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Nintendo Switch Lite Console $269 Delivered (Was $329) @ Amazon AU


Grey also available at the same price.

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    Joy Con drift included.

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      Is this still an issue?

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        Yep. Why would Nintendo fix the issue when people keep buying a flawed and outdated product at a high price?

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          Because of their exclusive games? I don’t like Nintendo to begin with after they deliberately delayed the Zelda BOTW release date for Wii U because of Switch but then I can’t play Zelda games or Mario games on any other consoles. Damn I hate to admit it.

          • @wtfnodeal: That’s right; it has way more exclusives than any other console and heaps of them are fantastic.

        • You mean why would they fix an issue they've had lawsuits brought against them for? A lot of reasons actually.

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        100% is. I loved mine til the left stick started drifting and made most games unplayable. There's absolutely nothing you can do about it either on the lite because the damn thing is fused shut.

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          One of my joy con’s had drift and EB swapped it for a new one. Then another was replaced by Nintendo. Can’t you just send it to Nintendo so they fix it?

          • @Saver Scott: Except you can’t disconnect Joy Cons on the Lite, so;
            1) you need to send the entire device away and may lose your saves.
            2) if you’re out of warranty, you can’t just replace the controllers, the whole device needs to be replaced.

        • My main switch I’ve had for less then 6 months and used about 20 times got left stick drift(normal switch not lite) its rather pathetic. I never like the feel of the controllers, they arnt smooth at all. Really hope they bring back the Gamecube quality style controllers. Don’t think they have incorporated it with the newer game pads either.

          • @Splashtash: My 20 year old GameCube controller is still going strong.

          • @Splashtash: I ended up buying the pro controller about 4 wks after getting the Switch, the Joycon way too fidgety.

  • Grrrrr.. I actually ordered yesterday.. Only the grey was $270 and the rest higher.. Did not offer next day delivery either.. :(

    • if it was from amazon, could try chat support

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      Cancel and reorder if not shipped yet.

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      Amazon may credit you back the difference if you contact them. Usually this only applies on pre-orders but can't hurt asking

  • Any reason this would be an upgrade to the original switch?

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      I have both - if you only play handheld I find it a much more comfortable size and weight to hold while playing and travel with.

      You lose all tv connectivity and rumble though so it’s not for everyone but I definitely prefer it over the regular switch. I’m not sure I’d pay extra to side grade (but you could probably sell your old switch for the cost of this one if you were really keen on the smaller size).

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      It's only upgrade is a slight increase in portability and some people prefer the fact the joycons aren't detachable because it means there's no wiggle when holding it.

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      TBH, I rather buy the orig ones or OLED because if joy con drift happens, at least you can purchase another pair to replace. With these, all you can do is send back for repair.

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      All Switches have the same graphic resolution but because the Lite has a smaller screen it looks sharper than others. If money isn’t a concern I will either get a Switch Lite or the OLED model unless you intend to have it docked all the time and play solely on TV then get the original Switch.

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      This is a downgrade, it cannot connect to the TV

    • I would likely never buy one instead of an original switch. I have both, and I much prefer using my Lite on the train/travelling due to the smaller size.

  • Lighter.

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    I have medium sized hands and the OLED is the superior handheld experience.

    Best way is to compare both in person, you'll roughly know what you want in seconds.

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