there are a bunch of options for free delivery with a $10 min order in my area, so I can get a feed delivered for under 20 bucks which isn't remotely achievable with uber.

      • +2

        Honestly, I'm glad you haven't had to deal with it because the chat is actually just pain, but other than that I think the core of my issue was using maccas during peak hour so they messed up orders pretty often also I'm from melb, I don't think I could ever go back without having to film myself opening the bag to see what is inside other than the alternative of just relaxing and eating and finding out that food is missing, my perception of their mentality was that I the customer was trying to scam them, but honestly, it was just me spending 30-40 bucks expecting food and getting half of it and feeling scammed, and contacting support only to get even angrier because it felt like the chat was either copy-pasting responses or just being run by child labor, regardless I hope you keep getting good/consistent service and never have to deal with the crap I had to deal with.

    • +1

      Your experience matches mine. My last issue was met with "We can credit you $7.something, that's all we can do"… after multiple riders cancelled and my food arrived cold. Wasn't the restaurants fault, was all on Deliveroo.

      So I've told them they no longer get my business, someone else gets the custom.

  • +4

    Deliveroo is such a bad app. Always struggles finding drivers. Their UI is clean but functionality is bad. If you have any problems… good luck getting that sorted. This has been my experience, anyway. I also live in the Sydney burbs. UE, DoorDash and Menulog work perfectly fine.

  • +4

    I just finished a trial of Deliveroo Plus and it was truly the worst delivery service I have used. I am in metro Sydney, and every time I went to order, all the restaurants I wanted to order from were "Back soon", meaning they don't have enough people to deliver the food right now. So I ended up ordering from restaurants I wasn't interested in ordering from (and weren't as good as what I wanted).

    What is strange is that restaurants nearby to "Back soon" restaurants were available so I am not entirely sure if it is an issue with driver availability or just that popular restaurants stop taking Deliveroo orders because they are somehow less profitable during peak times. The same restaurants tend to still be available on other platforms even when they aren't with Deliveroo.

    Either way, they are the last delivery service I would use in the future.

    • +2

      i work in a restaurant, sometimes restaurants temporarily pause orders if they're overwhelmed. It could be due to that and you're just unlucky.

      If they do not have enough delivery people, it would reflect on delivery time, not on whether a restaurant could take your order or not.

      • Good to know, thanks. Is there any reason that Deliveroo always seemed to be the one to get paused and not other platforms? Do restaurants have a preference for which service to keep open? Like I said, I never ran into a situation where I couldn't have ordered from another platform but I had the trial with Deliveroo so I was determined to use it.

        And it's not even just unlucky I don't think. The last time I went to order pizza about 75% of pizza places were "Back soon". I ended up waiting an hour in the end to get the one I wanted when I guess it had been unpaused.

        • +1

          Nah, I had this issue too. All restaurants besides “limited tracking” would go to “back soon” around peak ordering time. 100% they pay shit and drivers don’t want the job

          • +1

            @frforreal: Good point, I noticed it was generally the "limited tracking" restaurants that were still available. Probably means they are delivered by the restaurant if I had to guess, so it certainly seems to be driver related.

        • +1

          its the same for me. most stores listed as "back soon" around peak hour. i just dont think they have enough drivers.

        • I work in a restaurant. Deliveroo drivers always arrive at the restaurant like 5-10 minutes after we receive the order even if we set the prep time to 1 hour! We would always turn Deliveroo off when we start to get busy as we don't want drivers arriving super early and had to wait or cancel the order.

      • +1

        'Back soon" is definitely driver shortage related. If a restaurant switches Deliveroo off then it appears as 'Closed'. In my area Deliveroo has the least drivers since they're new. Restaurants also give them the least priority as there aren't as many orders

  • anyone been able to do this with same phone number from another account, that has already used the promo

    • Yep, just need another card cause it stops and tells you if your card has already been used for a trial

  • +2

    Right after Deliveroo decreased their delivery fees & increased their service fees

    Even with "free" delivery it's now usually more expensive than it was a month ago.

  • +1

    Much like with recent uber/ola et al. trips, I keep getting drivers accept the delivery but then cancel. Unfortunately the restaurant start preparing food once the first driver accepts, so by the time a second driver accepts, heads to the restaurant then delivers the food, it's pretty sad for the price paid.

    Might just be my area though… hopefully not the case for most people!

    • Yeah I had similar, it said someone was actually waiting at the restaurant, then it changed to looking for a driver/rider, a couple of times it changed to someone is on the way, and I eventually got it after nearly 2 hours, and well after the final delivery time stated.

  • +1

    last time i tried this they didnt give me the 90 days, just the standard amount. the service has been really poor too lately too. half the time around peak hours most stores go to "back soon" even orders placed early usually arrive 40mins later than organised. i dont think they have any drivers.

    its really disappointing as compared to the others i find the selection offered to be much better.

  • +1

    I would rather just pay extra for uber or even doordash tbh, ordering food and getting it 1-2 hours later is utter garbage. Uber refund is better too.

  • Is there any way to actually tell if you're eligible for this before hitting the 'Join now' button? The page doesn't mention anything about a free 90 days, which leads me to believe that I'm not

  • Is the 5% service fee unique to this offer? I signed up as part of the afterpay deal and all my orders were charged a 10% service fee

  • +1

    Free delivery for Plus on orders over $20 'most of the time', unless you want to order from places where they've arbitrarily raised the threshold (e.g. the KFC near me requires $30). I feel their main advertising is somewhat misleading because of this.
    'Minimum order of $20 unless otherwise stated on the restaurant menu page' - thanks for including that in the post OP, just wanted to highlight this for others.

  • Stopped using deliveroo since they started following Uber eats footsteps and started charging service fees. So they basically want us to pay a subscription fee every month and on top of that service fees and delivery fees if the order value is below $20. I am a single person and I don't spend $20 on a single meal. The minimum $20 order for free delivery and service fee is just garbage considering they already get a 30% cut from each order.

  • Go watch Super Pumped

  • +1

    Both Uber Pass and Dashpass are $9.99/month and have a LOT more places (including grocery, alcohol etc)

    Deliveroo is $12.99/month and only has a few fast food chains. App and customer support is so terrible compared to the other two. Delivery times often more because probably less drivers on the platform.

    Only used to use them when they had 0 service fee and 99 cent delivery.

  • can I cancel now and still keep remaining 90 days, or do I need to diarise to cancel at the last minute??

    right now it says 1 month plan, $12.00 a month, 90 day free trial ends 5 Jul 2022, next payment on 6 July 2022.

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