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[WA] Greyhound Adoptions $75 (Usually $350) @ Greyhounds as Pets


Want a gentle, loving companion in your life? Adopt a greyhound during this year’s GAP Adoption Month, with $75 adoptions during April 2022.

Greyhounds are affectionate and sweet natured dogs who love human companionship. Despite their big appearance, greyhounds do not need vast amounts of space, in fact they thrive in urban spaces. They are very adaptable and equally suited to large properties, suburban homes, units and even apartments. They are low maintenance pets who enjoy a 15-20 minute walk each day, and sleep for up to 20 hours per day.

Adoptions through GAP are usually $350, but for adoption month they are discounted to $75!

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Greyhound as Pets, Racing and Wagering WA
Greyhound as Pets, Racing and Wagering WA

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  • +22

    Greyhounds are affectionate and sweet natured dogs

    Unless you are a rabbit…

    • +22

      Haha. very bunny

      • -2

        I have hare - I would like to keep it. I might trim it every so often, but I wouldn't like a greyhound chasing it.

    • -2

      or many others…
      As a greyhound owning Vet says:
      "So rather than setting these dogs up for failure and referring to them as perfect pets, or great with kids, or ideal apartment dogs, we need to promote these dogs to experienced dog owners which are prepared to deal with any of the assimilation issues,"
      From: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-14/animal-behaviour-expe…
      I don't think they should be adopted, and I love animals.
      Sadly too many pet owners are not responsible. I've seen too many greyhounds in my inner urban neighbourhood off lead or on lead and not under control - dangerous.
      It's sad these animals are bred to be begin with - the industry should cease

  • +23

    Fees should always be free or at least this price. The greyhound industry was shamed into starting this program and they are passing on their costs.

    • wasn't that just a nsw thing?

    • +3

      Can’t be free or this cheap unless their is a specific tax or levy on the industry to fund care and re-homing.

      Rescue organisations tend to charge anywhere from $400 - $800 in Victoria. Which sounds steep until you factor in vet bills, feed and training. Luckily many people volunteer as foster carers to keep the costs down.

      • -1

        Why are these things not funded by the government? It shouldn't require volunteers.

        Given the costs it is much better for someone to buy a puppy directly from a breeder.

        • +4

          Shouldn't the greyhound racing industry fund this? They're the ones who have profited from these poor animals. Prior to being shamed into what they used to do with their discarded greyhound; it still happens to some degree https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/divisions/senate/2015-11-09/2

        • +1

          The government? You mean the taxpayers funding something they probably don't support anyway?

    • +6

      The adoption fee includes vaccinations, desexing and vet fees until the adoption is finalised, so that's a pretty good deal for $75 imo

    • +14

      People don't value things they get for free. Would see an increase in them being abandoned, abused etc. A small fee of ~$100 would hopefully keep away the people who don't have a serious commitment.

      • +5

        Some dog shelters used to adopt out their dogs for free until they realised a lot of people were bringing them back not wanting them. Putting a fee increases the chance that the dogs go somewhere where the owner is serious about adopting

        • To the detriment of people who already want to seriously look after one.

          So what, at least they wont have to deal with that dog for a while

          • +1

            @DrScavenger: Good thing dogs don't have feelings and don't mind being shunted around between homes. /s

            Also, if you don't have a disposable $300 for a dog, you can't afford to have a dog. Those things get expensive

            • +1

              @notauser: They are already depressed living there. At least they will get to enjoy freedom for a while.

              I agree, pets are expensive. Good thing I have a rock as a pet

      • What is your argument for the greyhound racing industry then? They only value greyhounds that win

        • +3

          Why would I have an argument for the racing industry, they can get (profanity) for all I care. Any money involved should go towards helping the dogs.

          • +4

            @[Deactivated]: Or a fund to fight for the end of the greyhound racing industry - address the cause rather than one of the symptoms

  • +9

    Better hurry as these are going fast :)

    • +9

      Not that fast. These are the ones that didn't win on Saturday

      • These are greyhounds not weiners

  • +8

    'See my vest…'

    • so true - they only sleep 20hrs a day when they have nothing to do. Our dude is awake most of the day.

    • +8

      In many councils, cats are required to stay in your own yard!
      Otherwise cats shit everywhere and kill loads of native wildlife.

      • Hi Gandalf!

        I guess you have Shadofax.

        • +1

          hope ur ready for the negs

          • -3

            @gimli: Yep, I was stockpiling karma points, can weather this storm for a while :)

            • @[Deactivated]: well ur living up to ur username!

              Seems like a fair point.
              I know nothing about animals so will stay out of it and stick to bad jokes/trolling

              • +1

                @gimli: Cats, dogs and other big mammals have quite elaborated brain. Memories, thoughts, emotions, fears, almost like humans. Now imagine that you are locked in a room for 23:40 hrs/day with not much to do (dogs cannot use computer or read books).

            • @[Deactivated]: If karma is real, you should be getting more karma points; those who negged you will be losing them

              • +1

                @poohduck: lol karma is real for sure, Im feeling better and better

    • I dont think 20mins is not enough are you being serious?

      • -1

        Quite serious. 20mins is nothing. Aim for 1.5hrs/day. Actually walking is best medicine for humans too, and 5-7kms/day, or 10 000 steps is normal daily amount :) Get Garmin watch to track how much you walk.

        • +3

          If i tried to walk my boy for 1.5 hours I'd be carrying him for the last hour

          • @axcairns: lol! what breed is he?

      • I think long enough for them to drop a log.

        Greyhounds’ are quite large, and you don’t want that in your backyard. A friend of ours had two greyhounds at one stage in a small 300sqm yard. It was quite odiferous even after the poop was cleaned up.

    • +5

      Cats should absolutely not roam the streets whenever they please:


    • +2

      Oh dear, these folk really don't like hearing the truth. Bliss in chosen ignorance - that's scary. They're actually worse than Marie Antoinette, who really didn't know.

  • +8

    I don't think adoption should be cheap or easily accessible to people. It's very costly to look after a pet. We have a dog, its very high maintenance and cost us a lot but thankfully and lucky that we can afford it.

    • -4

      Heavy YES. This! Negging the deal.

      • Not so much negging the deal but my friend who owns a pet plus me who has a baby worked out it cost about the same in food and vet bills between bb and dog, excluding cost of childcare. It's abit of a shock

        • +1

          Vets are like car dealerships, they always find issues with your pet and we cant say no because we love our little bugger.
          Pets should be treated the same as children, if you aren't ready for such commitment, then dont adopt.

          • @mirovich: To an extent, like if they can't walk anymore because they're old, and have bad arthritis. They've had all the medication possible and been through a few surgeries but nothing will fix it I might put my dog down, but wouldn't put my kid (non existent) child down.

            I agree with the premises though, animals are expensive. I've grown up with pets all my life, will take a good break from them but in the future will definitely want to make sure I am able to spend enough time with them. I'd probably have to get two as well as I don't see how I can work full-time and still give the pets enough time (during the workday).

  • +13

    Just something to note, GAP is part of the racing industry
    They aren't very clear on where their profits go, so potentially they feed back into the industry you're saving these dogs from
    I've adopted 2 greyhounds now, one privately from a trainer (I wouldn't recommend this) and another from Friends of the Hound

    • +3

      There is next to no chance there is profit in this program.
      Leases, staff costs, looking after the animals who await adoption doesn't come free.

      • That's not what I've heard from vets who've done work for GAP…

        • so those VETs arent getting paid then?

          • @taoz: I don't think sp0rk even suggested that. I imagine vets would have a good idea of the costs involved, considering theirs would be the major cost?

            • @poohduck: If that vet thinks GAP is making profit then I doubt they considered all the costs involved.

              I've only heard good things from people who have adopted the dogs.

              • @taoz: good things based on the great nature of the dogs and the work of the volunteers? Yes, it's hard not to agree with that.

        • +1

          When we adopted through GAP (granted was ~5 years ago) the adoption fee included all vaccinations, a full teeth clean, vet bill coverage for 12 months, food for the first few months, bedding etc. for the adoption fee. On top of staffing costs not sure there's much margin for profit there

      • +1

        minimal paid staff - mostly run by volunteers

    • I had no idea, actually.
      I've gotten two through Greyhound Rescue (one since passed, RIP). Best companions ever. I'll never have another breed.
      Can highly recommend Greyhound Rescue, please support them!

  • -8

    Saw this literally after flicking apps to Safari from SportsBet where I was punting on the dogs at Wenty.

    Will instead spend $75 on a greyhound that isn’t so shit it needs to be palmed off on the cheap.

    • so these are ex-racing dogs?

      • -1

        No WA just has a disproportionate amount of families who love greyhounds but lack the ability to care for them resulting in an abundance of greyhounds available for adoption.

        • +3

          Sarcasm doesn't translate well on the internet

          • @axcairns: I think it's more that many here don't like hearing the truth. They know the truth of course but plead ignorance so that they can continue to live the way they do.

      • Yes

  • +4

    Adopting a greyhound is a great thing but some things to be aware of

    They may have been trained to bait chase, and may not be suitable to let off lead

    They may not also be suitable if you already have small fluffy pets (eg small dogs/rabbits/cats) things that run away. This may also apply to very young kids.

    They are adorable and lovely animals but often best if the only dog in house.


    • My boy gets on with absolutely every dog he encounters including my exceedingly grumpy Jack Russell. Also never had an issue with small children.

      Small fluffy animals can be a problem

      • +3

        We adopted one and had to wait for quite a while to find a ‘cat-friendly’ one. We found one late last year and he has been great.

        We have free-roaming cat, 2 Netherland Dwarfs rabbits and 2 budgies at home. Initially, the grey showed interests but once he knows they are off limits, he ignores them. We let them mix under supervision but found that sometimes the little ones would slip past and already checking out the greyhound’s bed, with the dog just watching them.

        As a background, he was a promising racer but got injured and thus retired early - he has a big surgery scar from this across the side. I’m not sure how he was trained, but he’s certainly fine with kids and small fluffy things. We got him from GAP only a week after he was given up, but he took to our home straight away without showing any problem with stairs, slippery polished floors or even toileting arrangements.

        In short, it depends on the dog and ours at least seems to take to pet-living very well. As people said, they are very chill and very loyal - the only problem will be around separation anxiety, but he is improving there too. Ours get brushed after walks every morning so shedding is not too much of an issue, but his breath still stinks even with daily toothbrushing. Based on our limited experience, we can certainly highly recommend greyhounds as pets.

    • Yeah, ours is great, but very reactive to cats and small dogs we meet on walks.
      We're training him, but it's not a quick fix.

  • It is technically illegal to let them off lead in a public space

    • I think you mean they must be muzzled in pubic.

      That law expired i Queensland.

      • No in WA they cannot be let off the lead in public places

        • What’s the legal definition of a public place?

      • Isn't this a council specfic rule? In Brisbane at least, you can't have dogs off leash in public areas.

        • -1

          Special laws for greyhounds in a lot of places.

          They need a "green" collar to be allowed of leash even at most offleash parks, some still need to be muzzled offleash.

          Have seen a grey hound grab a fluffy dog before, the law is there for a reason, they super when they see something flash past them.

        • I'm not talking about leashes, I'm talking about muzzles.


          I know of no specific local laws (ie laws made by local councils) in Queensland regarding greyhounds and leashes. You may be able to point to some.

          The muzzle law went back at least 50 years. The law was greyhounds had to be muzzled on greyhound tracks, but the way the law was written it applied everywhere in Queensland. That was rescinded.

  • +9

    Highly recommend a greyhound. My long boy is the sweetest, gentlest creature I have ever met. Also the laziest creature I have ever met :-)

    • +1

      Totally agree! We love ours too, been a great addition to the household.

    • +2

      +1 they are such great good natured (and lazy) dogs. Some of these comments are straight up ignorant. GAP don't just give away dogs without proper vetting of the potential owner to make sure they are an appropriate match.

  • +6

    Greyhounds are usually 30-40kg for those wondering.

    Works out to be $2/kg

    • +3

      Yes but all skin and bones, not a lot of meat.

      • +4


        • Yep, cheap collagen.

  • -1

    I heard that its illegal to let a greyhound off its lead in public i.e. dog parks etc. Once they decide to go for something their hunting instincts take over. Can anyone back this up?

    • +2

      That's correct only if they are unmuzzled
      Both greyhounds I've had are super friendly with other dogs when they're on lead or standing still
      When the other dog decides to run, the prey drive kicks in and the Greyhound will hunt the other dog down
      There are always exceptions, but every Greyhound meet I've been to at a dog park, the pack of greys will push any other dogs to run, then chase them down

    • +3

      There are greenhound programs which will accredit greyhounds for exemption once they pass certain tests. I believe laws on this will differ state to state.

  • -3

    People need to keep their greyhounds in a muzzle. I don't think I have ever seen one walking on the street with one on.

  • +3

    Santa's little helper

  • +1

    A small word of warning. If you have other pets it is possible the dog could be a danger to them until you socialise it properly. I know somebody who was an “eclectic adopter” of strays, mainly cats and had problems when she brought a greyhound into her home. Beautiful dog with a lovely nature but it had been trained to hunt as they all are with the lure. It took some months to assimilate into the household.

  • Be warned these dogs can run fast so they are hard to catch if they run away from you. A guy at the park likes to approach other dog owners to bet money having a race against his dog, then he pulls out the greyhound and you lose your money

    • You only lose your money if you are an idiot

      • but in this case you lose your money if you race your dog against a greyhound.. hey mate, how's the roulette going at the casino? haha fuk those asshokes at crown

        • Still purring along. Hope you enjoyed your trip anyway.

  • +1

    They do get funding in Tasmania but Brightside farm who take and have a large number of greyhounds for adoption get nothing. They have strict requirements so do their best to match dogs too people/families. Greyhounds l know are loving well behaved pets.

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