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Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2550mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries 4pk $19.50 ($17.55 S&S), 8pk ($33.66 S&S) + Post ($0 Prime/$39) @ Amazon


$0.23 cheaper than last month's deal.

After 10% sub & save discount = $4.39 per battery. 8 packs are also available at $37.40 ($33.66 sub & save) = $4.21 battery.

Model: K-3HCCE/4BT
Country/Region of origin: Japan

AAA are also available at $17.99 after sub & save = $4.50 per battery (900mAh).

Free delivery with either Amazon Prime, $39 spend or without prime using subscribe & save (only if you already have an active subscription). You can change your Subscribe & Save date here. You can cancel your subscription here. The price is NOT locked in.

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      You can't compare 1.5 with 3.7v lithium. Different use case

        • +3

          1.5 is the voltage the device was designed to use. Yeh the envelops are 1.2.

          You can get aa 1.5v rechargeable that use a lithium cell with a buck converter. It holds current better. I think they are circa 2300mah, usb port rechargeable. Not cheap though

      • +8

        Eneloops were my first OzBargain and Amazon prime purchase. My life has been ruined ever since

    • +11

      Shit why don’t you just suggest using a car battery while you’re at it.

  • +2

    Actually needed some AA yesterday for yet another kids toy with lights and sounds…. I normally buy the standard eneloops but these will do. Thanks OP!

    • Will do? These are better…the tradeoff was not quite so much shelf life but its not a great deal of difference as they are still low self discharging. What they do well is put out a bit more amps. Better still, these are still Japanese unlike the local white label.

  • Now I need a charger. IKEA sell a ten dollar one

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      Don’t waste your time with cheap chargers. Get one that can do capacity testing and has a refresh mode. You’ll then be able to test when the batteries should be disposed of.

      • +2

        Nice, what one do you use?

        • +1

          I have a La Crosse BC-700. Can recommend.

          • +1

            @kipps: Perfect, thanks kipps!

            Edit* La Crosse BC-700 seems to be either sold out everywhere or discontinued lol, will have to see if they have a newer model

  • +2

    Thanks OP, needed more Eneloops. Seriously!

  • +3

    The only issue I found recently was with rechargeable batteries was they are 1.2V and not 1.5V like a "normal" battery and it wasn't able to fully power a device that needed the power of 2 X AA.

      • +1

        These scare me. Not Panasonic (Eneloop), nor Energizer, Ikea or Duracell has a rechargeable battery that provides over 1.2v. How can a random eBay seller do so without catching my house on fire?

        • It's a lithium 3.7v with a circuit that reduces voltage.

          • @aoeueoa: Can you tell me more about them? Are there all reasonable, or are there some brands that are better than others? Are they legit with their capacity claims? Do they last well?

            • @moar bargains: There seems to be only one reputable brand, can't remember the name. Ten-something or name starts with t. Expensive though. A few of the others available online probably do the job well enough for aa applications.

              If you have a device that chews through AA it might be worth hacking it to use a dc adapter or a lithium battery, or even a powerbank with a quick charge trigger.

    • +1

      What devices need 1.5v ?

      • Most don’t, some legacy electronic devices do. I have an old O2 monitor that won’t work on 1.2 batteries. I have a remote that indicates low battery with 1.2 battery.

      • Some devices might use 4xAA in series. So 6v goes down to 4.8v which makes the device not work or very weak.

        • -1

          Some devices might use 4xAA in series

          Such devices would be ancient. I have yet to come across a modern gadget or kid's toy that employ series connections. Happy to be proven wrong, in which case I will stop stocking up on Eneloop batteries.

          • +1

            @DoctorCalculon: Any device that has the aa batteries alternating direction are probably series connected.

      • +1

        The Franklin sensors stud finder I bought from this deal:


        I thought it was broken at first. But in hindsight there have possibly been other cheaper products that I assumed were broken without trying with the correct voltage batteries and just gave up on and binned.

      • Cheap (and older) electronics that don't bother including power regulation/boost circuit. So the battery voltage drives the components directly, with the hope that the devices operate correctly within the batteries usable voltage.

        I have a stupid ikea lcd clock that doesn't work with their rechargeable batteries, the screen is too dim. They don't even sell alkaline batteries anymore!

    • Yeah, this is my issue, too. Tried to go the rechargeable route but the power drop from alkaline 1.5v to lithium 1.2v stopped me from doing so. Huge shame.

      • +2

        Nickel, not lithium.

        • +2

          Sorry, you are correct. All the rechargeable seem to be NiMH.

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    I posted a deal this past week for Aldi rechargeables. I picked 8 AA and 8 AAA and tested them on a Liitokala Lii-600 charger. The AA batteries are marked 2400 mAh. All tested within 100 mAh of the nominal capacity. I have experience with 8 of them from a couple of years ago and while they seem to work well, they only tested about 1400 mAh but the nominal capacity was 2100. The new ones seem to be different batteries and since Aldi wasn't selling rechargeables for a long time,maybe these are better. Still says "made in China". Only time will tell. BUT, these are only $1.50 each, not nearly as dear as the Eneloops. I've got Eneloops from 6 years ago and they're still going strong. And I just bought a bunch of Laddas from Ikea.

    There were a lot of comments on my deal post that Eneloops and Laddas are better than the Aldi brand. That is undoubtably true. But at the price of these, I'm not going to care as much when I use them in non-mission critical circumstances. I'll still use the better ones when I can't afford to have as much of a possibility of them failing.

    • I bought some Aldi AAA last week as my originals from 2018 still work fine. There is indeed a difference as the new ones are 900mAh (HRMRI03) whereas the 2018 are 800mAh (HR03). Glad they adjusted the colour from Green/Silver to Green/White which saves them getting mixed in although I do label/No. my rechargable's.

  • If you subscribe and save and then cancel as soon as 1st order is processed, isn't that a loophole to get cheaper price and does Amazon do something about this?

    • +7

      They don't do anything, there is an option when cancelling for 'I just wanted the initial discount'.

      • Oh ok lol, looks like they accepted that fact.

        • Guess they are counting on people forgetting. But I usually choose "more than needed".

  • +1

    Nitecore Intellicharge I4 charger is in sale through ebay store for $35.99


    • Does this show you the capacity limit for each battery? How does it compare to nitecore d4?

    • I have this charger along with a ton of eneloops for all my sons toys. I prefer the standard Panasonic wall charger. Every time I load batteries into this nitecore it simply doesn’t charge or the lights say fully charged when they’re dead flat :(

  • Are these batteries larger than alkaline and the standard Eneloops? I bought a pack from the last deal and they didn’t fit!

    • I don't even know how that's possible aa batteries are aa when it comes to size

      • It's the diameter. AA Ladda batteries are pretty chunky compared to alkaline batteries for example. I've had to really push them into one of my devices.

        • Interesting I never had any idea that a company had made double a batteries that were slightly bigger.
          Probably not the smartest idea I'm sure that would cause problems for people

        • Yup, even the turnigy batteries had the same problems

    • Wonder if it was a dodgy pack i.e. batteries have swollen.

  • People don't talk about ladda anymore?

    • +1

      They have finally accepted Eneloop master race

    • +1

      LADDA is great as they are pretty much eneloops, and cheaper, BUT only so if you have an IKEA near you and can physically go into store to get some, or unless you've already got something that'll is being delivered from it.

      Otherwise the extra ~$2 of the ~$17 eneloop Pro (2550mAh) VS $15 LADDA (2450mAh) is cheap postage if you have Amazon prime or are already having a cart >$39.

      TL;DR: IKEA's shipping cost killed LADDA's deal, if you have to pay for shipping.

      • This is the truth.
        Even before fuel excise cut, driving to IKEA + the 2 hour round trip killed all ladda deals for me.
        Amazon shipping has ruined so many traditional shipping experiences

      • Any info on why IKEA stopped selling 900mAh AAA LADDA?

  • +2

    Why buy these over ikea ladda which are still cheaper?

    • Looks cooler? Not sure

    • If it hasnt changed, the Ikea Ladda is one of these Eneloop Pros in their own wrapper.

  • +4

    If you prefer the regular non-pro batteries, they are regularly $14 from GGC (4 x AAA/AA).

    4 x AA with BQ-CC55 quick charger is $31, pretty good deal.

    • Links please? Does that charger you mentioned show capacity limit?

  • Recommended battery chargers (not nitecore) that show capacity limit & charge both aa & aaa batteries batteries? All i know are the nitecore d4 & the new i4 chargers

    • OPus btc3100

  • any recommendation of battery storage box? Found below but don't really need 6. Thank you.


  • if I want these for just everyday items, like remote controls, clocks, mouse, keyboard, are the regular eneloops good enough (I can get from TGGC for $14 for 4)

    • Yeh that's fine

    • Probably Chinese versions, which are not the quality of the old Enleoop. These are Japanese and still low self discharge.

      • shows Japan on the front of the packaging on the GGC website?

        • Yeah, they are Japanese ones, says on the batteries too.

  • +2

    Dammit, bought another 8.
    At this stage my eneloop stash is worth more than my superannuation

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