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Any 2 Pairs of Single-Vision Glasses & Sunglasses for $199 Storewide (Including The $349 Range) in-Store Only @ Specsavers


Right now, you can choose any two pairs for only $199 including prescription & sunnies. From famous names like HUGO, Tommy Hilfiger and Country Road.
Lenses may cost extra but 30% off + 1 Pair Free.

T&C: Any 2 styles for $199

Applies to all frames storewide. Single-vision lenses included. Lens upgrades available at an extra cost. Both pairs for same person. Use with other offers restricted. Sale ends 25 May 2022.

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  • How much extra for multifocals?

    • I think it was $150 but you get 30% off. So $105 for 1 pair + 1 Pair Free

      • Where are you seeing that discount?

        • 30% off lens options is available in-store, as is the any 2 pairs for $199 deal. However, lens options do not include lenses (e.g., multifocal or bifocals).

      • No, 30% off is on lens options (e.g., ultraclear or reactions/transitions), not actual lens types (e.g., multifocals or bifocals).

        So for multifocals that would still be $150, meaning it would be $199+$150=$349 for any 2 frames in the store that are usually $199 or above (even the $399 ones), with multifocal lenses.

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        To be clear the other free pair won't get the upgraded lens.

        U need to pay 2 lenses upgrade if you want both specs to have upgraded lenses.

    • Dont get the basic multi focal. I bought 2 $299 pairs for $20 which is the gap i had to for hcf that has $180 cover.

      If i were to go with the proper high-end multi focal, my out of pocket was around$465. My current one is high-end multifocal and last year i bought basic one as spare, and finding it very difficult to use the basic one.

      • +1

        sab2000 is definitely correct. There are 3 different levels of the Multifocal; standard, premium and elites. The standard Multifocal lens (lowest level) we have is garbage. Only about 2% of people that come to specsavers get the standard and that is because it's their first time getting multis and they cannot tell the difference yet.

        • How much is it for premium multifocal and elite multifocal?

          • @taneh: Standard - $150
            Premium - $250
            Elites - $350

        • What is the difference between each level?

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            @kiitos: Just how much distortions you end up getting in your lens. Normally the standard multifocal would have distortions that would get in your FOV (you can google multifocal distortions to see what I mean, where on the left and right side of the lens you won't be able to see), premium is able to push that out much more to the sides so you'll barely notice it and elites are basically unnoticeable from what I hear from patients.

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    The biggest bargain is the $399 'ultra light' range - the price includes thin lenses and the anti-scratch coating.

    • +9

      Biggest saving maybe (and I think I might get on it), but the biggest bargain is still the $40 range. I get a bunch of these and leave them everywhere. "Damn I forgot my glasses… NP."

      • So does this $199 deal include thin lenses? Or only the ultralight range does?

        • Says "Saving up to $200!" so that sorta precludes any glasses over $199.

          • @afoveht: I bought 1 Pair from $299 range and another one from $249 range for $199.

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            Says "Saving up to $200!" so that sorta precludes any glasses over $199.

            No, it does include the $399 range as Specsavers prices are "2 for 1" from $149 and above anyway.

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          So does this $199 deal include thin lenses? Or only the ultralight range does?

          Only the $399 range does AFAIK. Any other frames will require you to pay extra for these.

          If you go instore, most frames have a sticker that says "includes single vision lenses", but the $399 range sticker says "includes ultralight lenses and anti-scratch coating" or something similar. That's how you can tell.

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      Link please

      • +1

        In store only

  • Seems the way I read it there are glasses that you can get 2 for $199 but others are more up to 2 for $349.

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      It’s Instore only- I bought 2 pairs from $299 range and $249 range for $199.Salesperson told me that I can take from $349 range but I liked the cheaper range…

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      Basically, any frames that have a price tag of $199 or above on them in-store, you can get 2 for $199 currently.

  • Has the CAR30 deal expired? 😭

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    I wear daily contacts but really need to get some new glasses.

    Thought on the lens options?

    Thin + Light Lenses - from $60 per pair
    These lenses are a great solution for higher prescriptions. They look better, are more comfortable to wear and give you a wider range of frames to choose from.

    UltraClear - $50 per pair
    No more annoying reflections off the surface of your lenses. You’ll see more clearly and your glasses will look better too.
    Anti-reflection, scratch-resistant hard coating
    Clearer and sharper vision

    UltraClear SuperClean - $70 per pair
    No more annoying reflections off the surface of your lenses. You’ll see more clearly and your glasses will look better too.

    Anti-reflection, scratch-resistant hard coating
    Improves the appearance of your glasses
    Makes your eyes more visible
    Reduces reflections from computer screens and car headlights
    Water-repellent, smudge-resistant and anti-static – so lenses attract less dust, stay cleaner for longer and are easier to clean

    Sun tint and UV - from $30 per pair
    A UV and Sun Tint filter screens out the sun's harmful rays and gives you full UV protection. These lenses are available in brown, grey or green tints.

    Reactions - $100 per pair
    Reactions lenses utilise the very latest in photochromic technology to adapt to light conditions, giving you comfortable vision in bright light and shade. Indoors, the lenses are clear, outside they quickly darken in sunlight, always giving you full UV protection.

    Very latest in photochromic technology
    Adapt to light conditions
    Comfortable vision in bright light and shade

    Polarising - $100 per pair
    Eliminate glare
    Improve vision and comfort
    100% UV protection
    Great for driving
    If you spend a lot of time outdoors, especially around water or snow, unfortunately regular sunglasses just won’t cut it. That’s why for things like fishing, boating, skiing and similar activities, you need polarising lenses. With a special built-in filter, these are the only lenses that block 99.9% of bright, glaring light.

    • +4

      When I bought glasses 2 years ago, they only had the $70 anti reflection option. My god it makes a massive difference driving at night. It's also less tiring to look at a screen.

      Have a look at the comparison on the specsavers website and you'll see that with the coating, the glare is so much less.

    • +1

      UltraClear SuperClean is definitely worth it if you wear them everyday. It doesn't collect as easily and also easier to clean than the lower tier.
      All glasses should come with UV protection by default so check with the sales person (note this is different to tinting and polarising coating)

    • These are all 30% off by the way.

    • +11

      I work at Specsavers, so I can give a bit of insight to the add ons. All the pricing that I have here is after the 30% off discount on the lens add ons.

      UltraClear - $35
      Antiglare, definitely get these if you plan on using your glasses for night-time driving or if you have a lot of screen time. I can vouch personally that the antiglares will put less strain on your eyes.

      UltraClear SuperClean - $49
      Antiglare again, tbh no real difference between the Ultraclear and this from my personal experience. But it 'supposedly' makes your glasses smudge and scratch resistant.

      Thin + Light Lenses ARE NOT $60
      There are 3 different levels of thinning.. First level of thinning actually costs $84 (this is after the 30% off discount with the promo, normally $120). All of the thinning levels will automatically come with the UltraClear SuperClean.

      Sun tint and UV protection (Sunnies) are FREE
      You do not have to pay extra when you choose out sunnies, not sure why it is advertised as an extra $30 but it is free. You will have to pay extra however, if you want polarising on your sunglasses ($70).

      • +1

        Do you have a link to the 30% off lens add ons offer?

      • How about blue ray protection?

        • +1

          Specsavers usually doesn't recommend the blue light filter because there actually isn't enough evidence behind it's use and effectiveness. You can do your own research and if you do decide that you want it, Specsavers does still have it but you just have to ask staff specifically for it. I think pricing is still $70 but I'm not 100% if they would give you the 30% off discount.

  • Can you use health fund and still access this offer?

      • +8

        Not true. You can get prescription sunglasses.

  • I read some reviews saying their glasses are now falling apart (compared to the ones they got years ago) i.e. not as good quality anymore? Not sure if this is true?

    • I picked up two pairs this week and they were covered in residue from the manufacturing process. Not a huge deal, but speaks to lower quality.

  • +1

    Any lens discounts?
    My lens always seem to be so expensive because of the power (-10) so I never can take advantage of the two for one deals

    • Lens 30% off + 1 Pair free.

      • It's 30% off lens options, not lens

    • Yes, you should receive 30% off on the thinning of the lens as this is considered a lens "option," not a lens (e.g., bifocal/multifocal).

      • I still think lens are 30% off as I got my access lens for $158 after 30% off.

  • doesn't come close to zennioptical by any measure

    • -1

      but u can't use insurance

      • +1

        Buy your glasses outright and cut out your insurance company. it's cheaper that way (for me anyway)

        • My lens tend to be expensive

    • +2

      I use Zenni regularly, and I disagree. Zenni is cheaper but not by that much. Decent frames aren't the cheapest on Zenni, and once you include the usual 2-for-1 and US pricing it gets closer than you'd think, IMO. The support and remake you get with SpecSavers beats Zenni

  • -3

    Very poor quality lenses, wouldn't wear them even for free.

  • Has anyone bought the safety glasses style from Specsavers?

    • I have them. They’re great.

      • Which ones do you have please?

        • All terrain in sunglasses and fastrac in clears.

  • Can you claim these on health insurance, or only if you have a prescription?

    • You'll need a prescription in order to claim via health insurance. So you can still use the 2 for $199 on sunnies as long as they have prescription in them.

      • Can I get a reading glasses prescription, but then also get a 0.00 prescription for sunnies?

  • +1

    The title of this deal is misleading. It is NOT any two glasses for $199 - it may be any two single-vision glasses for $199 though.

    • +1

      So true.
      If I got two pairs with my prescription and coating I'd be paying about $800 for 2 pairs.

  • i have some glasses - what’s the best place in vic to get some lenses made up? costco?

  • The 399 ultra light was included, but need to pay $50 extra for thinner lens. The thinner lens are still much thicker than I expected comparing with Some big brands

    • +2

      Which Specsavers store was this? I was told that if you do choose the $399 rimless frames, you get the thinning (first level) and UltraClear SuperClean for free.

      • Just been to Waverley Gardens one in VIC, they say the $399 glasses are not included in the sale

    • I wasn't made to pay extra and ordered two pairs of the $399 range.

      • It is Arndale 5009 SA, I will ask them to provide the details when pickup.

      • Just confirm with staff that extra $50 is not for thinner lens, actually it is 1.6 one. I am with Medibank, so if the total amount is $199, I will get 25% off which will be $150 covered by my annual limit, but this time I need to pay $50 out of my pocket as the staff said this $199 promotion will not be with Medibank 25% off.

  • With this two for one deal can you get two different scripts ie one pair for reading and one pair for everyday wear?

    • 100% can!

  • Can I get these frames with clear glass

    • Lenses are made from plastic but if you mean no prescription, then yes. Just that your health fund won't cover it if you do plan on using it.

  • Any chance of this deal resulting in 'gap free' glasses with a silver level HCF extras cover? Have been to specsavers a few times but not until the final claim is made have I been advised I'll still be out of pocket,

  • Silver refers to hospital cover only, starter medium and tops are extra covers.If you got extras cover you may need to pay $199 + lens cost - Optical Annual limit

  • Personally, found that BUPA glasses are better and more comfortable. ( We have a divided opinion in the family).
    Got a single pair Hugo, with transitions, Ultra clear and polorized with anti glare from Specsavers.
    But somehow, I always find going back to my previous specs from BUPA- maybe they fit better, but they are more comfortable, and I did not notice the ultra clear/ polarized too much as a benefit in the SS glasses.

    ( BUPA specs have the transitions and anti glare, but are not polarized).

  • +5

    I am wondering why we can’t replace lens if we have existing frames?
    I use yearly quota of insurance about 250 aud to buy new glasses and specs ! Now my number has been changing over the years and I am left with so many frames.
    Wondering if we can get lens replaced cheaply! We get 2 for 199 for 2 frames with lens.
    Can we get just the lens replaced for say 100 aud or so?
    In this era of sustainability and recycling why are we handing out new frames every year when only the lens (number) changes !
    Appreciate all the meaningful insights on this ?

    • +2

      All the profits are basically in the frames, plus the cost of taking someone's old glasses back and sending them to be unglued, reglued etc is just not worth it. People would be impatient to get them back too, since they would be without their glasses for a couple of weeks. But basically money.

      There is a reason that Luxottica is almost a global monopoly.


      Specsavers are not owned by Luxottica. They did accept $90 million in JobKeeper though, despite having a good financial year.


      • +1

        Completely agree with you, but very few options left for us.
        I used to buy better frames overseas for $20-30…..

        • +1

          Go to any reputable independent optometrist and they will replace lenses in existing frames.

  • How long have people had to wait for their glasses to be made? I went and bought on the 25th of March and still waiting for them to be ready. I'm in Sydney if that makes any difference.

    • Usually 2-3 weeks

      • Ok, just over 2 weeks so far for me. I imagine they will be taking a lot more orders than usual because of this offer.

    • Similar to mine. Ordered on 22/03, scheduled to arrive late this week according to AusPost tracking.

  • Dumb question but I just wanna replace my lenses is that possible? I also dont wanna go to a specialist and pay stupid amounts of money for it just to learn my numbers.

    Eyes were prescribed as -0.75 for both 3 years ago but i think they are like -1 or -1.25 each now.

    Every bloody glasses store charges to measure your eyes and they only sell lenses if you buy glasses. I am already happy with my glasses, just need to swap my lenses. I am having trouble seeing and its annoying.

    For all the great things here idk why health related stuff costs so much.

    • +3

      Basic eye test for a new prescription should be fully bulk billed

      • I got private cover that doesn't cover eye stuff. No medicare

        • If you don't have Medicare you pay, it's as simple as that. If your private cover isn't covering eye stuff or testing then pick another policy.

          Next we'll have people complaining their groceries aren't free, car services aren't free.

          • -1

            @buckster: Absolutely irrelevant. Feels like you are just trying to spew your pent up anger.

            In most places you walk in to the glasses store and test your eyes free on a machine. That's what I am talking about. Not an official doctors visit.

            The fact that optometrist visits are too expensive is a different matter. The fact that medicare covers 1 eye test per 3 years and partially covers is also pathetic.

            • @DrScavenger: Unfortunately you don't seem to understand very much at all, especially about how Medicare works. And are inventing anger where there isn't any.

              If you think an autorefractor's prescription is good enough then you may as well just forge your own prescription for how inaccurate the things often are.

              • -1

                @buckster: Autorefractor worked brilliantly for me all the time. I don't know if its an age thing. Only important thing is they sometimes drop something to your eye.

  • Hi OP,

    Just wanna ask your post said that deal ends on May 5 while spec savers webpage said April 27, which one is correct?


    • +1

      End date was from an email I received few days ago from specsavers specifically about this offer.

      • Thank You

  • +1

    Seems that the bargain is to buy two pairs of the $399 range and take them someplace else to have the lenses fitted.

  • +2

    Specsavers, like Harvey Norman received millions from JobKeeper.
    They made good profits over the last two years and not repaid one cent.
    They are foreign owned, so all profits go off shore
    I will not use them again.

    Went to Bailey Nelson ( Australian owned company) instead last year. They have the same deal as Specsavers, 2 for $199.
    Great service, many frame choices and I didn't feel they were trying to up sell me.

    • Already used for this year. Will check them out next year

  • Looks like a nice deal. I only wear contact lenses and have astigmatism. Would I pay more for lenses for this in glasses? Or is it just taken into account as part of the standard pricing? Thanks in advance!!

    • Astigmatism is completely normal and the glasses will come with lenses to correct that. Assuming your contacts are a single vision and not multifocals, you can technically get 2 pairs for $199 with the lenses included. Unless you wish to have some of the extras like the antiglare and whatnot.

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