This was posted 4 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Spend $250, Save $25 | Spend $700, Save $70 on Eligible Products @ IKEA (IKEA Family Membership Required)


Spend over $250 and save $25
Spend over $700 and save $70
In-store and online now until 02 May.

Terms & Conditions

Similar to the $25/$50 offer in January

The qualifying purchase must be on IKEA home furniture or furnishing products, excluding:
(a) IKEA Kitchen Cabinets, Fronts, Fixed Interiors, Worktops, Wall Panels, Taps, Sinks and Sink Accessories, Freestanding Kitchens, Modular Kitchens, Handles, Ovens, Microwaves, Combination, Hobs, Rangehoods, Fridges, Fridge/Freezers, Dishwashers, Filters and Kitchen Accessories;
(b) IKEA Gift Cards; and
(c) IKEA services (such as picking, delivery, assembly, installation, custom stone, takeback/recycling, planning and interior design services).
(d) IKEA Food products from IKEA Restaurant, IKEA Café, Bistro or Swedish Food Market

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  • +2

    It also says you can redeem the discount once a day.
    So if you have a lot of purchases, better to split it over multiple days for more discount!

    • +1

      Earlier in January I made 2 purchases within an hour (time to drive home/unload/return to store) and got the discount both times.

  • can you use gift cards to purchase and claim this deal on top?

    • +1

      yes the $ amount is taken off before payment

  • +1

    Markus went up in price?

  • I'm still waiting for the Kivik to be in stock.

    It's been OOS since Dec at least.

  • Oh no. Just purchased something on Tuesday. Too early.

  • +1

    If you order online be ready for a wait.

    I ordered on the 7th of Feb and it said the expected delivery was around 30 days which seemed a bit excessive.

    Most of my stuff took 6 weeks and some still hasn't arrived.

  • I had to cancel my order today after waiting for a long time. The order was still delayed to 6th May.

  • Has anyone received their quarterly $10 reward?

    • Haven’t had one since November last year and I easily made the qualifying purchases each month 🙄

      • Same as well. Has anyone tried emailing ikea about it?

    • They usually go out in the second week. January was recieved on 12/1/22.

    • +1

      I just got it today in my email.

    • +2

      Code HEJ0026tPr works for me twice this motnh for $10 off. Thanks to doweyy. I received my $10 quarterly rewards 2 days ago.

      • +1

        I received my $10 reward on Monday, but has anyone else noticed that IKEA just jacked up the price of all their product?

        The Besta TV unit I was holding out for is now $50 more in total just because I was trying to wait for the $10 reward :(

        • Hi yes, I do notice they increased their prices pretty much on almost everything. I believe its around early March. Their $1 large bag is now $1.5.

  • Not checked who has discount gift cards but I do have agl gas which I’m sure offers gift card at discount and Suncorp.
    If they do does the discount here still apply?
    I’m after a few things but some things are out of stock so hope all are in soon.

    Also my wife was in store few days back buying little items she wanted and the prices in store was higher than online but they still scanned at the lower price.
    I’m not sure what’s going on if all prices of everything is going up in store and not yet updated in there system or online yet or if some things online has already gone up.
    I know from experience that most item’s from Ikea has gone up and up over the years.
    And yes prices are going up more due to what’s going on out there.
    But I just don’t know if I hold off the prices will change and cost even more or are already up in price.
    I know the items she wanted was showing more in store compared to online and when scanned but as soon as there system changes prices or shows higher online it’s game over.

    • A few things I've been waiting to come back in stock went up by $20 to $30. Should have bought and ignored the $25 off.

      • No really have only decided I wanted items from ikea, the price increases could have been anytime last few weeks or months for all I know.
        What I said was items wife got there few days back was priced more than online and I was curious if online items have not been changed yet or if certain items prices have already been changed.
        It could be that my higher price items could be higher in store than online now and still to change or they have already changed.

        Wife’s smaller items the other day was priced higher in store ie labeled but yet online and checkout was lower.

  • +2

    It's pretty crazy how much IKEA has jacked their prices during this promotion.

    I initially upvoted this deal, but now I am checking the prices a lot of the items I was going to purchase have gone up by insane amounts as a proportion of the pre-promotion price.

  • -1

    Can you use gift cards as well as using this promo? If so if I spend say $250 and get $25 off i then only need $225 in gift cards.
    As stocks come and go am I right you can order as a click and collect for a fee of $5 and obviously take advantage of this discount and use the gift cards online to pay.
    It might be lol I drive to store and take my chances of stocks when all items I need are showing available to save $5

    • Hi yes you can stack them with gift cards about 99 times and that $250 will apply automatically in checkout once you hit the amount. Don't forget to use code HEJ0026tPr to get $10 off too.

      • So there is the $25 off $250 and extra $10 just making sure as long as the total comes to $250 or over once it does the $25 off will kick in and I can use and get the further $10 off which code.
        When does that code expire?
        I take this is in store as well as online these discounts.

        • Those discounts kicks in after the item value hit $250. so on $250 order marked, you should pay $215. The code is for welcome new member, it works to existing member, as if they don't put condition behind the code.

      • Regarding the $10 off is it one use only or can it be used more than once and has it got to be certain spend as curious if I miss this $25 ending today can maybe use the above more than once

        • I used the welcome discount $10 twice last month (2 orders) and one more order just past midnight 1 May.

          • @foxmulder: Ok cool but was there a certain spend required and did you use same email or account as would be ordering online, only thing is if did a click and collect then I’m wasting $5 of it.
            I’m just curious if would ring alarm bells if placed two orders same time using same code.
            Annoying part is this $25 promo ends tonight and there are two items in my wanted list if I got one in particular I would be good to go.
            They told me over the phone stock is in for that item just not made available yet and can’t say if will today or not.
            Date of item I need does say 3rd may which by then $25 promo has ended if they was to go online today or before midnight then I’m good.
            In the other hand another item in my list has only 6 left and that might go quickly.

            But if this one item that has the $$ qualify amount to get me over $250 spend I would save $25 and the $10 so $35.

            It’s annoying as been watching these items come and go for 4 weeks or more and there has never been everything available or something comes in other item goes out of stock.
            I had expected to have used this $25 by now but looks like I might miss out on it as there stocks are crazy

            • @bwatt72: Hi yes I use the same login (email) - haven't tried to do two orders in the same day - but that code can be used even for existing member - thus I don't even think they will check, thus I'm pretty sure nobody will give ask you anything (the ones who bring your items are just those warehouse staff - they don't have anything to do with your ordering process).

              Don't forget to use discounted gift card - if you don't have Suncorp 6% or ShopBack 4%.

              • @foxmulder: Suncorp is 5% as I can get them from there but sucks as looks like I’m going to miss out on the $25 off as not all 6 items are available.
                4 items I wanted was and when I called today they have stock of a fifth item but it’s yet to be added as available. And now the other similar item is sent from 7 in stock to 5 in stock and can’t do a click and collect.
                Obviously I was having to purchase an item to make up the $250 spend which I could return or find use for.
                But holding off in the hope the fifth item would go live has resulted in the other item running low.
                This has just been a carry on trying to get all 6 items available even less items as something was always out of stock etc.

                You would think 4 weeks of trying I would have them all by now and gain the $25 off which helps a lot.
                But to be honest ikea has been a joke with there stocks sometimes adding very little stock sold out quickly and then wait a bit with same again etc.

                Yes I can use this $10 off and gift cards % off but to be honest it’s half of what I could have had if ikea stocks etc was not such a joke.

                • @bwatt72: If you travel to those other ikea that have the items you want for the entire order or they just happen to only have partially want you want - just buy what you can now. If you need to buy to make up the difference, do it. Return it later when you go there again in next visit you have. 1 year.

                  • @foxmulder: There is only one store here yes maybe I should have ordered what I could earlier today the 4 items but when they said they have the fifth item here I thought it might be added later today which has not. And since I did wait to see it’s crazy there stock of the other item went from 6 to 5 and obviously 5 or less must not qualify for click and collect.
                    It’s crazy as Perth has very low stocks compared to over east in fact it’s hardy worth putting up to be honest.

                    Over east I’m sure most give wa very few stocks from there as compared to live stocks it’s crazy.
                    I would have and could have made up the order to qualify but the item going below 6 was a surprise as no click and click options now and I really needed that other item to go live as could have a least got two of them and swapped for another I needed.
                    Obviously stock arriving in store must not go live same day which is annoying.

  • Chair i was looking at just went up $30 😕

  • +1

    It seems for all items I’m after at ikea they just get the odd items very low stock but never all in stock at once, very annoying as if i could get all the items I would qualify for the $25 off.
    I have been watching the stocks for weeks and in the hope all items if available to order so I can grab this discount.
    This $25 off I believe ends on the 2nd what’s the chances they extend it? Or will they have something similar so soon after maybe smaller purchase spend?
    Yes there is that $10 off but really wanted that $25 off.
    It’s crazy as items I’m after just goes quick as well it’s a shame they don’t get the stock’s in as quickly.
    If promo ends on 2nd may i take end of business day I assume I have nothing to hang in there in hope al item’s suddenly show, but personally can’t see it.
    I not got much from ikea in a while but found discount was often hard to come by and here is me wanting items but never all in stock to qualify.

    • I wouldn’t stress, same with me. I think items were also price
      Jacked and prices might drop when it’s over. Hopefully stock rises though

      • +1

        Yes but need them now yes it’s might have been less but colour im after is cheaper than the rest so I’m ok with that I think things will only go up still or sit around at these price for a while yet.
        Normally when prices go up stores get greedy and don’t take back down.

        • Fair enough, hope you get the items you need!

          Agree completely, sort of hoping IKEA don’t go that route, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough! 🤞

  • Just curious if this promo would end 11.59 pm eastern time or depends on location or wa as obviously that will be sooner here time wise

  • I’m full of questions today when paying online can you use part gift card and debit card or has it got to be one or other? As was thinking paying most with gift card and rest with debit card to save more.

  • Just sharing this out there, in case you're those last minute shopper for this deal, $200 discounted voucher from Suncorp is pending - last time I bought yesterday, it took one night to appear. I just tried to buy one 10 minutes ago and still pending. I worry this may be the same issue - it may appear tomorrow instead when it's too late. Smaller voucher of $20 appear instantly. I tried shopback and they give me instant vouchers.

    • Wish I had seen this earlier I just decided to order extra items in my ikea order to gain the discount and to save a bit more ordered gift cards from Suncorp like you $20 came through right away but $200 one says up to 72hrs I now wondering if I should have gone for 2 x $100 ikea cards maybe the $200 takes longer. This deal ends soon and this sucks big time if it was not hard enough to get all my idea items in stock I go grab gift cards to save bit more and now I’m going to lose out on deal.
      I ain’t buying gift cards elsewhere.
      But looks like I’m going to lose out after all on this ikea promo cause Suncorp can’t send it through instant

      • The $200 one from Suncorp still haven't issued yet. Perhaps if we contact them to cancel they can do it - as gift card is not issued yet. I end up getting vouchers from Shopback yesterday.

        • No point in me canceling as already have missed out on the ikea promo so next best would be the $10 off and what discount I got from ikea cards.
          If I was able to order all the items I wanted which I tried for 4 weeks and used the gift card I would have saved in total around $46.

          But as one or two items sold out and stocks was all over the place was impossible to do.
          My closest chance was yesterday morning when I could have got 4 of my 6 items and added an extra item to make up the spend which I could have used anyway.
          But by afternoon one of them items had went to 5 left and click and collect was no longer an option.
          Why they stop click and collect at 5 is beyond me as I had no car yesterday I could have grabbed deal, I was not to know stocks of 5 or less cant do cc.
          It was bugging me and I decided a hour or two prior to promo ending the 5th item that came in store but not live online became live later that night and decided to order 3 of tthem to make up spend at least I get other items at discount.
          And before seeing your post I was too late and had already ordered the gift cards, hoping they maybe was 10 mins late or more midnight passes and no sign.

          I never order from ShopBack as I don’t need extra ikea gift cards and not willing to waste more money on them. I’m not sure how shop back works on gift cards anyway they are not the same as Suncorp where your paying less for them upfront ain’t ShopBack cash back and don’t you wait ages for this cash back to add up and able to get back.
          I have only used ShopBack few times and I waited a long time for some cash back.

          If the gift cards from ShopBack is a % off when you buy them that would be great but I believe they don’t work that way so don’t have interest in them.

          Yes I could cancel my cards from Suncorp but I’m sure they say you can’t cancel once purchased, it tells you that and they have already cost me a chunk of discount I could have gotten.
          I could have got these gg cards from Suncorp days earlier but I had no idea they would fail me when I needed them which was so frustrating.

          My discount would have been as said if all in stock $46 which included gift card discount but as my order would have been made up of extras for gaining deal I think saving would have been $16 extra or there about.
          Yes better than nothing but it was best if all items was available which was never the case.
          Any extra item’s I would have got to make up the promo spend when returned would only be refunded on what was paid so really as said everything needed to be in stock to get max discount.
          As this promo last time was back in January and god knows if there is other later in year if so probably months away.
          But just have to use these late ikea gift cards and use the $10 code to gain a little.

          $5 of that will probably go towards cc incase stuff sell out before I get there a company as big as they are worldwide I think it’s crazy they charge you $5 to click and collect should be free to all or at least family members free.
          That membership is crap to be honest I miss when our ikea was not part of ikea but a franchise and you used to get crazy good discounts and offers all the time, yes this was years ago but once they was part of ikea all that stopped even price went up as part of being ikea at time.

          Just my luck I wanted to get a bunch of items at this time and find ikea had a promo on but it would have been better if was less a spend in the promo and the gift cards failed me in the end.
          Never mind maybe next time, but I very rarely buy from ikea anymore not enough deals these days

          • @bwatt72: Shopback works this way for discounted gift card: $200 gift card you pay $200 then the $8 works as cashbacks - I thought it was instant, I checked my account, they're all pending until 13 May - not that bad.

            I have my eye on an Ikea bed that is worth $899 - price dropped to $599. But they don't sell in Marsden Park and Rhodes continuing no stock. The only place is Tempe. With all these online order enabled - they still do not deliver this bulky item - as it's weird as if you go there, you can get delivery organized - probably different system.

            • @foxmulder: This ikea and gift card carry on is really starting to annoy me.
              IKEA get silly quantity of stocks in and then Suncorp decides to not send gift card right away.
              One item had 7 in stock now 4 left obviously could not get cc once it hit 5.

              Now the other item which got added last night approximately 30 something stock down to 17.
              I missed out on the ikea promo cause of Suncorp delayed card which I thought might have by now.
              At this rate the one with 17 left will get to 5 and no option for cc or it will go out of stock and in the meantime the one with 4 left by time I get my order in and go collect this will have gone out of stock.

              Do ikea keep items aside if you call them? Or is this what they call click and collect as no options being low numbers.

              As I’m hoping I can get my bigger order in when Suncorp decides to send me it and do that as click and collect then call ikea up and explain that I have a bigger order as a click and collect but other item I’m after does not allow it and can it be out aside with my other items meaning I only pay for one item on arrival.

              I never done a cc before so no idea how it works is there a person who deals with these are they left somewhere else to pick up.
              It be annoying if I did a cc on my bigger order I get up there and the item that’s 4 left is out of stock again.
              It’s not as if store is close by lol.

              Ideally it be good the item with 4 left was updated with extra stock soon I could then add this to bigger order.
              But from experience these last four weeks ikea has been a joke with there stocks handful’s at a time and then a week or so more to wait for others.

              It had crossed my mind to do another order with the item with 4 left if stock was added and get an extra item I was thinking of I could get use the $10 again but then all I gain there is $5 due to a cc which is better than nothing i suppose.

              But most of the items I been after have been in stock but at different times or taking ages to come in.

              Probably worst I have seen ikea stock wise or maybe it’s just a wa thing as there stocks are poor to others I have noticed.

              I need to stop having a rant but no wonder places are going belly up is they are not getting goods in regular, I don’t see ikea even helping themselves by jacking up prices a lot, it’s not just a few dollars it’s much more.

            • @foxmulder: The click and collect they do have you any idea how it works?
              As I did a did one the night before yesterday and it stated 5th may 9am to 9 pm.
              I have had no email’s or txt today saying ready and and it’s 5th may the day they mention it should be pick up.

              I have arranged to have the car today but I can’t just jump in car and head there for them to say it’s not ready.
              It’s crazy I’m paying $5 for this and it’s taken a full day and more and nothing confirmed saying to pick up.
              All my order say’s is in progress picking started lol.

              • @bwatt72: Ikea have a way to tell how many things they have for pretty much all products. Thus if you don't want the hassle - you can just go there and pick the item yourself - that $25 off still works if you go there on 2 May.

                Anyway for click and collect: generally if you the order at night, it should be there the next day, or in the case they're busy, the day after. If you do in the morning, there is a chance it tells you you can pickup that afternoon.

                I personally ordered on 2 May at night and didn't even get notified at all - I have to call them on 4 May - then find out they didn't have one of the item thus they delaying until next week. It is annoying they didn't do courtesy call or email.

                If they tell you by text or email your order is ready - it's ready. If you really want to - you can contact them but most likely they will just see it in their system it's ready rather than checking the actual items. You can contact them via call or chat at the same time - whichever gives you faster response. Get the person name in case there is issue. For chat - they will emailed you chat transcript.

                • @foxmulder: Yes on that day promo was ending I never had car so that was no good by time other half came home i would not make it up there before they closed.

                  I never knew c&c was so crap ordered the night before yesterday and it’s said along 5th may 9 to 9pm and assumed this when I can come.

                  I’m fully aware you can check stocks of what’s in i been using ikea for years and have been trying to get an much of the stuff I wanted in one go saves going back as not close.

                  I selected c&c cause some of these items come in one day and sometimes by same day next day all gone, sometimes stocks get low and suddenly they put more up as available but not always the case.
                  But they do sometimes play around with stock numbers you think it going out of stock then it’s boosted again but not always.

                  I was on chat there complaining about it in the hope as good will gesture they refunded me the $5 but they are so tight I never asked for it but ikea are very tight when it comes to stuff like that.

                  All was said they could cancel my c&c order I left it as not sure the stock levels are and then means I’m chasing stuff again which I still am anyway.

                  Normally ikea previously in my experience has been sweet no drama but stock’s etc these past several weeks has been shocking.

                  I don’t like they have jacked up there prices so much either but I need these items sooner rather than letter.

                  For me it’s been on thing after the other a delayed Giftcard was none of there fault but low stocks and updates of small stocks added was frustrating and now waiting on txt lol for c&c

                  Good job I never left to head there 9am this morning as I be waiting a long time or possibly not today.
                  I’m tempted to just go cancel it and collect myself but probably go tomorrow now as need to be other place later today

  • Still waiting for my gift card from Suncorp what a joke I have used them plenty of times never an issue in past. But due to this delay cost me discount from this deal which ended so annoying

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